Umm Hello! Is this thing on?

Knock, knock….Hello! Is anyone there? 

I’m still here…kinda running, kinda not. Playing soccer. Busy with my kids in basketball and swimming, bike riding with my girls (crazy cold) oh and working full time. I’m not going to lie, I’m on the running-struggle-bus these last few weeks. I’ve done the odd run here and there but haven’t found my grove post half marathon…..Oct 14th (a month ago). 

Maybe my body (and mind) needed the break? Maybe I just wanted to be lazy for a while? Maybe I just want to watch TV at the end of the day once my kids are in bed and the cozy wood stove is blasting out the heat! Maybe life is just so busy that I just want to relax a bit more – hence watching TV. It certainly isn’t because I’m sleeping in or don’t have the support to be running/active.

I’ve run a few early morning run and by early I’m talking out the door before 6 am. Sometimes it’s 5:59 sometimes it’s earlier. It doesn’t really matter what time I run as I still love that post run feeling once I get home. Energized and ready for the day! My girls are just getting up and I usually have 15-20 minutes before my husband leaves for work.

I had a fun-ish trial run on Sunday nearby my house. It was only going to be a 5k run but that turned into six when I realised my Garmin would have me finishing just around the 5.7 km mark when I hit home so I kept running. Sadly, my Garmin died on me! Only because it wasn’t charged, not literally died (that surely would have resulted in an immediate blog post. “Garmin dies while runners finishes trail run”.

It was cold, muddy, windy and part of the trail was covered in horse shit…yeah, fresh stuff too! It was clearly a run that you had to really watch your footing and not because of the roots or trees…but the squishy stuff.

Along with the limited running, I’m clearly blogging yes and reading blogs less. Is this a trend? Maybe, maybe not. I still like blogging and reading blogs, so much so that I’ve renewed this blog for another year! I mean, it’s kinda fun writing about running, my struggles and successes with running, and being a mother runner. On top of that WordPress has rolled out a new format of “blocks” which I’m struggling to figure out as I write this post. (Let’s hope when I hit publish, it all works out right). 

Though I’m not running much, I am getting out to soccer once a week and getting ready to get my bike on it’s indoor trainer. Indoor soccer season has started and goes until April!!! I’ve mentioned this before on my blog but soccer is my favourite sport. I can just get lost out on the field and not think about anything but that moment. It’s kinda my mind-full time vs running. Running can be a mind-full practice but it can also give me a time to think about everything and nothing all at once.  Maybe that’s why I’m missing my “scheduled” runs – to get back that routine of mind-full times. 

As I sit here and wrap up this post, I had no clue that I would end it with talking about mindfulness. I think that’s what I like most about blogging or my blog in particular. I can start writing one thing and then it takes on a completely different approach by the end. 

Are you an avid blog reader?

What’s your best way to motivate yourself to run (or workout)?

Since I’m not always blogging, you can follow me over on Instagram for my struggles with running 🙂

Do you use running or another sport/activity as mindfulness?

12 thoughts on “Umm Hello! Is this thing on?

  1. I only have a few blogs I’m following at the moment! I find that when I’m in a blogging groove, I tend to follow more blogs. Same goes with running… when I run more, I blog more, then I read more blogs. If I’m in a downtime – which we all need – I take a break from the scene. I think reading about everyone else is very motivating though! And it’s always nice to hear honesty.

  2. I enjoy reading blogs, but it does get very time consuming. I literally have ZERO time for books or magazines, because it seems when I’m not reading blogs, I’m writing a post. Mind you, that is NOT a complaint, but it certainly shows a shift in my reading habits.

  3. I have a love/hate relationship with blogging that changes everyday but I’m still here. With running, I’m in that “the hardest step is out the door” stage. Once I’m out, it’s great!

  4. I’m blogging and reading when I can! I still like it but don’t always have time!

    Also kind of on a break from running but not really since I just did RnR Las Vegas. Hoping to have a goal soon so I can have a regular schedule again. Nothing wrong with a break though!

  5. I read a lot of blogs weekly! I have been really trying to keep up with my blogging too, but sometimes is so hard because of how time consuming it can be!!

  6. Lady, I can totally relate! I have been taking some breaks from social media all together to focus on my health and family things going on. I still enjoy it, but this time of year is also extra busy!
    I love using my bike workouts as a time to focus on mindfulness!

  7. Blogging definitely has its ups and downs. With my new business I haven’t had much time for regular blogging, but hopefully was the initial “I’m starting a new business stress” is under control I’ll have more time for blogging again. Fingers crossed!

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