March Runfession 2018

I can hardly believe that March is ending this weekend. For some reason, this month felt REALLY long for me. Big work events at the beginning of the month, march break with my kids with LOTS of activities, then two weeks of busy work and half marathon training officially starting.

Winter came at us again last week with lots of snow but I’m done with it and now enjoying watching all the snow melt.

Runfession #1: Though I’m done with winter, I’m really not loving the muddy season. Mud is everywhere!!!! I kinda wish we could skip this stage and just go right to full on beautiful spring!

Runfession #2: I skied a lot in March and ran very little. The same could be said for January and February but I’ll be honest, I’m okay with it. I love skiing, skating and snowshoeing and my girls love it too. I’d much rather do an activity with them then on my own, therefore running sure took a back seat and I have no guilt!


Runfession #3: I’ve stopped using my phone before bed! Yes, I was one of those people who would sit in bed right before going to sleep catching up on social media. NO MORE! I leave my phone in the kitchen and if I need to check it first thing in the morning, then I have to walk all the way to my kitchen to get it. Otherwise, it stays there until I’m dressed and ready for the day.

Runfession #4: This one goes with #3 but I’m trying really hard to make sleep a priority.  My body needs 8 hours of sleep to function well…yeah, I never get 8 hours of sleep until recently. I’ve been trying to go to bed (sans distractions like social media) between 9:30 and 10 pm which is super hard for me. Since my nights are my time to workout, clean the house, do dishes, prep meals and lunches etc., I’m usually short on time.

Runfession #5: RUNCH! I officially got back to my weekly runching! I love being able to fit in my run during my lunch break at work but only do it on days when I don’t have any other meetings post run. My work doesn’t have showers and I don’t like sitting in my sweat all day…thank goodness for baby wipes, water/mini towels and dry shampoo!


I managed to get out yesterday on my lunch break for a little 5k, out and back kind of fun. I’m glad I got it done as shortly after that our school called to tell us Lilly’s ear was really bothering her. Luckily, our family doctor squeezed us in at the end of the day and sure enough – ear inflection. What a way to start the long Easter weekend!

Runfession #6: I’m totally using my running this weekend to eat all the junk food – not going hide it!

What do you have to runfess from this month?

Anyone running on their lunch breaks?

Do your Easter plans include any long runs (because of extra food consumption)?


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Runfessions are shared on the last Friday of the month and is hosted by Marcia at Marcia’s Healthy Slice! You can check out her blog and read about lots of other blogger’s Runfessions in her link up!

Happy Easter Weekend!

27 thoughts on “March Runfession 2018

  1. I also feel like this month was super long!

    I definitely need to stop using my phone right before bed. It’s hard because that’s my time of the day to catch up on social media and email, but I know it’s horrible to do that kinda thing before bed.

  2. I don’t really use my phone too much before bed but I should really put it in the other room. I’ve had a few times where i reach over and look at it because I’ll hear the vibrate right as I’m falling asleep. Which leads to staying up another hour lol. We don’t get snow here so I can’t quite relate but I do know that mud season doesn’t sound too fun!

  3. Yes, I’m ready for mud season… I mean spring, here in Colorado also. We had a very mild winter, but spring has been a lot of rainy/snowy days so far. I’m ready for sunshine and swimming pools!

  4. I agree, March has seemed especially longer than usual this year. It’s always cold and windy this time of year, but it’s been more cold than spring-like. I also agree with you on the mud…yuck! I’d love to fast-forward right to dryness on the ground and lots of green leaves on the trees 😉

  5. March has felt sooooooo long but that’s because the weather has been cold and windy. I’m glad I was able to break it up with a few races and a quick trip to Florida. I wouldn’t feel one bit guilty about getting all those winter sports in! You have to make do with the conditions you’ve got!

  6. I need to try not using my phone at night/early morning! I’m so bad – definitely is usually the last thing I do at night lying in bed and the first thing I look at in the morning.

    I used to do a lot of lunch break runs back when I worked in the city and commuting made it tough to get them in before or after work. Luckily I have a bit more flexibility with timing now working from home.

  7. Wow, I am impressed on the phone. Since I use mine as my alarm clock and want my kids to be able to reach me 24/7 I always keep mine by my bed, but I am trying not to check it at least. I think you were right to make skiing a priority while you could – plus you’re not bored with running.

  8. I feel like everyone had a really long March. Funny how that works.

    No runching for me. Midday running is just really hard in Florida – I am all about the early morning, though. I’m glad you have found a way to work your runs into a routine, though. That makes it so much easier to get it done.

  9. That’s so awesome that your’e been able to get off your phone before bed! Ive been trying to read before bed instead of looking at my phone but it’s such a habit to check social media before bed! I need to break it!

  10. I do wish I could run on my lunch hour, but unfortunately with only forty minutes and being on a giant hill, it’s just not going to happen:(

  11. We have Wind Season here instead of mud season! But yeah I’ll take that over the mud, ugh!

    I think it’s great that you do a ton of winter activities with your girls! Who says you have to run all through the year! These are the things they will remember too and that’s what makes it worth it!

    I’m using my phone as an alarm but you know what? I have been thinking for ages that I also need to get it away from me when I go to bed! So maybe I’m just going to get an old fashioned alarm clock and follow your lead on this!

    I used to run on my lunch break at my previous job but I don’t anymore. The work I do is a little bit time sensitive and we never know 100% if it’s going to be a smooth-sailing day or a problem day! I try to get out for a walk but, like last week, there was no chance. And that’s bad. I know I need the break yet I don’t always take it.

    We don’t do anything for Easter as it’s just the two of us (and my husband’s family is weird haha) so I’m running long but not just to eat all the things! I runfess that I would rather be eating a pizza than cooking dinner tomorrow night but , hey, I promised I would cook so…

  12. Oh wow those socks are pretty! I think I’d be really happy with lots of skiing as well. Yeah March here was long too, mostly because it’s been cold, windy and raw. Being injured kind of added to the agony. Thanks for linking!

  13. So I totally need to do this with my phone! I used to leave it in the kitchen, but now I use it for my alarm, which has gotten me into the bad habit of being on it in bed! Time to go back to my old fashioned clock!!!

  14. Although I am not a fan of winter sports, I did love all your skiing pics you posted! What fun memories to have with your kiddos!
    I need to get my phone away at night! It seems like the only time to catch up on things, but I know I can make it work at another time. Time to pull out my old school alarm and go to bed earlier!
    Hope April is a great month for you 🙂

  15. My gosh … I wish we had mud. We still have tons of snow. I am with you trying to get to bed early. My iPhone is my alarm clock … which doesn’t help with my no devices after 10 p.m. rule 🙂

  16. Seems like March was long and slow for a lot of people. The muddy phase of spring is the WORST! We don’t really have to worry about it too much in Vegas but I definitely remember it from my MN days.

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