Half Marathon Training Week #9 ~Bluenose

It’s getting closer! Now only three full weeks away is my next half marathon – really hard to believe that it’s almost here.

My daughters are both running the 2k the day before my race, so it’s going to be a fun weekend of running! Sadly, my husband works that whole weekend – bummahhh!! Anyway, training last week was better then week #8 so I’m heading in the right direction. Or at least I think I am!

What was Planned vs What Really Happened

Monday: 60 minutes cross training | Rest Day. My body was in need of a rest day after my 15k long run on Sunday so I took it.

Tuesday: 8 k | Yoga Flow. I went to yoga at lunch and it was just what my body needed. A good stretch and a little challenge here and there. I was thinking about running that evening but decided to take it easy.

Wednesday: 45 min tempo run | 5 k trail run (35 minutes) with  Carmacks. It was the first run that I’ve fallen while running with him attached to me. Thankfully, nothing was broken and I only had a few good bruises and 1 large splinter to dig out of my hand.

Thursday: 5 k | 20.40 km Cycling. I didn’t really want to run on my treadmill (only option for the day) so I jumped on my bike around 8 pm once my girls were asleep (husband was working).  It wasn’t the best ride but I got it done. I’m way off my monthly cycling mileage for the month but I’m okay with where I’m at. There is a possibility I can get in a ride Monday night so we’ll see!


Friday: Rest Day | Soccer Game. Friday’s are usually my standard rest day but I had a soccer game. One that I was really nervous for since I haven’t played much this winter due to injury. We had no subs which meant I played the whole game. So much sprinting, tracking, running, jockying and moving around the field. This was my speed work for the week for sure! My abs hurt for a few days after along with the muscles in my feet and shins! Oh, and we won!

Saturday: Rest | Rest Day. I took the day off from any activity. My girls has swimming lessons and then went to our neighbours for a sleep over. Since they were gone, my husband and I went out to dinner and came home to watch “Downsizing”. Meh, it was okay but I don’t think I’d recommend it. at 9:30 we got the call to come get the girls as they couldn’t fall asleep. We both anticipated this so it wasn’t a big surprise.

Sunday: 15 k Race | 17 k Long Run. Our girls planned to go back over to our neighbour’s house to have breakfast and my husband and I planned to go for a long run together. However, our neighbour wasn’t feeling 100% so we brought them home for breakfast. I went for my long run and my husband ran when I got back.

So my long run. We’ll it was just plain shitty. I ran 3 k with Carmacks and came home to meet my husband for our run but that fell through so I went off to run another 14 k by myself. I chose a hill route as my husband and I enjoy running that and I figured I’d just stay with the plan.

It sucked. I hated it. I enjoyed only 1 km of that run as I was flying down a long hill but pretty much everything else about that run sucked. Running is hard for me right now, really hard. And, that’s okay…not every run can be easy or good or enjoyable! In the end I was happy to have accomplished the distance but hope I can get back to really loving running again.

This could have been the week that I just pushed myself to do a few workouts rather then enjoy them. However, I think coming off the flu has taken me a little while to really get to 100% feeling great. I’m hoping that this week is better. Better sleep and recovery, better running, better workouts.

Total km of running this week: 22km, 20km cycling, 1 soccer game.

Total km this training cycle: 137 km

How was your weekend?

What do you do when running is just hard?

Do you substitute other sports for speed work?

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April Runfessions 2018

I almost missed Runfessions for the month! Well, let’s be honest – I missed it since it’s normally posted on the last Friday of each month and it Sunday as I write this.

Runfession #1: I’m not loving running right now. It’s hard and many times during my runs I hate it. However, not all running is easy or should be easy. Though I’m roughly following a training plan and missed 10 days due to the flu…running is friggin’ hard for me right now. We are not friends but I’m still running.

Runfession #2: I’m so thankful I push myself to run when I don’t want to. Be it stubbornness or determination or commitment, I dunno. I’m glad I push myself to run when I don’t want to, to run when I’m not loving it and to just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

I sure look the part of a happy runner here…and this was after I fell down on the trail with Carmacks.


