Half Way Through February

This month is slipping by rather quickly so I thought I’d do a short check-in post about my February goals.

These are the goals I set:

February Goals

So far so good. I’m on track with all of them but slacking a little on the skiing one. We’ve had other weekend commitments and weather that hasn’t cooperated with the days we could ski…so that one is a work in progress (but I have a plan).

I’ve planked every day, usually before bed. I’ve been keeping accountable on IG stories each day sharing my plank times. I’m not going for a specific time but at least one minute each day.

Week 1

Plank Week 1.jpg

Week 2: Forgot to take save a picture on Day 10. I messed up my dates, so Saturday 1:10 is Feb 10th. Feb 12 (1:04) is the 11th and 1:37 Day 12 is the 12th. Photo fails, good thing I write it down!

Plank Week 2

I’ve cycled 60.56 km so far and feeling like I’ll reach my 100 km for the month. Though running mileage isn’t a goal this month, I had a great treadmill run and FINALLY got out with my running buddy, Krystol Friday night. I know, wild Friday night!!!

Lots of PT exercises happening every day. Sometimes I do them all, sometimes I just do 2-3 of them. My hip and obliques are getting strong but not 100% still. It’s a work in process.

Also……loving the Olympics! Canada already has 16 medals! Our girls are super into the Olympics and learning about new to them sports like Curling, skeleton and speed skating.

How’s your February going?

Are you glued to the Olympics or watch it occasionally?

Are you doing a monthly challenge? How’s it going?

I don’t post daily on the blog but you can find me almost daily over at Instagram




16 thoughts on “Half Way Through February

  1. I definitely need to do a plank challenge. I just did one the other day for the first time since abdominal surgery. When you have that kind of surgery, things like planking can be uncomfortable. I have enjoyed watching figure skating and of course Shaun White making his comeback winning the gold for snowboarding in the pipe (what is that officially called??)

  2. February is zooming and you are rocking it!! Way to go! We haven’t watched the Olympics like we used to when the girls were little. It’s cool to see all the varieties of sports and countries. Hoping you have another good week!

  3. Excellent job on the planking!! You know I’m a huge advocate for planks 😉 I’m actually a lot more hooked on the Olympics than I thought I’d be…the skiing has really kept me glued to the tv (says the gal who seldom ever watches tv LOL). Canada is really doing well!

  4. I love your planking consistency. I fall in and out of challenges, which is probably the wrong way to go about it.

    Have barely watched any of the Olympics. I’m just not around most nights and I rarely go back and watch things I’ve prerecorded.

    February is shaping up to be fabulous for you!

  5. Love your goals! I try to do 8 one minute planks each day but occasionally take a day off, usually on the weekend. Honestly, it is sooo great for your running and having a strong core. Olympic goals are a must right now!

  6. I should do better with planks. Started a plank challenge a few times, then bailed. Love winter running, though, so have been getting the miles in. Love your goals!

  7. I can’t believe February is almost over. This year is flying by! Way to go with your plank challenge. Your core will thank you for it!!

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