First Clipped In Ride (and second).

It was finally time to take my bike off the indoor trainer after putting it off a few extra weeks. It was too cold, too wet, too snowy…yeah snow in May; there seemed always to be an excuse.

I bit the bullet last Friday afternoon in a bit of a step by step process. One – get the bike off the trainer which is the easy part. Check ✔.

Step two – take the trainer tire off the bike. Sounds simple but I’m still new to all of this. Deflated the tire, tools in hand, a few swear words later and I got it off. Success, check ✔.

Step three – take a break. Seriously, I left it for an hour or so and came back to it. Eventually, I got the tire on but wasn’t convinced I did it right. I cautiously pumped up the tire, deflated it and pumped it up again. I was worried the inner tube would be caught and I’d mess it all up. I got it done, check ✔. Next step was to put the tire back on the bike….a few more swear words later (and no, my girls weren’t near by).

This part I suck at and literally couldn’t get it on the right way even though I felt I was doing everything right. I really wanted to be able to do this on my own and feel confident in doing so. No confidence was built….well, maybe a little bit. Later that night, I asked my husband for help as I just couldn’t sort out the chain, derailleur and mounting the tire. I wasn’t that far off and learned that I can move the derailleur more than I had previously (I didn’t want to break it).

Saturday afternoon I went on my first clipped in ride. Not going to lie, I was scared shitless. Would I fall, crash or burn? Would I be fine? I just went for it and went slowly. I road down to the local trail where I’d feel most safe and off I went. Stopping occasionally at crossings, I’d unclip one foot way in advance. Clipping back in was pretty easy and my confidence grew a little more each time.

It was really nice to be out on my bike and on the trails but I also wanted to test out riding on the road. On my way back home, I took the main road and felt really good cycling by cars for the first time this year. They gave me a good amount of space and I felt confident on my bike….slightly uncomfortable with my clipped in shoes. Eventually, I made it home safely with no issues which felt great. However…..

On Sunday, we went for a family bike ride on the same trail. It was beautiful outside and our girls are loving their bikes this spring. It was going well and I decided to go off the trail a little into the woods but on another path.

Well, that path had a different plan for me as I began to return back to the main trail and suddently, I fell over clipped it. It all happened extremely fast and I remember thinking my bike should not be in the air and me on the ground right now.

I managed to get my feet unclipped, popped up and had to dust off dirt, leaves and branches from the right side of my body. Luckily, it was somewhat of a soft landing as opposed to the road or gravel we were on. A few bruses and one cut on my leg. Slightly shaken and embarrassed I peddled on ahead and tried to shake off the fall.

So, I survived my ride ride clipped in and I survived my first fall on my biked clipped in. And yes, I’m ready to do it all over again.

Have you ever fallen off your bike clipped in?

How are you spending your spring being active?

17 thoughts on “First Clipped In Ride (and second).

  1. I know the trepidation you feel with clipping in! Every spring I have to reacclimate myself to clipping in; it requires me to be really mindful of unclipping prior to coming to a stop! I have had a few falls and one serious crash where I was clipped in. I do think being clipped in kept me from breaking my wrist–since I was clipped in, I couldn’t let go of the bike to brace my fall. I guess that’s a good thing, lol!

    Enjoy tthe feeling of flying–it’s the best part of the clips!

  2. I totally fell off my bike while clipped in. I was riding up a hill when a car came along. I freaked out and wobbled and fell over into the dirt. Thankfully I was ok. Just a bruised ego. LOL! I still have yet to learn how to change a tire. Something that I need to learn to do.

  3. It was so scary when I first clipped in! Now I love it and there is no going back. Just practice the stopping and starting a few times to see which side is the best to clip out of . Good got this

  4. I don’t have clip-ins for my bike. Quite honestly, I’m still a newbie, and the clip-ins just freak me out. Plus, for the limited riding I do, I don’t think they’re necessary. I’d probably change my mind if I gave them a chance, but they are way out of my comfort zone for now and I’m content without out them LOL

    • That’s how I felt for a long time until my husband who’s an advid cyclist convinced me otherwise. I practiced on my trianer this winter but it’s a different level outside, Haha. Training wheels are off so to speak, haha!

  5. So scary!

    I have never clipped in ever, and now, after my accident, I don’t think I will ever be brave enough to try. I am just fine in regular shoes, thanks so much!

    You should be very proud of yourself!

  6. I’m not big on doing mechanical things so I admire how you persevered with all the steps of getting the tire off and back on. Stopping because you think you might break the part is definitely something that I would do. I hope it will be easier for you next time. Glad you got over the hump with the clips and even proved that you can get out of them in a fall.

  7. I was really nervous about my first ride clipped in. I went on an hours ride and it was all going fine. 5 minutes away from being home a car pulled out in front of me suddenly and I couldn’t unclip in time. I fell over in front of about 20 people who were sitting in a park. Nothing injured but my pride.

  8. One of my sons is big into biking and is very expert at all of it (he rode in the Little 500 when he was at IU, if you know what that is). The clipping thing would make me nervous. Heck, I’m afraid to get a flat while riding my bike alone!

  9. Yes three times I’ve fallen off clipped in. I would never go back now, love being clipped in. One time I fell off going up a cobble stoned road which was 18% gradient. It’s known for being ‘one to do’ around here but I got too slow and fell over. Second time i just leant the wrong way at a junction after taking my foot out and fell over (embarrassing). Third time i tried to bunny hop onto the pavement from the road to come to a stop and skidded and fell. Thankfully never had anything major happen.

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