Half Marathon Training Week #6 ~ Bluenose

So, I’m half way through my training and I’m kinda wondering how that happened. Could it be the fact that two weeks into “training” I finally put together my training plan – likely so! I also just find time is flying by!

Last week’s training was kinda all over the map…and not following my actual training plan but just getting in workouts when I could. I’ll also admit, I was extremely relieved to see that I had a “10 k race” on the schedule and not a 14 k long run. I did not race but I did get in my 10k….on the treadmill – such is life!

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What was Planned vs What Really Happened:

Monday: 50 min x-train|Rest Day. This was a MUCH needed rest day after my 13 k long run. It really took a toll on my body. My hip hurt and my back from my car accident from a year agi. It’s been probably over 6-7 months that my back hurt so much.

Tuesday: 7k | Yoga Flow. My body really needed to stretch, so off to lunch time yoga I went and it was just what I needed. I contemplated running that evening but I started to feel ill (head cold) so I took an easy night.

Wednesday: 40 min temp run | Rest Day. Again just not feeling well.

Thursday: 5k | 5k and Soccer Game!!!  It was parent teacher day at our daughters school so I went to that in the afternoon and then took a little time for myself on my treadmill. I wasn’t feeling great (again, head cold still forming) but I ran anyway. Afterwards I actually felt better.

That evening I had a soccer game but I haven’t played since November. Last minute (7:45 pm), I decided I’d go test out my hip and play half the game. All went well! It was so nice to be out on the field again playing and with my team mates. I was super cautious playing as normally I’m more of an aggressive player so it was a little hard for me not to play at 100%. However, my hip did well and I had no pain!


Friday: Rest or Easy Run| Rest Day. I needed another rest day.

Saturday: Rest day| 10 k Treadmill Run. With my husband working all weekend, there was no way I was getting to a 10k race. Not to mention, I had no intentions of running a race this weekend. I figured 10 k on the treadmill would have to do while my girls played in the house. The girls had swimming lessons mid day, so I got in my run first thing in the morning.


Sunday: 10 k Race | 50 minute Hike/50 minute Leisurely Swim/ Cycled 40 minutes for 18 km. My only plan today was to be active and do some cross training. We took Carmacks on a little hike in the woods which turned out to be a 50 minute hike. I spent the rest of the day doing chores around the house and the girls played (made forts etc).

We then went swimming for about 50 minutes as my youngest isn’t loving swimming lessons, and I figured it would be a good way to help make her more comfortable in the water – she had a blast as did her sister. I had a fun time but it was more of a light leisurely swim for me.

I still wanted to get in a intense workout so I got on my bike and peddled out 18 km and also used my 5 lb weights to do some upper body exercises. Needless to say, I was tired last night.


Though I really didn’t follow my training plan, I still had another active week of training. As mentioned before, I don’t plan to run 5 days a week but I am “following” this training plan. I realize I could just find another training plan that is for 3-4 days of running per week but this format just works for me.

Total running km this week: 15 km (18 cycling, 1 yoga class, 1/2 soccer game)

Total km this training cycle: 88 km


How was your weekend?

Anyone still bundled up inside because of COLD wintery weather?

Are you running inside or outside right now?

I’m linking up with Holly and Wendy for the Weekly Wrap today.




25 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training Week #6 ~ Bluenose

  1. Your biking is inspiring me. I am just not motivated to do that, but really need to (indoors of course as it’s still winter road conditions)! The freeze thaw has started again although the forecast is calling for snow again. Sigh…

  2. You’re still active and that’s what matters! I think that’s a good mix and honestly it’s good you took the rest days for the head cold!

  3. So sorry that you weren’t feeling well earlier last week. I hope that that you are feeling better now.
    Great job on your workouts this week and I love all the variety!

  4. Staying active is the most important thing and you nailed that. Yes, it’s freaking cold here still and its been snowing all day. Where’s spring??

  5. You still had a solid week of activity! I’m about to head out for a (very) short run on my (very) heavy legs….I had a long run (8 miles), almost 2/1/2 hours of hip-hop dancing with the daughter (ugh LOL), and my stair climb yesterday. My body is ready for some rest/relaxation, but we have sunshine! And our snow is melting!

  6. I’m glad you listened to your body and changed things up or rested when you needed to. Smart to take your daughters to the pool so they would learn to enjoy being in the water more. I should have done more of that with my sons, maybe swimming lessons would have been less of a struggle.

  7. Definitely still inside because of this dreary cold weather, but looks like it should be getting warmer soon (hopefully)! Also, this post totally made me want to go play soccer. I played from about 3 years old until I was 18, and haven’t gotten out there since (i.e. like 15 years) – but I would love to go kick around the ball if I can find a few friends to do it with!

  8. Thanks for the Nuun code- do you order through their website or somewhere else?
    Today was the first day I was able to run in capris and a fleece- absolutely wonderful not to be bundled up

  9. You know, sometimes it’s what you can, when you can. You were active and you rested and actually listened that your body needed rest. So kudos!

    Yay for soccer and no hip pain during the game!

  10. It’s ok – you don’t need to follow your training plan to the letter, especially if your body is telling you otherwise. You still put in great effort this week!

    I’ve been outside all winter. We can do that, even on those really cold (for us) days. Although I’m really glad we skipped our run this morning – we would have been pelted with hail!

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