My 12 in 2012 Review

When I started blogging over a year ago I decided to attempt 12 “things” in 2012. Seeing that it’s now 2013 I thought I would update you on my list of the 12 things I attempted in 2012.


A random list of 12 things I want to do in 2012.

  1. Write one blog per week……52 in total. Managed 229 posts in total.
  2. Read a non-child/parenting or non-physical activity book for fun: Where We Belong – Emily Giffin in August.
  3. Hike Cape Split with Toddler (and husband, of course) – not in 2012 as baby #2 is arrived in December.
  4. Cook ALL Vegan meals for 1 week (my husband is a vegan but I am not). Nope – didn’t happen. We had many vegan meals but not 3 per day for a full week  – maybe this year?!?!? Some of my favourite vegan meals this year: butternut squash soup, vegan pesto linguine, and pizza rolls.
  5. Go to a movie by myself. March 3rd – The Vow – good movie! I thought it would be kinda cheesy to go to a movie by myself but it was actually okay. I went in the afternoon, got lost in the movie and then had the rest of the evening to myself.
  6. Get 8 full hours of sleep (in a row) Amazing, Lilly slept all night, therefore I slept all night Jan 3rd 2012.
  7. Take advantage of my medical plan and get a massage. Friday February 10th – it was so great. I also went for 3 prenatal massages in the summer and fall – Ah-maz-ing!
  8. Invest in new runners (notice I did not say “buy”). May 19th 2012 – Asics purchased :)
  9. Start practicing Yoga (again). February 9th attending Yoga Flow. Yoga once a week at home (DVD).
  10. Weekend Camping Trip with family (toddler, husband and dog). Did not happen while pregnant. On the lis for this year.
  11. Run a 10k in 60 minutes or less (not necessarily in a race). Not in 2012 but I am committed to this for 2013.
  12. Promote Blog on various sites. You can see on my Media Page where I’ve guest blogged, had interviews, a few awards from fellow bloggers. Also, I’m a Sweat Pink Ambassador :)
Extra day in 2012, bonus goal: Write down weekly physical activity plan and stick to it.
Every week I wrote when I would work out and what I would do!


Anyone have 13 things they are doing in 2013?

What about a monthly challenge?

Motivation Monday #24 & 100 of You!

It’s Monday again! Just like that, it’s back…outta know where!

Here’s a little Motivation Monday #24 to get you moving again:

Source – Via fitsugar on Pinterest.


And, Piper’s Run now has 100 followers!!!

Woah! Having only started this blog 6 months ago, I had no idea what the outcome would be. You know…I remember when I only had 13 followers on this blog…thinking, frig – am I ever going to increase these numbers. I guess you like what I write 🙂

Thanks for following my blog, leaving comments and suggestions of things to try. You can also follow me on good old Facebook, Twitter and of course, Pinterest.

What are your workout plans this week ?


  •  to walk 3 times per week at break time/lunch for 20-30 minutes.
  • run once or twice this weekend – pending the heat of the day and if my hubby is home
  • do a DVD workout once or twice this week!

Go Get Active!

Pregnancy, Running and Blogging

Who has time for all this? That’s a great question I’ve been pondering over the last 14-15 weeks.

I announced on the weekend that “Our family is…” growing by two feet. Lilly is going to be a BIG sister in December and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

When I first found we were expecting, I went through the excitement and then remembered all the challenging times that lie ahead….but this time we have a 2-year-old running around.

Physical / Emotional: I had a great pregnancy with Lilly, even though she was born at 36 weeks – completely healthy 6 lbs 13 oz. I had a little nausea that I could manage, some major back/sciatic pain starting around the 28/30 week mark and only one NASTY leg cramp later in pregnancy.

Anyone ever had a leg cramp / Charlie horse while pregnant ?  Oh man – it’s beyond painful.

I was an emotional wreak while pregnant with Lilly. However, a big part of that was because my brother had just left for Afghanistan when we found out we were expecting. I cried at EVERYTHING! Seriously!

Workouts: I walked our dog every day – sometimes twice. I ran a bit and I took a prenatal yoga class – which I did right up to the day before I went into labor. It wasn’t pretty or graceful towards the end, but it sure felt great.

I was put off work on a Friday and went into labor Sunday night when my water broke at home. I had no idea I was in labor and it all went very, very fast for us.


This pregnancy has been different (which everyone say’s…oh your having a boy  – not always the case). I’ve been extremely sick ~nauseous~ and on medication since week 6. I thought last week, eh, let’s go off the meds. Day 1 was really good, day 2 was okay but by day 3 I was miserable.  I couldn’t eat, drink, read or write an email at work without wondering if I was going to run to the bathroom to get sick.

So, I ask who has time for all this? Pregnancy, Running and Blogging ????

