Butterflies and Laughter

Technically March Break hasn’t ended for my daughter yet! It was only supposed to be a week (5 days) but ended up having two extra days due to snow storms! One the day before March break and then yesterday. Hopefully they will be back to school today as she really misses her teacher!

As mentioned yesterday, we went skiing. Here’s a few more fun times that we had at Ski Wentworth.

March Break ski trip PR.jpg

I’m learning a lot being a parent of two younger children. Things are getting easier but it’s also an eye opener. I always think “how did our parents do it?” How do other people do it? Parenting is exhausting and rewarding at the same time!

When you have a baby, you prep for all baby things; nursing/bottles, food, teething, crawling, walking etc. You know at some point those things are going to happen, they learn them and you all get through it.

Last week I wasn’t prepared for a few things….

  1. The smile on Hilary’s face as she blasted down the bunny hill with Saï. Then her bursting out in laughter.
  2. The butterflies in my stomach watching Lilly ski down the hill by her self, climb up a little incline to the “magic carpet” and say “common mom, let’s go again”.
  3. We practiced reading with Lilly a lot this past week and can’t believe how well she has done.
  4. Also, I wasn’t prepared to leave my husband in my dust as I cruised down the hill. Just kiddin’….it was fun to ski in front of him…I mean with him 🙂

It’s little things but in reality being a parent and doing the hard work makes it easy to see, experience and have those butterfly moments. Don’t get me wrong, there were times when Saï and I questioned taking two kids on a ski trip but on the drive home we realised it was ALL worth it. (Also, we had Grammy and Grandad with us…so that helped a lot).

Parents – do you ever get butterflies when your kids accomplish something they worked hard for?

What’s the one thing you enjoy watching your kids do?

Any big accomplishments happening with your kids?





Ski, Snow and Running

It’s been a busy few days (week) between work, snow storm #1, skiing, facilitating a workshop on the weekend and storm #2…I managed to finally get a run in yesterday!

Last week Lilly had a 1/2 day of school, so I booked the 1/2 day off work and the four of us hit the hill. This would be Hilary’s first time (3 years old) and Lilly’s 3rd year on skis. Both Sai and I went prepared to deal with tantrums potentially from both girls but the complete opposite happened.

ski jan 14 Lilly and Mommy

Both girls had so much fun. Hilary and Sai spent time “playing” on a very small hill while Lilly and I hit the bunny hill at Ski Martock. They now have a magic carpet which is amazing. I skied down backwards for the 10+ runs Lilly did. She’s skiing on her own now and figuring out how to turn and stop etc. It’s so awesome to watch her think about the process.


I could see Hilary and Sai off in the distance and she just looked like she was having a blast. Lots of laughing and when I got over to them, she kept saying “one more time”. Looks like we’ve got skiers on our hands 🙂


I shoveled two mornings in a row last week so I could get to work and then spent 1.5 hours snow blowing my driveway and two neighbours driveways yesterday. We also played outside all afternoon.


I ran last week on the treadmill and it wasn’t great so after 3km, I got off THE BEAST and did some weights and skipping.


I did managed to sqeeze in a run yesterday after doing the driveways. 5k on snow covered roads and sidewalks that were partially cleared. The sidewalks were like running on sand – not fun.


It was great to spend lots of time outside (even the early morning shoveling). That’s about it!

How was your weekend?

Are you running inside (treadmill, track), outside (clear roads or snow covered) ?

If you have snow – do you mind shoveling?



Favourite Winter Activities {Friday Five Linkup}

Winter is one of my favourite times of the year! I do feel like I say that as each season approaches but winter has a special place in my heart.

{Update on my niece Ava: surgery was a success!!!!!}

I used to work outdoors {5 winters}; teaching cross-county skiing, snow shoeing, winter camping, ropes course – yes in the winter and more. You can probably guess my favourite winter activities by now. I’m joining Mar on the Run, Cynthia and Courtney on the {Friday Five Link Up}

Favourite Winter Activities

mar on the run

Friday Five Link Up

1. Downhill Skiing

I grew up downhill skiing and am pretty sure I was around the age of three when I started {same age as Hilary}. I spent a lot of time on the bunny hill before moving on to the big one. I even remember the first time I took the chair lift and cried the whole way to the top!

