2019 Running Stats!

I’m so far behind! It’s the middle of January and I’m still living in the past. Fingers cross this will be my last post about 2019.

I finally sat down and tallied up my running stats (and cycling, soccer games, yoga classes etc.) a little while ago but just posting about it now. It’s something I like to do every year and track it each month in a bullet journal. Yeah, yeah, I could just use my Garmin or Strava – which I do but I really like the visual of my bullet journal.

This is what my 2019 year looked like:

Running 431.30 km, Cycling: 609.79 km, 40 Soccer Games (injuries: 1), 18 Yoga classes, 8 days of skiing, 4 times skating with my daughters, 1 Gran Fondo and paced 1 race!

The other thing I was counting last year was books! I’m really not a big reader, I never really loved it until last year. I finally found a great app (some of you likely use it) called Goodreads and that’s what helped kick start my reading habit…oh and my calf strain injury in April.

My plan was to read 12 books: 1 per month. Which really isn’t a lot but to me, that was a lot of reading that I honestly didn’t think I’d achieve. However, I did. I actually finished 18 books! I think my favourite book was Daisy Jones which I wanted to give up on a few times but kept with it and loved it in the end.


Well it’s going to look the same as last year: run, ride my bike, play soccer, be active with my kids, hike, swim, lay on the beach in PEI, complete another Gran Fondo, ski and snowshoe more, read more and lots of family adventures. I’m returning as an ambassador for Endurance Tap, Nuun Hydration and Tiux Compression Socks; all products I love and use religiously.

But for real….I’m aiming for 1000 km running, 1000 km cycling and 2020 km between all my activities (run, cycle, swim, soccer). Anything that I can count distance in, I’m aiming for a collective 2020 km.

Oh and last, a big goal for me will be to NOT fall off my bike as I recently got new cycling shoes that clip in. It’s a whole knew cycling world!

This should be fun!

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Do you record all your training in a book or an app?

What are you 2020 goals?

What’s your number one race for 2020?

20 thoughts on “2019 Running Stats!

  1. I record all of my fitness stuff on a weekly planner-type calendar (yes, I’m old school). Since I do a weekly recap on the blog, the calendar has everything where I can see it at a glance. As much cycling as I did last summer, I still have not gotten clip-ins…no thanks! I know my skill set, and coordination is not part of the package…especially in the split-second I’d have to unclip to avoid a fall.

  2. I love recording my workouts electronically AND in my planner. It makes me feel extra accomplished.

    I haven’t tried clipping in for cycling yet, and after my accident, I can’t imagine I”d be eager to do so any time soon (so scared of any kind of falling), but you’re going to do great! Have fun!

  3. Great year! I’m totally a Strava person via my Garmin but I get a lot of satisfaction from writing down my planned workouts for the week and checking them off.

  4. Reading one book a month is a goal I have for this year. Deleting my facebook account should help. Running 1000 miles is every year’s goal and I achieved that in 2019 (1095!). That was pretty easy since it included training for 2 marathons. I keep an excel spreadsheet with running stats (in addition to having everyone loaded into Garmin and Strava). I’ve tried bullet journals for other stuff. Success has been marginal. I’m usually enthusiastic and disciplined through April and then start to lose interest.

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