Over the last 3 months, I’ve managed to put out a few random posts, sometimes none for days … yes bloggers, you’ve guested it … my stats were terrible.

All I could do is work and sleep. This is no joke. I would wake up, get Lilly and I ready for daycare/work, go to work; one day I even forgot to drop her off at the sitters!!!! No joke! I would get home at the end of the day and some days pass out on the couch at 5:30pm. These were the day’s my husband was home. By 6:30 or 7 pm, he would wake me up and say “you need to go to bed”, and I would. I slept for 12-14 hours …not all in a row, I wish.

When did I have time to work out or run ? I had TWO 5k races coming up that I wanted to get a PB. Not. Going.To. Happen. This. Year. I ran when I could, which was not that often.

I blogged when I could manage something over my lunch hour at work.

I was pregnant and couldn’t blog about it 😦   Well, I could…but we wanted to wait to tell people.


So, now, I blog when I can. I run when I can and I sleep when I need to. My new 8:30 bedtime is fast approaching as I write this blog post … do I fit in a 10 minute work out OR do I do the dishes ?

Hummm…..if my husband was home and not on the evening shift, I would go for a short 20 minute run. That would be my first choice.

I’ll just have to leave it up to you…as to what you think I will do after this post goes up. Workout, dishes or bed?

How do you manage things when you were pregnant?

Did you try to get it all done ? Or listen to your body and rest/relax when needed?


Bluenose Marathon 5k Recap

Sunday May 20th 2012 was the BIG DAY.

Big day for those participating in the Bluenose Marathon in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

It was the perfect day, cool morning but warmed up quickly as the sun started to rise across Citadel Hill.

Thousands of runners….11,800 was a number I read in The Chronical Herald in its 9th year! I’m pretty sure next year is going to be a BIG year for the Bluenose. 10 years old in 2013.

  • 3,483 Youth Runners on Saturday for the 4.2km race – BIGGEST EVENT OF IT’S KIND IN THE COUNTRY!!!!
  • 338 FULL Marathoners
  • 2,364 1/2 Marathoners
  • 3, 445 10k Runners
  • 2,171 5k Runners

Congratulations to all the Runners and a BIG THANK YOU to all the volunteers involved. Such a great event! This was my 4th time participating in the Bluenose. I have run the 10km (twice) and the 1/2 Marathon a number of years back, this year was the 5k and now I’ll have to do is the FULL Marathon. Ha ha – I’m pretty confident this will NEVER happen.

But then again, that’s what I said after doing my first 10k – I would  NEVER run a 1/2 Marathon. Guess I proved myself wrong. Maybe someday I will prove myself wrong by doing the FULL. We’ll just have to wait and see…

Pre – Race Day:

I was doing really great running last fall and into the Winter months. I know – crazy to run in the winter – in the SNOW and sometime with my dog! Not really, it’s my favourite time of year to run.

I was running and working out 3-5 days a week – while my husband was away at school in Prince Edward Island. I managed to fit in my running or workout’s while our toddler slept at night or during my lunch hour at work.

This year, I had 7 – yes 7 colds. Two of which took me off my feet – literally. I couldn’t run, I couldn’t workout…I couldn’t do much of anything. I originally set a goal of running the 5k under 29:16 but after missing almost 3 weeks of running, I realised I simply could not pull it off. And, I was okay with that.

I signed up for the Bluenose 5k with a friend who recently started running. And, I also signed up for another run in June (Sole Sisters 5k for women) that’s more of a fun run – no timer and chocolate on the route – woohoo!

Runners / Sneakers:

I struggled with my sneakers that were older than they should be and finally bought a new pair of Asics. I bought them the day before my 5k and then struggled to make a decision on whether to wear them or not.

In the end, I stayed with my old faithful’s and they held up for one last run – they are now retired to working around the house….until they fall apart…which is not that far away.

Before run in my too small of a shirt, apparently I ordered the wrong size 😦

Race Day:

It arrived rather quickly. My daughter, who is almost 2 came into Halifax with me and spent the morning with her Aunt Laura while I ran. My husband was working the night shift and was driving to Halifax as I was running. I had a cheering squad of one – my mother. It was just perfect. She ran into a friend of her’s who was running – I ran into no one – funny.

We got up early, out the door and into the downtown area in record time.

I met up with Jennifer and her cousin Robyn and we made our way to the start area on Sackville Street.

The Full Marathoners went first at 8:00 am and then the 5k’s at 8:10. There were so many people in purple shirts and lots of spectators gathering on Citadel Hill to cheer on the runners.

It was 8:10am. It took us 1 minute and 15 seconds to walk to the start area – kinda crazy … and then we started to run slowly in the sea of purple shirts.

