Run, Ski, Cycle, Skate, Ski MORE! Weekly Wrap Ups.

Happy Monday!

I’m way behind in blog posts and sharing my weekly wrap ups but it’s for good reason. I’ve basically spent the last week with my kids and made zero time for blogging. So you are getting two weeks of workouts in one blog post!

Weekly Wrap Ups!

March 5th – 11th:

  • Monday: Rest Day (day after long run)
  • Tuesday: Indoor training – cycling 20.21 km
  • Wednesday: 5 k run with Carmacks.
  • Thursday: Rest day…aka watch all kinds of TV by the fire!
  • Friday: Rest Day
  • Saturday: Snowshoeing with my daughters and our friends. (Fresh snow!)
  • Sunday:  10km long run!


This was my first 10k since November and it went rather well. I decided not to take my dog out and just see how I could make out with the distance. I have some minor pain in my obliques but seemed to work it out over a few days. Happy to say that my half marathon training has begun.

March 12th – 18th:

Keeping in mind this is week is March break (spring break) for my kids and I was on vacation with them. We stayed home and didn’t stop all week. My body is completely exhausted and I really should have taken Monday (today) off just to recover.


  • Monday: Skiing with my daugther’s all day.
  • Tuesday: Skating with my daugther’s. Ran 5k at the beginning of a snow storm.
  • Wednesday: Skating again with my daughters.
  • Thursday: Cross training: indoor Cycling – 24.46km
  • Friday: Skiing all afternoon/evening with my daugther’s.
  • Saturday: Skating AGAIN!!!!!!! And 5k with Carmacks.
  • Sunday: Skiing one last time on the most beautiful day of the year!!!!

It was a pretty great March break for our girls. We also went shopping with gift cards and hit up the library twice.


Running with Carmacks this winter has been lots of fun. He sure is making me run WAY faster then I would on my own….by about 20-30 seconds. I guess those will be my tempo/speed work days! As I mentioned above, I’m completed exhausted! My body is tired and I feel like I could sleep for a full 24 hours to recover. A rest day can’t come soon enough!

Half Marathon Training:

Early last week I had a bit of an eye opener! I realised the I’m basically in my half marathon training without having a training plan or actually realising that I should be “training” for a half marathon.

I’m running the Bluenose Half Marathon with two girl friends, our husbands use to work together a few years back and we became friends. It’s a girls weekend and I convinced them to run their first half marathon!!! Anyway, I freaked out a bit and then sat down and decided on Hal Higdon Intermediate training plan – which I’ve done before. I’m going to modify it as I need to and don’t plan to run 5 days a week as it’s planned out.


My body is not ready for 5 days of running…at the most 3 days of running a week, plus yoga, cycling and lately a tone of skiing and skating! I’ll be writing more about my training plan and how training is going. I’ll also be going back to my “What Was Planned vs What Really Happened” recaps. Because, the reality of a full-time-working-mother-runner-who’s-husband-works-shift-work running schedule doesn’t always go as planned. Just being honest!  Let’s do this!

How was your week?

Did you celebrate St. Paddy’s Day?

Training for a race?

I don’ t blog every day but you can find me over on Instagram most days!

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15 thoughts on “Run, Ski, Cycle, Skate, Ski MORE! Weekly Wrap Ups.

  1. Sounds like you’ve been busy for sure. All that skiing and skating sounds great — I really love spending time outside if the weather’s not too bad. As for training, I max out at 3 days/week running but do lots of cross-training.

  2. Happy Monday! Snowshoeing looks like so much fun!
    When I’m training for a race I usually run 4x a week max. I don’t think I could handle 5 days of running and I really enjoy cross training a lot.

  3. You are certainly keeping active! And family time is the most important thing. But maybe you should consider scaling back your training to 3 days/week so you don’t feel the pressure of trying to get those runs in!

  4. As busy and active as you are, you probably don’t really need five days of running for your training (?) anyways. I”m glad to hear you had a great break with the daughters…you gals were non-stop moving and grooving!

  5. No celebrating St Patrick’s Day here – we had a lot going on over the weekend – but we did celebrate my kiddos 3rd birthday the day before. Also, can you believe I’ve only been skiing once in my life?! I hated it, lol, but that was also about 15 years ago so I’m thinking maybe I should give it another try.

  6. Sounds like a wonderful Spring Break and month for you all! I would love to get back out to the snow, but it probably won’t happen til next year!

    I am in training for the Publix Savannah Women’s Half Marathon, and I am getting excited! Just three more weeks!

    WE did celebrate St. Patty’s Day – we went on a long weekend trip to Orlando and wore all our green. Our Irish meal had to wait til brunch on Sunday, but it was just as wonderful!

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