Half Marathon Training Week #10 ~Bluenose

Week TEN is done! I’m feeling like it’s a little hard to believe that there are only two weeks until my next half marathon.

I physically lost a week of training when we were all sick and I feel like I had to start over after that. I’m now just getting back on my feet with running. Spoiler – I had a great long run this past weekend. Having said that, I’m not where I want to be for this half marathon and I’m actually okay with that. I’m running and it’s 99% pain free, so that’s a BIG win in my eyes!

Each runner has a goal for each race they do – be it a certain time, new distance, having fun or finishing the race. When I started training for this half my plan was to work on getting my speed back but that hasn’t happened. This won’t be a PR race for me. It’s going to be one that I’m happy to hit the finish line and still feel good. Bluenose was my first half marathon back in 2006 and I finished in 2:33:56 and my PR is 2:05 (2014 at Valley Harvest).

What was Planned vs What Really Happened:

Monday: Rest Day | Rest Day. Nailed it!

Tuesday: 8k | Yoga Flow & 8k. Yoga at lunch time since it’s Tuesday! This was an evening run after my kids went to bed and my husband got home from work. It’s garbage clean up week here which means you can put ANYTHING out at the end of your driveway and it will get taken away. On my run out of my subdivision I saw this amazing MEC (similar to REI) toddler carrier and eyed it up. Yup, you guessed it, on my way back I picked it up and it was in mint condition so I threw it on my back and ran the 1/2 km home (what an awkward run). I’m donating it to a mom and tots group that go hiking – I couldn’t leave it there for the dump.


Wednesday: 45 minute tempo run | 5k Negative split run.  This was a GREAT run. I did not plan on a negative split but once I figured out my numbers I pushed it as hard as  I could.

Thursday: 5k | Rest Day. I had full intentions of running which turned into full intention to ride my bike. Neither of those happened as my youngest had a really hard time going to bed, therefore it wasn’t happening at 8:30 pm. I took it as a rest day.

Friday: Rest Day | Rest Day. Nailed it again!

Saturday: 5k pace | 18k Long Run! Oh this run was GREAT and just what I needed. I ran 14k outside and for the most part, felt really good. I then finished off the last 4k on my treadmill. I don’t normally break up my long runs like this but this was the only time I could fit it in as my husband had to leave for work at 7:45. Yeah, I was up at 5:15 and running by 6 am.

Over 20,000 steps before 8am!


Running on the treadmill after being outside was mentally harder then I though. I basically had it in my head that I had to run 4 k but my mind also forgot that I had already run 14 k outside. All together, it was a great long run.

Sunday: 18k | Soccer Game. We lost this game and are out of playoffs but it was great to play pain free! We also spent the day raking our front lawn, lots of walking while my daughter road her bike.

All in all, this was a really good week of training!

Total km of running this week:  31 km running, 1 Yoga Class, 1 Soccer Game.

Total km this training cycle: 168 km

How was your weekend?

Have you ever split up your runs before (inside/outside?)

Enjoy any spring activities?

I’m linking up with Holly and Wendy for the Weekly Wrap today.


26 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training Week #10 ~Bluenose

  1. Looks like you had a great week! I’m particularly impressed that you did yoga and ran on the same day! I NEVER do two workouts in one day.

  2. I used to split my runs up all the time. I did it when I was marathon training and I also did it a lot when I was running in high school

  3. Glad your long run was so successful! I avoid the treadmill at all costs so I’ve never split a run like that- could be useful though:)

  4. Solid week, sorry to hear you weren’t feeling well. Doubling is a big part of my base mileage phase and when I need to get mileage in but feel my worn out or ill

  5. I think your goal of finishing your race feeling good is perfect! Seriously, the more races I do, the more I appreciate the little things like pain-free miles or sharing smiles with fellow runners or high-5’ing as many kids as possible. I’m not an Olympian, after all, and I am not getting paid for a fast finish…I might as well appreciate the fact that I can run and enjoy the experience. Good luck!!

  6. I think that’s a fantastic goal! I had that goal for my marathon earlier this year and I’m convinced that It helped me run an enjoyable race!

  7. Isn’t it amazing what people throw out? Seriously, I can’t believe it sometimes. When I’m out running I always think I need to go back for something but then I forget about it.

    Congrats on a great week of training. This has to give you a boost of confidence going into your half!

  8. You’re doing great! Not all race are going to be PRs – that’s totally ok and you will still have a great time.

    I will split up long runs – usually into two different parts of the day, not into inside and outside. I very rarely run on the treadmill.

    We had a great weekend at our last scout campout of the year. It was chock full of fun activities and even though there was no electricity and one outdoor shower, it was wonderful.

  9. Finishing the half feeling good is a perfect goal. It’s much better to be realistic about things and no pressure for a PR means you can focus on enjoying the race and your accomplishment at the end. My training was going horribly wrong and I made the choice to drop from the marathon to the half and I feel so much better for being honest and realistic with myself.

    WoW on your long run!! Seems like this was a really good running week for you in general. And bonus! Pain-free soccer!

    I had a great weekend. The weather was fab. I had two great runs and cycled a lot. The better the weather the more I want to be OUTSIDE!

    I do not usually run indoors at all but I will split up a long run very occasionally if need be. I don’t see any issue with it.

  10. Great week of workouts! Can you believe the stuff people just toss? Glad you were able to snag it and pass it on to someone who can use it.

  11. Twenty thousand steps before 8 a.m.!?! That’s crazy! Way to crush the workouts this week. It always feels good have a solid week of training in.

  12. Keep up the great work. I always say I am going to split up my runs (in the winter anyway) but then I change my mind and skip one or the other. I am terrible at follow through. 🙂

  13. I’m surprised by the good items people put on their curbs too. But, I’m also surprised that the true useless/broken items I’ve put out that are actually picked up (and not by the garbage man)! One man’s trash is another’s man’s treasure…

    Nice job this week. I can’t imagine finishing a run on the TM. That’s great practice in mental toughness! Thanks for linking.

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