I would ski double back diamonds, moguls and sometimes through the trees. I’d go on every school trip and sometimes would skip my school to go skiing with my Dad’s school – best times ever! When I was a teenager I took my CANSI Level 1 to become a ski instructor but never ended up instructing.


Skiing with Lilly last year

Downhill skiing is as challenging as you want it to be. I love the fast pace, the freedom and zipping down the hill in control of course. I also love the fact that our daughters are getting into skiing now too!

2. Cross Country Skiing

I didn’t start cross-county skiing until I was in my 20’s, mainly because we were always downhill skiing or I was playing indoor soccer. When I first started working in the outdoor recreation field, I had to teach cross-country skiing even though I had never skied before!

Don’t worry, I was given proper training and managed to pick it up rather quickly. And……I loved it! This became my absolute favourite winter activity to do. I love that I can go on my lunch break on local trails or hit up the hill before/after downhill skiing too! I can’t wait to teach the girls in a few years.

3. Snowshoeing

Another love of mine! My snowshoes usually stay in my car so that I can take them out at lunch time as well. I’ve yet to try “snowshoe running” but have a feeling it’s super hard and intense!

snow shoe hike

Snowshoeing is a fun activity that I can do on my own, with my husband or friends/co-workers and even our girls have little snowshoes. There snowshoes are MUCH cooler then mine as they leave footprints behind.

Also, my husband proposed to me while snowshoeing on a lake one winter.


4. Winter Running

I do love running in the winter. Even with the extra layers I love the feeling in my lungs and the crunchy sound under my feet.


The best sound in winter is the snow crunching under your feet but you can only hear that if it’s super cold or running. I also feel a little more bad ass running in the winter. I’m sure people don’t look at me and think, she’s a bad ass for running in the snow…they look at me and thinking WTF, she’s crazy!

5. Tobogganing

Tobogganing is something I did as a child every single day! My parent’s house is on a hill and we could shovel snow on the road so that we could slide down our hill, cross the street and see how far onto the neighbours front lawn we could make it. And of course, we’d always have someone watching for cars.

Toboganning 1

Pulling a toboggan of kids is another story but I do give it my best shot. The above picture was taken two years ago. Hilary thought this was hilarious and Lilly loved it!  I can’t wait to take them to a big hill!

What’s your favourite winter activity?

Ever go snow shoeing?

If you had to pick: downhill skiing or cross country?

Thinking of you Ava

I don’t seem to have it in me to blog lately and I’ve started this post five times and deleted everything.

I had a great yoga class on Tuesday, my abs still hurt and I tried an inversion for the first time – fun!

Lilly had her first Christmas concert last night, that was fun too.

Today my niece Ava has her heart surgery first thing. If you have time, think of her, her parents, Paul & Jen and our family. She was supposed to have her surgery Dec 3rd but it got postponed last minute. In fact, she was at the hospital in her baby johnny shirt. I’m sad and scared and just hoping Paul and Jen get through the day and her surgery is a success.

Ava Mae

I try to stay positive on this blog but right now it’s hard until this today is over. So….I might run at lunch to shake off the sad stress or maybe just a walk in the fresh air by myself. I’d rather not be at work but with my family but it’s not possible.

I’ll be thinking of you Ava Mae.

Aunt Piper.

{You can read my last post about Ava Mae here}

My Magical Adventure {Book Review}

Not too long ago I received this fantastic book from Crayon CrunchIt’s a story about your own child with a special message written inside!

The best part about it, is that you get to design what the character will look like based on your child’s look: colour of hair and eyes, glasses or freckles and even the clothing they are wearing! It’s a lot of fun to create.

As mentioned, I was contacted by Crayon Crunch and was provided a book for one of my daughters. Since Lilly is getting into reading more I chose to design the book around her. She’ll be getting it for Christmas.

Crayon Crunch 2

The cover of the book looks kind of basic but when you open it up there are so many colours and things to see on every page.

Crayon Crunch Pipers Run

This magical adventure takes your child on an adventure and finishes with a special note from you. This message could be anything you wanted it to be but they do provide an example for you to work from.

