Spring Running


Thought I’d pop in to say hi! Blogging has become non-essential….ha ha, I mean non-existent for me this year which means I’m moving closed to closing down the blog. Covid has us in another lockdown for the last 3-4 weeks. I don’t know how long exactly as I just don’t care to count anymore how long since we’ve been able to travel within our Province, see our families or gather in groups outside of our household. This extrovert is DONE with the lockdown!

I haven’t been running much but trying to stay active. Without looking, I run maybe 2-3 times a week. The weather is starting to get nice here and apple blossoms are out in full force. We’ve been biking with our girls most evenings which has been fun.

When I have been running, it’s been early mornings…. 6am ish and I’m loving it. My subdivision is so quiet at that time of day, just shift workers heading to their job or coming home. There is this older couple I see as well, we always chat when we pass each other- sometimes 2-3 times during my run and their walks.

I convinced my daughters last weekend to bike while I ran and we all had fun. I’d catch up to them and want a walking break and they’d take off saying “good job mama”.

I did get my covid shot 3 weeks ago and happy I did as my husband, being a paramedic is exposed to it. I got the AZ shot which our Province stopped giving out just over a week after I had it. I then had a week of “did I do the right thing?” and freaked out a few times. And yes, yes I did do the right thing for me and my family. I did have a rough few days post shot with chills, body aches, headaches and an increase of fatigue but it went away after a few days (5) and LOTS of hydration. I’ve been tested about 4 times, all negative and will likely continue to be tested weekly or bi-weekly cause you never know, right!

Spring running has been slow going but I’m more focused on just getting out the door, getting in a run, taking a break from bring at home …. cause I’m working full time from home while our girls are “learning” from home for school. They’ll be home until the end of the school year (June 30th-ish) and then summer break starts. I genuinely miss having meetings in person and value that time with my colleagues. Speaking of which, I got a new (term) job and loving the change. Same type of work, same people, just different work.

I am planning to run as few virtual races this summer….maybe 10k and a half marathon. My fingers and toes are crossed for a fall in person race, likely another half marathon but we’ll see what happens. That’s really about it!

I post often on my Instagram account, (pipersrun), so as I wind down this blog over the coming months, you can follow me over there.

How’s your spring going?

Anyone else in lockdown just done with it all? (But completely respect the decisions around it)? Me.

Are you racing in person yet?

Marching along….

Well hello there!

Last time I blogged was January 6th, clearly I’m not cut out for this anymore. I can’t believe its March AND almost March Break!

It’s been a typical winter for me – very little running and lots of winter sports. I mean, can you blame me? I’ve been soaking up last minute opportunities to x-country ski, snowshoe, skate and downhill ski.

Yesterday after a busy day at work, I picked up the girls and took them skating at our local rink that opened up again due to a mega cold snap. We had the think mostly to ourselves.

Things have been open, shut down and then reopened here. Vaccinations have been rolling out but I’m low on the list so I’ll just wait and see when I get it. Hopefully by this summer.

I’ve kinda lost all motivation to run😳 which really sucks. I’ve packed my bags with all my running gear multiple times in the last few weeks and headed off to the office with the intention to run. But, I didn’t. I just didn’t bother. I even planned my lunch break or end of the day to run, but didn’t. I’m just not feeling it.

I’ve been doing little Zwifting but not as much as I was in January when I completed the Tour de Zwift. That was one of the hardest and most intense activity I’ve done in a long time. Often, after a ride, my legs would shake uncontrollably which was a weird sensation post ride. I never thought I would have done that amount of climbing on a ride. Feeling good about that accomplishment.

Well, that’s been my winter so far! With the time change next week and potentially warmer weather coming in a few weeks, I’m hoping to be running a bit more!

Anyone else struggling with running? Or one of your main activities?

Happy March!

Happy 2021!!!

Happy New Year….a few days late.

I’m not the best blogger lately as I’ve been busy with other things and making this less and less of a priority in my life….and that’s okay. Setting boundaries is my new jam!

2020 was a shit-year for many and I’m really glad it’s over. Restrictions, extended winter school break, lockdowns, no go zones (that’s what I’m calling hot zones we aren’t allow to travel into due to outbreaks), not seeing family or friends in person, stress galore made saying goodbye to 2020 easy!

We’ve had one significant snow fall here and we took advantage of that last weekend. Sledding and winter hikes have been our go-to with our daughters for the last 5 days.

I’ve been plugging away at the Winter of Coast Mountain Trail Running Scavenger Hunt over the last 5 weeks and only have two badges to go. 5k Time Trial, New Years Eve/Day Run Streak, Christmas Run Streak and a few others. I should be finished by this weekend which is exciting. It’s been great to keep me accountable and something good to focus on.

Xmas Trail Scavenger Hunt

My girls LOVED doing the trail Scavenger Hunt which could have been driven by hot chocolate and After Eights, haha!

Just kidding, they loved searching for the items on our list and we got creative!

The last two badges are Dream Team (creating your own run) and the Resolution Run. I’m not big on Resolution at all but this one I decided to do something I’ve never done but have always wanted to. I can’t share with you what yet but give me a few days and I will. That is, if i can remember to blog about it….if not, find me on Instagram.

Since I mentioned resolutions and that I don’t do them, I do set goals and now boundaries to reduce stress. I also take this first week to decide what goals I want to work towards such as running 1000km like I did last year or read 21 books (that’s a lot for me). I’ll share those goals too.

Hoping your 2021 has started off great!

Anyone set Resolutions or Goals?

What’s one thing you accomplished in 2020?

How are you surviving your restrictions or lockdown(s)?

First Day of Winter!

Happy Solstice!

I sit here writing this as our recent dump of snow melts with temps rising and mist/rain falling down. Wishing it was snow!! Yes, snow! I’m ready to start skiing and snowshoeing.

Early December I signed up for the Coast Mountain Trail Running Winter Scavenger Hunt. There are 20 challenges that you do with a run, wake or hike over 60 days.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen what I’ve been up to….Nog Jog Run, Decorate Yourself Run, Relay Run, Food Bank Donation Run, Bublé Run, Rerun Run, Frozen Run, Holiday Card Run, Dreaming of Summer Run, Cross Trained, and a Chocolate Run.

Frozen Run
Food Bank Donation
Relay Run with Kelly in Ontario (me in NS)
Nog Jog, went way better than expected.

It’s been a lot of fun doing these challenges and I still have nine more to go by the end of January.

I’ve also been working towards my goal of 1000km running and 1000km cycling and getting so close on both.

My husband got me onto Zwift recently and I’m slowly figuring that out and learning a lot. I was super nervous on my first group ride but survived and did another one the following week. Cycling has become a great cross training activity for me. The past summer I fell in love with road riding, something I thought I would NEVER do. I’m hooked!

A December starts to wrap up, winter creaps in, Christmas is days away, I’m looking forward to a new year filled of good times and positivity. Yeah, I’m done with 2020!

Oh, I almost forgot….happy 9 years “blogging” to me. Well, I don’t blog much these days but this thing is 9 years old!

Anyone else still working on their 2020 goals?

What’s one thing you are doing for yourself over the holidays?

Ever do a Nog Jog?