Half Marathon Training Week 4 ~ Bluenose

With spring in the air…oh wait, spring has not sprung in Nova Scotia just yet! We had a big snow storm last week and ended up with over 25cm of snow! Don’t get me wrong, I love snow but it’s a little to late for me.

Having said that, I changed up my week a lot and it barely resembled my training plan, you can see what I did below!

Half Marathon Training Week #4

What was Planned vs What Really Happened!

Monday 19th: 40 minute cross train Rest Day! After traveling to the city for a full day meeting I was spent by evening time. Therefore no cross training and I went to bed super early – extra sleep was welcomed!

Tuesday: 7 k run | Yoga Flow class at lunch. It felt great to stretch really well.

Wednesday: 35 minute tempo run | 7 km run with Carmacks. I decided to take our dog out for 5 k that evening and then I went back out for another 2 k.  I also had my last (potentially) physio session for my hip/obliques – woohoo!


Thursday: 5 k | Rest Day. Snow storm!!! Though I had planned to either run on my treadmill or get on my bike, it didn’t happen that evening.

Friday: Rest Day | 14.32 km cycling. I decided to do a short ride on my bike: 33 minutes.

Saturday: 5 k | 11 km long run. This run started off really great as I ran through my subdivision for the first 5k and then things went down hill slightly. Well, I literally ran down hill out of my subdivision but that’s not the point. Some portions of the sidewalks were still covered in snow. I  run in the snow for certain parts on on the sidewalks or on a very small path – like one foot in front of the other kind of path. No room for anything else.


Needlesss to say 6-11 km was hard going. My hip and obliques held up pretty good, though I did some some slight discomfort around 5k in. I stretched for 30-40 minutes and did legs up the wall for 10 minutes post run which both helped to make a difference in my post run recovery. I also wore my Tiux compression socks during my run and another pair for the remainder of the day.

Sunday: 11 km run | Skiing! This is why I moved my long run to Saturday, so I could go skiing one last time with my daughters on the last day of the season. I was feeling great post long run and felt really good skiing down the hill.


Though it wasn’t a great week of following my actual training plan, it was still a pretty active week so I’m really happy with that!

Total running km this week: 18 km (14.32 cycling, 1 skiing, 1 yoga)

Total running training cycle: 48 km

When was the last time you took an unplanned rest day?

What’s your favourite cross training activity?

How often do you change your training plans?

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16 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training Week 4 ~ Bluenose

  1. Great work!! I have taken about 2 weeks of unplanned rest days because of a piriformis/glute issue (feels like my “hip”) and just knew my body needed a break. I’d rather rest than run myself into the ground! Keep it up 🙂

  2. What an awesome week you had:)
    I’m on holidays so am getting a run in each day, but otherwise playing it by ear and not making any plans:)

  3. Glad to see you got one last ski session in! I hope we are done with this winter.

    I had a few unplanned rest days last week while I attended my conference downtown–the commute just killed me!

  4. I have no shame in unplanned rest days if my body is feeling run down. They don’t happen very often, but they do happen. What is up with this unrelenting winter? I think a lot of us are ready to move on!

  5. All that snow! So glad you got to go skiing on that last day! How fun!

    Last week, I took a few unplanned rest days. I am really strict about my schedule – it helps keep me on track, so to have a few days go off the rails really wasn’t very fun for me.

    I love yoga and SUP. Cycling is ok, too.

    Here’s hoping spring gets to you soon!

  6. Wow, you did get some snow! I’ve never been skiing! We’ve had some warm weather down south this week so far. Oh the humidity! Not sure I’m ready for summer running. Now that the marathon is over, I’ve switched back to short distance running. I’m trying to increase my speed and have fun! Time for a break from distance after my next half! Have a great week!

  7. Nice variety of workouts this week. I am glad you were able to enjoy one more day of skiing before the seasons ends. With our high school senior playing baseball (and games continually being cancelled and re-scheduled due to weather), I’m required to change my training plan all the time. Thanks for linking!

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