Summer runnin’…soccer and little sleep.


I’m still here but again…blogging less and less lately. Life is just too busy and blogging is something that I haven’t had any time for. I’ve barely even read any other blogs that I normally follow. Such is life…right!

I’ve been running a bit but felt I lost my interest for a week or so. My husband, Saï and I got out for a 7 km run on a Sunday afternoon – a STUPID hot kind of run but we were kid free…so that’s what we do when we are kid free! Two days later – again – on a STUPID hot day, I went for a 4 k run before picking up my girls at 4 pm – the WORST and HOTEST time of the day to be running – what am I doing to myself?!?!?!

I took about a week off, minus an early morning weekend trail run before the stupid hot started. I was a late night run (after 9 pm) to kinda kick start me again. It was one of those really HOT and humid day’s this week that the temperature is just r-o-u-g-h to manage. I had finished coaching soccer for U6’s (Hilary’s team), then we scooted over to watch Lilly play her game at another field with a quick trip to fill up the car with gas and then back home for bed time. The humidity had let up slightly and the hot temps had decreased slightly.

We’ve had a TONE of late nights with our girls which isn’t always fun for anyone. Less sleep usually means for cranky kids…….and parents too! Anyway, it was 9 pm and I said to Saï, “I think might go for a run”. And of course his response was “good – go get your stuff on and go”.

I wasn’t expecting much out of the run and was only planning on 4 or 5k if I felt like it. Once I got out there and shook off some cob webs I was able to settle into a nice pace and ended up with a progress run! I’ll take that!

night run anna

I’ve been cycling a bit too – lots of leisurely riding with my girls and a few solo (late night) evening rides after coaching soccer. You know, when you volunteer to coach one of your child’s soccer team, your other child plays soccer, you play and your husband works shift work – life ends up just being really exhausting! That’s where I’m at – exhausted!

I’m not complaining – don’t read into it that way – I love coaching my kids (and their friends…and kids I don’t know) but I’m tired! I’m not training of a race yet but it’s going to start SOON! Between coaching, playing soccer, going to yoga, a little running and some cycling (and working full time)…I’m not worried about not training for a race.

Anyway, really just a short post to say…I’m still here. Running when I can, cycling when time permits, logging many steps on the soccer fields and just enjoying life….my exhausted life…haha!

How’s your summer going?

Are you training for a race or not?

What’s your number one motivation to run when not training for a race?