Jan 29th – Feb 4th Wrap Up

You’d hardly know it’s winter in Nova Scotia today as it’s raining and we’ve lots all the snow that fell last week! Last week’s workouts were a but of everything but no running!

Wrap Up

Monday Jan 29th:  Rest Day.

Tuesday:  20k Cycling – indoor trainer. The girls snuck in a 15 minute snowshoe at the end of the day while I walked Carmacks.


Wednesday: 30 minutes of Snowshoeing! Since we had a dump of snow, I walked Carmacks first thing in my snowshoes for 10 minutes. I also got out during my lunch break for 20 minutes.


Thursday (FEB): Skiing!!! It was an in-service day for my daughters and I had booked the day off work. We spent the whole morning skiing and it was awesome!


Friday 2nd: I took Friday as a rest day but still did my PT exercises and plank.

Saturday 3rd:  Skating. We’ve been battling head colds all week and my oldest wasn’t feeling great so we skipped morning basketball to sleep in. The girls really want to skate so I took them skating at a local arena. They had a blast!

As mentioned, I started my plank challenge – plank every day in February. I usually do this before bed, mainly because I’ve forgotten about it during the day time….but I’m getting it done!



Sunday 4th: I desperately wanted to run outside today but the stars did not align. I thought about getting on the treadmill but just didn’t have the energy after getting the girls to bed (I usually workout at night).

After getting the girls to bed I decided I’d do an hour of yoga but got distracted by my bicycle puzzle that was under the couch. Apparently, I just needed something to be distracted by and got so into it that I finished it!


I got in 30 minutes of yoga and some PT exercises! It’s the puzzle cool, worth it!

How was your week?

Did you take in the Superbowl? (I didn’t, shhh!)

What’s the weather like where you live?

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 I’m linking up with Holly and Wendy for the Weekly Wrap today.




16 thoughts on “Jan 29th – Feb 4th Wrap Up

  1. Love puzzles – brain exercise.

    No rain here but the snow was finally gone and then it snowed last night and more is predicted for Wed!!

    I’m so over winter.

    Kudos to you on planking. I keep telling myself to do it but always forget.

  2. Awesome week! The weather here has been a little crazy as well (i live in Connecticut). We had “normal” winter weather during the week, freezing cold temps on Saturday and then rain most of yesterday.

    I watched the Super Bowl but mainly for the commercials.

  3. Well, almost all of our snow was gone, but that all changed today. It’s been snowing since mid-morning, but it’s supposed to stop by dinner time. It does look pretty, but I am SO DONE with winter. I want my summer back LOL

  4. Looks like a great week, I am not into winter activities, I hate the cold, but it looks like fun….If only I coulddo them in 80 degree weather!

  5. Great week! I am jealous of all your easy access to skiing and snowshoeing and the winter sports.

    Our weather is absolutely unhinged. One day it’s in the 30s, then next in the 80s. It’s a mess. I don’t mind the extremes, but I would really prefer it gets there gradually.

    I hope you are all feeling better soon! I love jigsaw puzzles. I wish I had more time and space to get them done.

  6. Love how you got distracted doing a puzzle! Looks like a fun one. I haven’t done a puzzle in forever, but my sister was doing one when I met up with her on my recent trip back to MN.

    The weather is perfect here in Vegas right now!

    Oh, and shhh… I didn’t watch the Superbowl either. 😀

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