Runfession #3: Normally, I track my monthly mileage and know exactly where I am at any day of the week. However, this month (and last) I’ve barely paid attention to my numbers. This month, possibly due to the flu I just haven’t even cared what my mileage is at and only know because I sat down and counted it all up this morning.  I’m not breaking any records or heck, even meeting my monthly goals at all (post to come in a few days) but I got in some km’s.

Runfession #4: Though I’m signed up for a half marathon in three weeks time, I have no other races I’m signed up for. I’ve thought of a few, one in June but I’m just not as keen as I once was to sign up for races this year. Which brings me to my next runfession.

Runfession #5: There is a possibility that I’m done running half marathons! Potentially for this year or maybe longer. I have not falling in love with running during this training cycle and am really wondering if the half marathon distance is for me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m running a half marathon in three weeks but it’s like my heart just isn’t into the distance right now. Who knows, maybe I’ll sign up for another one but I might be done with the distances for a while. Only time will tell.

What are you runfessing this month?

Have you given up on a certain distances?

Do you know how many km/miles you have run or just add it up at the end of the month?

Runfessions are shared on the last Friday of the month and is hosted by Marcia at Marcia’s Healthy Slice! You can check out her blog and read about lots of other blogger’s Runfessions in her link up!

Trail Running ~ First Face Plant

Yeah, I had my first face plant on the trail yesterday.

So, after work on Wednesday I decided to get in a quick 5k with Carmacks, our retired sled dog. This boy loves to run and run on trails. I figured why not! So, I got on my running gear and told him we were going running….he starts his happy prance around the house and off we went.

I have him in his harness attached to me on a bungee leash that goes around my waste. We’ve used it many times before with him and our previous dog Maclean. Though Carmacks is retired, he still wants to run like he’s not retired – which can be a hard balancing act when me, the runner can’t keep up with his fast feet!

Carmacks turned 9 on Tuesday!


The trail is about a 30 second run from our house and as soon as we turn left on George Street, Carmacks knows exactly where we are going and he starts pulling me and working hard. As we enter the path down a rocky hill, I always remind myself to take small quick steps and slow him down to a trot if I can.

As we make our way down the rocky hill to the base of the trail we both settle into a rhythm after he has a quick pee stop…for him…not me. There is a little mud and water along the trail but we run through it. There is gravel, pine needles, rocks, stumps and roots – lots of them. We cross one bridge and he decides it’s time to poop on a small tree, poor tree! I clean it up in one of the poop bags I have stuffed into my little key pocket in my running pants and then carry it in my right hand. We carry on to the second bridge that is a little sketchy but we make it across without falling in the water or through the misplaced boards.

Carmacks pulls me up the hill with roots exposed everywhere. He runs up and I plot where I’ll take my next step, in and among the roots. We made it to the top successfully and I slow down my pace as that hill just took the good out of me. We carry on up another hill, dodging dried up horse poop (sorry, lots of poop talk today) along the trail and I say “Gee” which means turn right and he does as quickly as it came out of my mouth.

Another slight incline up and I’m really trying hard to pay attention to my footing. The forest floor is soft from all the pine needles and then WHAM! I’m on the ground. FRIG! F! Did I break anything? Nope, okay. I’m okay. Should I cry? No one will hear me. I’m okay. I don’t cry…but whelp a little in embarrassment and slight shock!

I felt my right foot hit a root and I tried hard to keep myself from falling. However, being attached to your retired sled dog who doesn’t know what just happened and is still running kept my body in motion a little too fast to compensate and stay up right. I felt myself flying through the air, knowing I was going to land on pine needles, roots and leaves; no horse poop in this section thank gawd! Down I went on my left knee and hand first, then my right knee scraping both in the process. All I could think of was being careful as I was falling. Don’t get hurt!

I totally forgot about the poop bag in my hand but was SO thankful that it did NOT explode on my fall. It was still in my hand (well, wrapped around my fingers) but had fallen off to the side of my hand not under it. I’m pretty sure I would have cried after a few swear words if the bag had exploded. You can’t just leave a bag of your dog poop on a trail…right? I’m against that shit…literally! Leave no trace folks!

