March & April Goals

I tried really hard to reach my goals in March, leaving some to the very last few days which I don’t recommend. Sometimes when I set goals, I try to make them attainable yet slightly lofty at the same time.

My March goals were: 

PR March Goals

  1. Cycled 105 km (but just got it in during the last two days)
  2. Ran 63 km – nailed that one!
  3. March Break activities with the girls – non stop skiing, skating, library going. Nailed it.
  4. Read a book – nope! I started one a few times but it didn’t amount to anything substantial. I just don’t make time for reading but I want to!

What am I planning for April? Well, that’s a great question. I’ll be training for my May half marathon so that will be part of my goals.

April Goals:

April Goals Pipers Run

So my goals really don’t differ from March but I made a few additions.

Running: I’m hoping I can pull off about 80 km of running this month. Technically, if I follow my training plan I’ll be well over 80 km and maybe more towards 100 km but I don’t think my body can handle that many. Also, my training plan has me running 5 days a week and I only ever plan to run 3 days a week with adding in cross training on two expected run days. I’m trying hard not to push it too much with my hip.

Cycling: This is actually going to be a hard one to meet this month. It’s really easy for me to get on my indoor trainer (bike) and peddle out for 45-60 minutes in the comfort of my home. I usually can ride 18-26 km during those time frames but with the weather getting better outside, we’ll be wanting to get out bikes out very soon. If I take my bike off the trainer, it won’t be going back on since it’s a challenge for me to switch out the tire. So we’ll see how this goes!

Play Outside with My Kids: We all love be outside so this one might be an easy one for us. If they want to ride their bikes or scooters, I’ll likely run beside them so I can leave my bike on the trainer as long as I can. However, I want to do some hiking with them and Spring is a classic “road chalk” time, so we’ll likely be out doing that as well!

Start/Finish Book: I’m not a big reader but I have a pile of books to read! I’m currently reading Heather Moyse’s (Canadian Olympic Bobsledder) new book called “Redefining Realistic”. So far so good but I really just need to make time for it. Maybe I should start reading books while I’m on my bike rather then TV!

Strength Training – Upper Body 2x week: My back is starting to hurt again from my car accident last year – whiplash. It’s like someone is standing on the left side of my back constantly putting pressure on me AND like I have the wind knocked out of me. So, back to PT exercises they gave me a year ago plus focused strength training for my upper back.

Physio Exercises: I’ll be going back to my old upper body PT exercises but I need to continue to do my hip/back and oblique PT exercises in order to keep my hip happy. I usually do these after I run or cycle but also on rest days.

That’s it! Those are my April goals – some easy to do, some a challenge ahead of me.

What do you have planned for April?

Cyclists – Indoor or outdoor riding in April?

What’s your favourite upper body workout? 


23 thoughts on “March & April Goals

  1. I think that’s a great idea to try to read your book while on the indoor trainer! I love to read actual books, but I really have a tough time “making time” to do so. I have a lot of blogs I try to stay current with and that zaps most of my available reading time.

  2. NIce job on the training!

    I love to read but when I”m training, I try to focus on the task at hand. I read once somewhere that even watching TV while running on the treadmill results in lower calories burned. I don’t know it that’s really true, but it makes sense, right?

  3. Sounds like a great month! I am hoping to get outside on my bike by the end of the month!!

  4. Best of luck with your goals! You are an inspiration!

    I’m trying to read a book right now too! The four agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. So far I really like it, but I’m not a huge reader so it’s hard to prioritize it for some weird reason. Even though I like it. Maybe I’ll make that an April goal! Haha

    I have running goals right now too. Mostly revolving around building mileage for a marathon in October. But of course battling an injury that hopefully doesn’t take me outta the game too long!

    Enjoyed your post. Keep it up!

      • I hope so too! It just barely reared it’s ugly head yesterday on a long downhill run, but I foam rolled twice yesterday and not only am I feeling much better from the general soreness than I normally do on “the second day” (was kind of freaking out because if you’re already hurting the day of the workout, you’re in trouble!) but I’m a lot less worried about my actual injury, ITBS. And thanks! I’m sure it’ll be fine! ☺️ going to be doing lots of strength routines this week to try and tackle it quickly. Feel free to keep an eye out if you’re interested in strengthening for injury prevention.

  5. nice job with your training. You get a lot done. I’m not a biker and don’t do strength training (but I SHOULD!!).

    I try to read at least a few minutes every night before I go to bed.

    Good luck with your May half. OI have one May 19. I hope our weather warms up. It’s in the 20s today. Brrrr

  6. Great job on your goals, and best of luck to you on your April goals as well! I’m hoping I can get in strength training 2-3x/week and once the weather decides to cooperate, fingers crossed that I’ll get to hang out outside more again!

  7. Way to get in your March goals (minus the book). I find it hard to read these days when so much is going on all around! I don’t know if you have seen, but there is a Sweat Pink book club that reads about 1 book a month. It has helped keep me motivated to keep on reading 🙂
    Good luck with your April goals!

  8. Goals in April: get more sleep, watch less TV and run at least 340 kms (80 km each week) Ugh … I’ve never tried reading on the treadmill. I think it would be uncomfortable. Good luck this month!

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