Half Marathon Training Week #7 – Bluenose

I had such high hopes for this week! I had it all planned out so that I wouldn’t miss any running. Keep reading to find out what actually happened!

With my hip joint/obliques still not at a 100% and my upper back sore again from last year’s car accident (whiplash), I decided to go see my Osteopath. I had an appointment scheduled for Wednesday which meant two days of rest post appointment – so no running. I tried to pile on a few runs Monday and Tuesday knowing I would have two days of rest before a long run. Well, life sure can change in a instant and change ALL OF YOUR PLANS!

What was Planned vs What Really Happened:

Monday: 50 minute cross train | 7k treadmill run. An evening treadmill run for the win!

Tuesday: 7k | Yoga Flow & 5k treadmill run. This was my first double day work out in months and it was a good one. However, my husband came home from work in the middle of the night (mid shift) super sick. Keep reading.


Wednesday: Speed work | Osteopath appointment – no working out.

Thursday: 5k | Rest day / Rock Climbing. I did about 15 minutes of rock climbing during a work meeting. No, this was not resting but I did it anyway. I didn’t do a lot of climbing but it probably was only about 15 minutes at the most of actually climbing – maybe less.


I had a phone call from school saying Hilary was sick and I was an hour away while my husband was at home…sick. He went to pick her up and Lilly was waiting to – TWO SICK KIDS. We had a horrible night of little sleep and early in the morning we packed up and went to the hospital.

Friday: Rest Day | rest day.  You know where this is going, don’t you?

Yes, I was sick by now at the hospital and we were told it was just (yes just) a viral infection. This has been THE worst viral infection our family has ever had. It’s. Been. Horrible! We all slept most of the day, barely ate anything, drank water, ate Popsicle’s, took advil or tylenol and just felt horrible.

Saturday: 5k | Super SICK. No running. No Swimming lessons for the girls. No anything. This by far was my worst day of it all. More naps, more water, a little more food, and more meds. I think I walked the dog at one point just to get a little fresh air.

Sunday: 14k | MISSED. Still sick. There was no way I could run 14k. I did think about getting on my bike and peddling out a few km but I still felt horrible. The girls got out on their bikes for about 25 minutes but it was so cold out, we called it a day. Fresh air for the win.


It’s Monday as I write this and I’m home with one sick kid, not to mention I’m still feeling like crap. I’m not sure what viral infection this is but it’s HORRIBLE! I don’t remember ever being so sick for so long and having very little aids to get better (other then advil, vicks vapor rub, hydrating and sleeping).

I’m done with sick!

Beyond the sick, I’m questioning my training now. With missing most of last week, I kinda don’t know what to do. Do I jump back in and pick up where I left off or where I should be at week 8? Do I easy back into running? Do I scale back and no worry about catching up. I missed my 14k long run, so what do I do next weekend – 14k or the 16k in my training plan. My last long run was 10k – my cut back week, before that it was 13k.


So it wasn’t the week I had planned out, that’s life right. We’ll it’s life with kids and I just want to see us all get better…SOON! My goals for my half will likely change to just wanting to finish and I’d be happy with finishing under 2:30 to be completely honest. At the rate I’m going right now, that’s a realistic finish for me. Time will tell.

How was your week? (tell me something good)

Any suggestions on what I should run next weekend as my long run?

Who’s watching Boston?

I’m linking up with Holly and Wendy for the Weekly Wrap today.


26 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training Week #7 – Bluenose

  1. Flu? Sounds like it! There’s another virus going around that mimics the flu–I wish I had my magic wand fired up so I could make you all better. I can say that whenever I’ve missed training, I’ve been told just to forge ahead and not try to make up the missed workouts.

    Watching Boston as we speak! Feel better!!!

    • It’s interesting that you say the flu as my husband was diagnosed with the flu by one doctor (with no testing) and then the next day at Emerg, that Dr. said it wasn’t the flu. We’re off to the Dr.’s again this afternoon!
      Great advice, thanks!

  2. Oh my word. Sounds absolutely awful. It’s bad enough when one person in the family is sick but when it’s all of you that’s just tough and hard to deal with when you have kids to take care of. Hopefully you are feeling better soon. I agree with Wendy I wouldn’t try to make up workouts – I would just continue. But focus on recovery and don’t stress too much while you are sick or it will just drag on. Best of luck x

  3. Oh my gosh, I so sorry to hear you were all sick last week. I’ve always been told by running coaches that I’ve worked with that you shouldn’t try to make up the missed workouts, but to just continue from where you are now.

    I hope you all feel better soon!!

  4. Ugh to being sick…everyone! What a tough week! As for your training, I”d try to do the 14K this next weekend, and if your’e feeling strong when you finish, may add a little extra distance to that, so you’ll pretty much be where you’d originally planned. Hope all the sickness leaves your household! 😉

  5. Ugh, sickness with little kids is the worst! I so remember those days ..it just moves through the entire family at rapid speed. Hope you guys are feeling better soon and i’d say just stay on track with your training without making it up …you may be a tad slower than usual from the illness but you’ll get it done!

  6. I feel for you. Owen and Ryder came down with it and eventually we all had it. I was down and out for two full days and didn’t run for 6, I too missed my long run but just did 14km the following two weekends back to back. I was in a tournament last weekend and again missed my long run but I ran 16km yesterday and felt pretty good. So I don’t think missing a few runs or a long run is a big deal. I would just run by feel and do what you can. Glad you on the mend.

  7. Ugh! That sounds miserable!

    I would just ease back into everything where you were. Listen to your body and don’t push too hard. It’s not worth prolonging your recovery, you know?

    I hope you are all back to 100% really soon. It’s bad enough to feel like crap, but even worse when the whole family is down 😦

  8. Oh my gosh! I am so sorry you all had such a horrible weekend being sick. We’ve been doing a round robin of stomach bugs for almost a month now. I’m so over it! I hope you all feel better soon and get out for a nice meal out.

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