I dusted myself off after looking at my knees and hands, felt sorry for myself for 5 seconds and decided to keep running. And yes, I had stopped my Garmin when I fell – HA…who does that…me, I do!

I turned my Garmin back on, took two steps and beep beep – hit the 1 km mark in my run. As I shake my head…you are only 1 km from your house, 1 km into your run…just keep going. I ran along the soft trail and up onto a dusty gravel/dirt road and ran until I hit 2.5 km and said “Gee” to Carmacks who was trekking right along. He turns right and then another right to get us onto the other side of the road. It was like we were a well oiled machine finally turning back around together with no confusion from him. Or he just felt bad for me and listened really well.

Post face plant happy runner photo (off trail).



It was slow running. I was in very little pain and still had to run down the same trail with the same roots, dried up horse poop and full poop bag in my hand to get home. We made it down the trail and then back up the last big hill together. Carmacks was spent! It was a little warm for him but we did it.

We survived our first face plant attached together…though I’m very confident he has no clue what happened other then that I stop abruptly and ruined a nice trot he had settled into. As I write this he is passed out on the floor sleeping like a little baby and I am icing my knee after I picked out a big splinter from my hand.

Oh the joys of trail running. Guess what? I’ll do it again!

How’s your running going?

Ever face plant during a run?

What’s your favourite part about a trail run?

Half Marathon Training Week #8 ~Bluenose

And I’m back! I seriously thought I was never going to shake the flu! My family was sick for 7-10 days between all of us and it was horrible. I can honestly say, I never wish this virus on anyone. I thought I was never going to feel better or get back to running again. Seriously!

Having said that….I’m finally feeling on my way to better. Thank goodness! I didn’t do a whole lot of activity last week but I did get in a ride on my bike and ran as well!

What was Planned VS What Really Happened:

Monday: 50 minute cross training | Rest Day. Confirmed with family Dr. we had the flu. Rest. My husband was back to work.

Tuesday: 7km | Rest Day. The girls and I slept, watched TV and tried to eat whatever food we could. I felt like crap.

Wednesday: 40 minute tempo run | 15k Cycling. My girls and I  started to feel better so that evening I jumped on my bike to try and peddal off the remaining sickness. It felt good to be active on my bike.


Thursday: 5k | Rest Day. I went back to work but only lasted until lunch time and I decided to head home. I then slept for 3 hours in the afternoon, both girls were back to school today.

Friday: Rest Day | Rest day.  Just needed another rest day.

Saturday: 8k |Rest Day. It was a busy day of swim lessons, a short play date, finishing our taxes and running errands.

Sunday: 16k | 15k.  Whoo, hoo, I’m back! I was really hoping to get in at least 12-14k to see if I can pull myself back into half marathon training.

The first 11k was great. I felt good, the hills and inclines were good when I really thought I’d struggle. I even managed to pick up my pace a few times and then the wheels slowed down around 12k. I had my Nuun with me and took in some fruit punch chews and may have perfected the snot rocket a few times. Hey, when a girl has been sick there is no need to keep that shit in your nose when running. I was really close to home but decided to see if I could pull off 15k and made a few extra loops to get it in.

I got back home, sat down on our stairs and felt like I coughed up a lung! It was the first coughing fit I had all morning. My body just needed to have one more coughing fit before I could head inside and warm up. It was cool and sunny on this run – so beautiful.


I stretched and did yoga with my girls for about 35 – 40 minutes post long run, grabbed a shower and then made my second breakfast – so good! Banana/blueberry smoothie (with almond milk and strawberry Greek yogurt) plus scrambled eggs, a baby bell (okay 2) and then a crumpet with melted butter.  The smoothie was SO good!

It was such a beautiful day outside that I took the girls biking (I walked) and we went to their school to play basketball and then hit up the playground. They biked around a bit more then we went home to have a nice BBQ – first of the season!

I’m really pleased with getting in my long run and ready to continue training for my upcoming half marathon in four weeks!

Total km of running this week: 15k running, 15k cycling.

Total km this training cycle: 115km 

Total km missed: TOO MANY!!!

How was your weekend?

Anyone race or have a long run?

Have you been BBQing yet?

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