June Runfessions

I’m still here! It’s the last Friday of June which means many things:

1 – Runfessions!

2 – Last day of school for my daugthers.

3 – Getting closer to Canada Day!

June has been a BUSY, BUSY month! I had no races, wasn’t training for an upcoming race but still managed to get in long runs on the weekend!

I runfess that I’m loving my early morning long runs on the weekend! As I mentined, I’m not training for anything but I was really missing those long runs. So, at the beginning of June, I decided to start them up again.

happy runner early moring

runfess that I’m using my soccer games as speed work for running and loving that too! Between both my daughters and I – we’ve been at a soccer field 5 days of the week for the last two weeks! It’s nuts! BUT……..I love it. I love playing, I love watching them play, I enjoy coaching them.

sunday soccer

runfess that I’m also loving not blogging all the time!!! I thought I’d really miss it but I just haven’t made time for it. As a blogger, you have to make time to blog and that hasn’t been a priority for me this month. However, I am posting a lot over on Instagram so if you want to keep up, check me out there.

runfess that my husband and I signed up for a race this fall!!! We even booked our hotel! Wooohoo! But I’m going to leave you all hanging for a little bit longer as to what race and distance we’ll be running. I’ve run it before and loved it!

runfess that I’m a little worried about the BIG heat wave that’s about to hit us in Nova Scotia and plan to take advantage of early morning runs when my husband is off (shift worker). Also…I’ll runfess it’s way easier getting up any day of the week at 5am…yeah 5am to go for a run then it is to get up at 6 or 6:30am for work.

early morning running.jpg

Have anything to runfess this month?

Early morning runs or no – that’s crazy?

Anyone racing this weekend?

Also – Happy Canada this Sunday!

I’m linking up with Marcia for today’s Runfessions post. It’s hosted on the last Friday of each month!


18 thoughts on “June Runfessions

  1. I do love my early morning runs on Saturday. That is because I run with friends and we go out to eat after.

    I have a race tomorrow – 15k. I am a little nervous because I am not prepared to run in the heat.

  2. 5am summer runs ROCK! I can’t always get up for them but when I do I’m one happy runner. On our high school track team the fastest girls are or were soccer players. It’s an excellent workout for running.

  3. I’m totally with you on the not blogging as much thing. But I feel like I need to drop it down even more right now. I’m so busy with life it seems hard to keep up with it.

  4. Soccer sounds like the best speed work method ever! I remember how much sprinting is involved, and I haven’t played in 20 years! We’re supposed to be getting a big heat wave this week too, and I’m dreading it. We’re going to take advantage of my sister’s boyfriend’s pool today!

  5. Soccer totally is speed work. TOTALLY. I used to write that into a client’s plan, actually. We are having a mini heat wave right now, and boy oh boy is it getting me. I used to love my early early runs, but getting up at the crack of dawn and getting Em fed and such just eats into my sleep even more. Also, I just want to feel lazy for a moment, lol.

  6. I feel like summer is the best time to take a blog break! 😛 The heat is crazy but being able to go outside and explore has been a lot of fun! 😀

  7. I hear you on the blogging less thing. I thought that once school ended I’d want to push myself to get back to blogging at least three days per week, but I’ve been prioritizing my time on other things. There’s only so many hours in a day.

  8. I am all about early morning runs. They end up being slower than my evening runs but the temperature and peacefulness makes it worth it to me:)

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