I managed to run 10 minutes and walk 1 minute – which is how I train and have run in the past. I had to slow my pace down a bit as I knew I couldn’t maintain it the whole run….and that was okay. I told my running buddies to go ahead without me – which they were very hesitant to do – but I really didn’t want to keep them back from running the race that they had come out to do.

All was good.

I saw Citadel Hill and knew I would need to shorten my stride and take it one step at a time. What I wasn’t quite ready for was the number of runners who would be running up the hill at the same time I was in such a small one lane road surface. I managed to pass a few people who were not following my pace and ran up 90% of the hill.

I was happy.

It wasn’t until I came down Citadel Hill that I felt my posture was great, my stride was perfect and I finally felt comfortable running. Not that I was having any pain, as I did in my previous runs – sciatic pain. It just didn’t get into a good grove until around the 3k mark.

Photo from

I finished the run in 35:29 – my worst time ever …. but that didn’t bother me at all.

I had a great run.

It was a perfect day.

I have no complaints about my run.

Photo from

Post Race:

Jennifer and Robyn waited for me at the finish area – they were 2 minutes ahead of me. They too had a great run.

We found our family members and went inside the Halifax Metro Centre; got some food – banana’s, cookies (a little weird), water, Gatorade. We hung around for a bit and then decided it was time to pack it in and head home.

My mother and I walked to a local store called Pete’s – which I just blogged about here. The Pete’s Frootique in Halifax is way bigger then the one in Wolfville. We got a few groceries and a smoothie to go….and walked to our car. This smoothie was the best smoothie I’ve ever had…it was gone in a flash.

I run for Lilly – so she get’s my medal.

We got home and Lilly was so excited to see me – big hugs all around.

A quick-lunch with the fam and then I took a 3 hour nap – it was heaven.

Future Running Plans:

I plan on continuing to run throughout the week. This is something that I cannot just simply give up – especially since I just invested in new runners! Oh – I can now cross THAT off my 12 in 2012 (almost forgot about that one).

I am running another 5k in June but haven’t decided on what 10k’s to run in the Fall. I have a few in mind but we’ll just have to wait and see.

I plan on running in the 10th Bluenose Marathon in 2013  May 17th – 19th and will focus on one of two runs:

  1. 5km under 29:16 OR
  2. 10km under 60 minutes (It would be cool to run 10k during the 10th year)

Happy Running!

Back to Yoga

Early January I made a list of 12 things to do in 2012 that you can find here!

I’ve been plugging away at the list and accomplishing some of these goals. One is getting back into Yoga.

I wanted to work out tonight but my muscles are a little sore from my “Ripped in 30” workout from last night, which I am quite enjoying. So I thought I would give Yoga a try …. seeing that it’s on my list.

About 10 years ago I took a yoga class with two friends – it was terrible. All we did was laugh the whole time. Fun for us but not cool for the others; good thing it was at a Recreation Centre and not a yoga studio or we probably would have been kicked out.

When I got pregnant with Lilly I wanted to remain active but had to give up playing soccer. You can’t really play with a big belly hanging out of your jersey…can ya ? I got pregnant in the fall, stopped playing soccer but ran occasionally and walked our dog every day. When the snow fell I started cross-country skiing as that was a relatively easy activity for me to do – you still couldn’t tell I was pregnant at that point. I actually volunteered that winter to help coach the Para Nordic (sit skiing) at our local hill. Lots of fun but I ended up not being able to keep up with them – they were fast. And these were kids, not adults.

At 14 weeks, I started prenatal yoga! And I fell in love! I left the yoga studio feeling wonderful, I had lots of energy….I was SOLD! I continued attending the prenatal yoga class and made a few friends along the way. I went to my last class on June 12th 2010, I was exactly 36 weeks that day. During the last few months of my pregnancy I had some problems with my sciatic nerve. During my last yoga class my instructor and I talked about how much pain I was in and that it was probable a good thing it was my last class. [Side note – I had just been put off work the day before – June 11th 2010].

The next evening my water broke at home at 10:30 pm and off to the hospital we went. Contractions started in the car and things progressed rather quickly. Lilly was born at 2:22am June 14th (4 weeks early). I guess I know why my back was REALLY bothering me the day before at yoga.

After Lilly was born I attended 1-2 mom and baby yoga classes. I wanted to keep it up but I just couldn’t. Since then, I haven’t done any yoga. So tonight, instead of doing an intense workout, I did Tony Horton’s Yoga Flex – 10 minutes.

It was okay. Well it was good. I am feeling a little less sore but it just wasn’t long enough. I think next time I will pair this with “Ripped in 30” or “30 day Shred”. I feel like this would be a good dvd to do in the morning before Lilly wakes up – or with her.