It’s a sweet message {I’m not going to give it away} and one that I hope Lilly continues to live throughout her life. I really like the book as it’s creative and fun. I would recommend looking into getting one for your child, your grandchild or other family member as a special gift.

I can’t wait to read it to her!

Ever have a book personalized for you?

What’s your favourite children’s book?

Please note: I was provided a book by Crayon Crunch and all opinions are my own. 


Happy 40th Birthday Saï

To the man I met 10 years ago who had a full mountain beard and dreadlocks you’d be jealous of; you haven’t changed a bit. Okay, you lost a bit of hair but that’s it!

Happy 40th Birthday Saï!

Anna And Sai 3

You didn’t want a party for your big day but you couldn’t stop me from writing on my blog that you are turning 40! So here is to 40 things about you:

  1. Your British, enough said 😉
  2. Your 2 Years Canadian.
  3. You had wicked dreads.
  4. You are smart.
  5. You make our girls laugh a lot!
  6. You make me smile.
  7. You do a lot of little things that make my day better.
  8. You are an adventurer.
  9. Your not afraid to learn new things.
  10. You can run fast.
  11. Shit, I’ve got to write 30 more things about you!
  12. You are a perfectionist.
  13. You invest in quality.
  14. You are a hard worker.
  15. You can downhill ski, cross county ski and telemark ski.
  16. You can’t skate to save your life.
  17. You can fix anything (of course after taking it apart).
  18. I love hearing your British accent when it comes out (not often).
  19. You’ve traveled the world.
  20. I got to 20….High Five!
  21. You like a good beer but buy me wine and drink that too 🙂
  22. You support my running habit and for that I’m grateful.
  23. You make people think. A LOT.
  24. You challenge people.
  25. You reached some of your life goals.
  26. Lilly likes Marmite just as much as you do. Yuck!
  27. I like running with you on the trails.
  28. Hilary loves how you pronounce “ba-na-na”.
  29. You have opened people’s eyes to vegan foods.
  30. Your quiet but thoughtful.
  31. You are probably hating that I wrote this.
  32. Don’t worry, it’s almost over.
  33. You have a funny sense of humour.
  34. I hate that you have a motorbike but love you anyway.
  35. You take care of your possessions.
  36. I love that we met outdoors and proposed to me on a lake (frozen).
  37. You research everything.
  38. I miss your dreads but pretty sure Paramedics can’t have them.
  39. I admire that you went back to school at 35.
  40. I love you.

PR Sai Anna Selfie

Happy 40th Birthday Saï!

Love ya!

Side note: My niece Ava’a heart surgery was postponed yesterday due to other emergency surgeries. Bit of a bummer that she can’t start the recovery process now but everything happens for a reason. Thank you for all your thoughts, comments on the blog, twitter and Facebook. It’s greatly appreciated. Keep us in your thoughts as her surgery will be rescheduled in the following weeks.

Happy 3rd Birthday Little One!

First off, thanks for all the comments on yesterday’s post about my niece Ava, it’s greatly appreciated. On to some happy news:

Three years ago my husband and I would bring another little girl into the world. She was due Dec 12th but like her sister wanted to come a little early.

She gave us trouble from the start with the birth lasting about 13 hours compared to her sister’s birth which was quicker then you’d want to birth a baby; under 4 hours.

Sai Lilly and hilary

She’s our little badass!

She’s confident, know’s what she wants or doesn’t want and there is no changing her mind…unless chocolate is involved…she is my daughter after all.

Hilary's 3rd birthday

She’s funny. She’s serious. She’s cautious. She is shy. She loves pig tales, the outdoors and anything Frozen. She is kind and she’s happy. She is also winy and wants to do whatever her big sister is doing.

She’s three!

My goodness dear child, you’ve brought so much joy {and tears} into our lives and I can’t wait to see where you go, what you do and who you become. I look forward to ALL the adventures you take us on.

Happy 3rd Birthday sweet Hilary.

xo Mommy

PS – if you didn’t read yesterday’s post check it out here as my family could use your support today. #milesforAvaMaeG