Feb 5th – 11th Wrap Up

February has kicked off with some snow, then rain, a little more snow and yes, MORE rain! I’m trying to not let the weather stop me from being active but I’d sure love a good dump of snow to play in for more then 1-2 days. My poor snowshoes are feeling neglected!

With the Olympics kicking off last Friday, we’ve been catching games and events as we can in between basketball practices and birthday parties for the girls. Watching athletes in the Olympics sure can light a fire under your butt to get moving just a little bit more.

Feb 5th – 11th Workouts:

Monday: Plank + PT exercises

Tuesday: Plank + PT exercises.

Wednesday: 5k run in the snow. Plank – not in the snow.

To be honest, I’ve been avoiding running due to my hip injury for no reason other then I was trying to avoid pain. It started snowing Wednesday around supper time and I had this great motivation to run outside in the snow. So, I laced up with my Yak Trax’s on and went out for a 5k run. I miscalculated a bit since I hit a button on my Garmin a few times but was satisfied with the 5k in fluffy snow. There was so much snow coming down, that when I came back around one loop my foot prints had almost disappeared. After all that snow, we had rain and by morning it was all gone!


Thursday: 23 km cycling, plank. I was having some pain in my hip/back so decided that cycling would be a good workout for me….and I could watch 9-1-1 while I rode. Have you seen that show yet?


Friday: Physio appointment, Plank, PT exercises.

Saturday: Plank + PT exercises.

Sunday: Last minute 5 k at 9:20 pm! Plus, Plank and PT exercises.


After a busy day with the girls and visiting with my parents, my opportunity to run was slipping away fast. My husband got home later then normal and I just kept cleaning up and getting organized for the week. All of a sudden it was 8:30 and I wasn’t even in my running gear. Urgh!

Once my husband got home, we chatted for a while about our days and I just figured my run would happen another day. At 9:09 (yes, I remember looking at the time), I decided screw this, I’m running and blurted it out of my mouth. My husband’s response was “good, go get ready”. So I did.

I really wasn’t expecting much and started my run at 9:22 on the treadmill as it was freezing rain outside. I figured if I got in 3-4 k, that would be great. I had some slight discomfort in my obliques but not pain so I ran. I ran, and I ran. It was comfortable. It felt easy. It just felt really GREAT! I don’t remember the last time I felt that good running.

It was close to 10 pm and I had gotten heavily into an old Grey’s episode and couldn’t stop watching (the one where they all get shot). Anyway…I stretched and did my PT exercises followed by a plank. I quickly showered and went to bed sometime after 11 pm. Such a late bed time for me but that run was WORTH it!

And yes, I’m tired this morning. Super tired! I was up at 3 am with one girl and 5 am because I couldn’t sleep. Still, that run was worth it!

How was your week/weekend?

Favourite Olympic moment so far?

When was the last time you had such a great run (or workout)?

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17 thoughts on “Feb 5th – 11th Wrap Up

  1. Ha–avoiding pain is always a good thing! But I”m so glad you had that great run. I bet that felt great. While we are buried in snow, I haven’t been using my YakTrax, just sticking to the roads. The YakTrax work great, but they change my footstrike and cause some pain for me.

    Great week!

  2. I can’t believe how much RAIN everyone got while we’re sitting here covered in mounds of snow. Wow that was a great run on the mill. Good for you! I loved so many Olympic moments already. I can’t tear myself away from the coverage.

  3. Great week. I am still a die-hard Grey’s fan! I am such a morning exerciser I can’t imagine doing a workout that late at night, but I probably should be more flexible with my routine.

  4. Loving the snowboard pipe competition so far. And the opening ceremony was amazing!
    Running in the snow is a struggle for me! But it’s a good thing I don’t have to deal with it often. Only when I visit friends who live in the mountains.

  5. Aw, I’m glad you’re getting back out there!

    I haven’t watched much of the Olympics. We just haven’t really been home and when we are, I’m not really sitting in front of the tv. I’d like to catch more, though.

    No snow here, however, the weather is all over the place. I want things to settle down a little.

  6. I love those Yak Trakz! Glad you were able to get in a good run! 11 PM bedtime is late for me too! I had the best 5 mile run yesterday with negative splits! That hasn’t happened in a long time! Hope you have a great week and able to run without any pain!

  7. I’m glad you were able to run comfortably this week. It is very impressive you can run that late at night. I’d probably have to stay up all night. We’ve had a lot of rain. I need to see the sunshine soon. I enjoyed watching Sean White win gold last night. Thanks for linking!

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