Oh, and Lilly know’s how to do a downward dog – or Down Dog as we call it. If we ask her to do a “Down Dog” this is what she does. BUT, yes there is a BUT – she wants me to do it with her 🙂

Can someone please recommend a good Yoga DVD for me ?

AND can you recommend a Yoga DVD I can do with Lilly?

I got a feelin’….

As I took Maclean out for a quick morning walk and thought, ugh I don’t want to run at lunch today!

I had this feeling that it just wasn’t what I wanted to do during my hour-long lunch break. So when we got home I started to write for a few minutes and this is what I came up with:

  1. really don’t want to run at lunch.
  2. I had a great work out last night, I don’t need to work out today.
  3. It’s winter and it’s +1 c outside (humm…that’s not so bad).
  4. My house is warm and cozy (it’s always going to be warm and cozy…like tonight).
  5. I kinda don’t want to sweat (ha – that’s just pathetic)
  6. I remembered my weekly work out goals I wrote down (crap, now I have to run)
Me – not impressed about running at lunch.
Then came across this quote I saw a few weeks back I saw on Pinterest: “A Run begins the moment you forget you are running” Adidas ….this made me think.
At noon I geared up and went out anyway. My first thoughts were “Why am I running, really Why?”. I know the benefits of daily physical activity – that IS my 9-5 job AND it would be slightly embarrassing if I didn’t know the benefits.  So I thought about it…I run to be healthy, for my family, for my daughter in hopes she will value being active when she is older. However, I wasn’t running to train for something, no races planned or soccer tournaments…I was just running to run and that felt great.

I ran faster today. I ran longer today. My running felt like it did before I had Lilly – that was a great feeling. I began to think about things. Like a comment a friend posted on my giveaway post – she talked about potty training her son before her second child was born (a daughter). And I thought…I need to talk to her; how did she do it, does she recommend any books, tips and that’s when I realized I forgot I was running.

Now, this picture is either me with my hands in the air with excitement after my run OR me with the camera above my head taking a picture in a dirty mirror after my run.

What do you think about when you run or work out?

Don’t forget to enter my first giveaway: Charlie Banana Giveaway!


Goal Boards

With the start of the New Year and reading blogs about new year’s resolutions, goal setting and things people want to do in 2012, I started to think about what I wanted to do this year.

After reading about a goal board via Confessions of a Fitness Instructor, I thought that it might be the easy project to do in 2012. Now, I am not super crafty….I can kit, crochet a toque but nothing else, scrap booking, I have an interest in sewing but I really suck at it and can’t figure out my super-duper machine which my husband bought me two years ago. (Sorry Sai). That’s about it – so pretty basic.

A coworker of mine has a vision board – or maybe it’s a goal board. Anyway, she puts pictures, quotes or notes on this board (I am picturing a nice cork board) of things she wants to do in life. What would you put on a vision or goal board: pictures of a house you want to build, paint colours you love, a race you want to run . So, I thought again about making a goal board and I figure I can do this. Start small and have fun with it.

So this is what I did (keeping in mind I am NOT a crafty person)

Step 1 – Buy a Cork Board.

I went with an old box: use what you have at home. This is what I did because I am trying to buy less and bring less into my home (yes a goal I put on my board). This was an old Patagonia box from pair of sneakers my husband bought a while back.

Step 2 – I had to cut the board down so it was even on all sides:

Step 3 – Always have a supervisor on hand when crafting:

Step 4: You can put down a base with tissue paper, cardboard or scrap booking paper. I used scrap booking paper that I had in the house and have never used.  Trying to use up what I have.

Step 5:  Select your main goals. A few suggestions could be work, personal, family, money, fitness, kids, shopping etc.

I chose four goals: Family, Fun, Blog and Personal.

Family – I have put “Snow Play” as we love to be outside and Lilly loves the snow (so far).

Fun – After I took this picture, I  put on the board  “Run 10km under 60 minutes” – this might not be fun. But this is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and if I make the training fun then hopefully the final result will be fun too.

Blog – 52 post over the course of 2012 – that equals 1 a week. I feel that is a simple goal to do – not too stressful. Some how I have managed to blog 2-4 times per week so far.

Personal – I posted a picture of a women running and a quote. 1 – because I want to continue to be active and I love the feeling after I’ve had a good run and 2- the quote to keep me motivated. Maybe I’ll use this in my Motivation Monday series that I am going to start this week (blog goal on board). I also placed a pair of sneakers as I desperately need to invest in a new pair of runners.

Step 6: Finish putting my goals on the board. Place board on wall in visible area so I remember what I am striving for in 2012.

Step 7: Evaluate at the end of year (and blog about it).

Have you made a goal or vision board? What did you put on it?

PS – I have my first GIVEAWAY post coming on Sunday – so check back for what it is (think baby’s bum)!!!!