Merry Mill Time of Year

Oh December, I can’t believe you are here already! Snow storms (4 days and counting), birthday’s to celebrate (6 year old and 40+ year old), basketball games, soccer games, Christmas concerts and then Christmas! Oh, and we are getting a new roof – happy Christmas to us! 

I broke down and got on my treadmill last week but before I ran on it I decided it was time to decorate it. We don’t decorate for Christmas until after our two family members birthdays  – mainly to keep them separate and hopefully make their birthdays FEEL like a birthday. I needed a little boost for my treadmill run that day and figured the lights would be great.

This is my third year decorating my treadmill…also known as the “merry mill” until I take them down. I didn’t start this trend but another mother runner I follow on Instagram did @mittenrunner.

I’m thinking I might need a few more lights or some garland but we’ll see. My daughter’s think it’s hilarious that I’ve decorated it and want the lights on all the time. It sure makes running inside in December that much better. 

I missed the two local Santa runs on the weekend as my girls had basketball and we had a twelve 6 year olds celebrating our daughters birthday. I’m hoping to get out with a few friends and do our own Santa run!

Any motivational tricks you do for treadmill running in December? 

What’s your favourite way to run and celebrate the holidays?

What’s your least favourite thing about December?

15 thoughts on “Merry Mill Time of Year

  1. There aren’t many holiday-themed races in my area (there were a couple of fun ones I used to do, but neither are in existence anymore). A group of locals (myself included) get together, usually on a Friday after work) and go for about an hour-long run through town, admiring all the lights and decorations.

  2. That’s a great idea! I’m doing a December run streak, which seems to be the best way to keep the motivation up through the holidays. Even if I don’t feel like running, my Type A personality responds well to needing that mental check mark for every day in December, even if it’s just for 10 minutes 🙂

  3. So December here is usually perfect running weather, so no forced treadmill for us. I love that you decorate yours and make it more enjoyable since it’s too nasty to be outside. Anything to make workouts more fun.

  4. I don’t have a treadmill. That’s ok. I hate it.

    I skipped a holiday race but I will run one this weekend.

    I hate the cold weather and lack of daylight.

  5. That is a great idea to keep birthdays and Christmas separate. Both my mom and my sister have December birthdays. I love the idea of the Merry Mill! I might have to do that.So fun!

  6. Those lights are a fantastic way to make the mill a but more merry! lol
    When I was able to run, I would put on cheese Christmas movies and get the run done that way!
    Also I would make hot chocolate to have when I was finished!
    Hope you have a great month with all the celebrating!

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