Back to School Traditions

It’s that time of year again “Back to School”…….the most wonderful time of the year. This week students are heading back to school which means early mornings, bus stops, packing lunches, new clothing and maybe a few traditions.

Lilly is starting Grade 1 with a new teacher and can’t wait to get back to see her friends. We don’t have a lot of traditions yet but are slowly building them as each year passes. I’m sure once Hilary starts school these will just become routine things we do each September.

Back to School Shopping

I loved doing this as a child. I even remember driving to the Valley (where I live now) for soccer tournaments and doing our school supply shopping in between games! I seriously loved doing this and felt so special when it happened.

Since Lilly’s teacher buys all of their supplies (we provide money), we don’t have to buy anything. There are pro’s and con’s to this but I know in a few years it will be up to us to purchase everything, so we’ll take it while we can. We did go shopping for a few new clothing and shoes during our vacation. It sure is amazing how fast your kids grow over the summer.

First Day of School Pictures

I love taking pictures and first day of school pictures are up there. I love capturing how little they are and how excited they are for a new school year. The picture below is last year and they looks so little compared to now. Hilary goes to day care but I wanted to include her in the photos.

Last year:


How was your day?

At the end of each day while driving home with the girls, I ask them “how was there day?” A pretty simple questions which is sometimes met with “ah, we played” from Hilary. Lilly will tell you one or two things but forgets everything else. We talk over dinner again and learn more about their day as a family.

When we put them to bed is when we get the better conversations. I always ask “What was your favourite thing about today?” It’s short and simple. Usually, the answer from Lilly is something to do with recess or lunch, so I ask the question again but get her to share something she did in the school.We even ask was she didn’t like about to which gives her an opportunity to express how she feels about that. I like these conversations because it gets her thinking about what she really did enjoy or not enjoy.

Happy first day of school to those students and teachers starting back this week! I’ll be sure to share a new photo of the girls soon!

What’s your  go-to “back to school” tradition?

Did you have any back to school traditions growing up?

Do you ask your kids about their day or something else?

Weekend Shenanigans

July just seems to have snuck up on me after a busy June (busy at work, busy for Lilly at school, both girls starting soccer, half marathon training and the race and the loss of our dog etc. etc.). I love July as it brings super warm temperatures, we get outside a helluva lot more, I get a little order and usually lots of soccer.

As I mentioned before I wasn’t planning on playing soccer this summer as I didn’t think my hamstring was ready for it, turns out my hamstring is good to go but my SI joint is still giving me a problem. I’ve been back in physiotherapy for a few weeks and my SI joint still hates when I sit!

This weekend we had a lot of rain – some MUCH needed rain. It’s been so hot here (yeah) but we desperately needed the rain for our farmers etc. It got cold over the last 4-5 days, enough to need pants and a sweater but I’m totally fine with that as we’re about to get back to super hot summer days this coming week.


This weekend (Saturday) I played in a soccer tournament, we won our first game and lost our second (lost on Sunday too) but it was great to be on the field again. I finally feel like I’m getting my feet out there again and playing at a level that I want to be playing at. It was also fun because the girls and Sai came to watch both games.

IMG_20160709_133550 (1)

Sunday was my birthday and I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to do a long run after two games of soccer but the night before, I got my gear ready just in case. For some reason I woke up at 5:30 and figured that if I went back to sleep my 6am alarm clock would have been turned off and on permanent snooze. So, I got up at 5:45 and was out the door around 6:30.

I have a loose training plan that I’m working from and will share soon but figured 10k would be a decent amount for a birthday run and post two games of soccer run.


Good lord that run was hard. I felt like a slug. I looked like a bad 80’s party in neon sludging down the highway! However, it was also great! 10k done before breakfast. After my run we went out to Cora’s for breakfast. The only photo I took was this one of Sai and the girls….though you can’t seem them well, I love it. They were doing a craft Lilly got for her birthday.



My brother, sister-in-law and niece Ava came for lunch which was a great last minute surprize! I didn’t take any other photos, so I have nothing to share but let me tell you I’m still as sharp as a whistle as Ava almost did a face plant from the chair to the ground after a little miss-communication with my daughter who was holding her. Have you ever had that feeling of “holy shit, I almost dropped my niece face first on the floor” or the look of death on your face when you look at your bother and SIL – I felt ill. I don’t know who was more freaked out but I’m super glad I caught her.

Since it was raining buckets outside we just stayed in and hung out for a bit before we skyped with Sai’s Mom (she’s in England). We had a great weekend as a family. No photo’s of the cakes (yes, I had two). I did however, get a new helmet for biking so I don’t have to wear my old granny helmet 🙂

Old helmet


How was your weekend?

Sunny weekend or rainy weekend for you?

Anyone race/run???


It’s six days (if you count today) from race day! However, this post isn’t about running or me.


You see, we now have a six year old in our house. SIX! It’s been six years since this little peanut joined us four weeks early in an extremely fast birth experience. She was due on my 30th birthday but decided she wanted her own month and day!

Happy 6th.jpg

Dear Lillian Mae,

You are the most sweetest little girl.

You don’t always listen to us but apparently you have reasons for doing so.

You LOVE your little sister to pieces and I’m amazed at how much youth both truly love each other when I watch you play. Don’t worry, I see you both when you are fighting as siblings do, by my oh my Lilly…you are awful sweet to your sister.

You love everything. You love to run. You love soccer. You love to swim. You love your friends (who are all very lovely children). You love MacLean (dog). You love our neighbours like they are family. You are a happy kid (don’t change).

You don’t always love doing scary things on your own. You CAN do HARD things like learning to ski by yourself or riding your bike. BUT….but, when you try it over and over again, you succeed at everything. You can know ski happily on your own. You can now ride your bike up and down our street with zero assistance from your father or I.

You are the slowest eater your father and I have ever met. Well, unless it’s grilled cheese, fruit or a Marmite sandwich your father makes you 😉  You love picking out what clothing you want to wear each day and sometimes pick the most outrageous combinations BUT you are so proud and happy.

I honestly can’t believe you are six years old. You are just about to finish your first year of school and are doing so well. I love that your favourite part of school is recess and gym class yet you get so excited about your math, science and writing too!

Your father, sister and I are so lucky to have such a happy, sweet, fun little girl in our lives. I can only imaging what adventures you are going to go on and where you are going to take us.

Happy Birthday Dear Lillian Mae.

xo Mommy



Butterflies and Laughter

Technically March Break hasn’t ended for my daughter yet! It was only supposed to be a week (5 days) but ended up having two extra days due to snow storms! One the day before March break and then yesterday. Hopefully they will be back to school today as she really misses her teacher!

As mentioned yesterday, we went skiing. Here’s a few more fun times that we had at Ski Wentworth.

March Break ski trip PR.jpg

I’m learning a lot being a parent of two younger children. Things are getting easier but it’s also an eye opener. I always think “how did our parents do it?” How do other people do it? Parenting is exhausting and rewarding at the same time!

When you have a baby, you prep for all baby things; nursing/bottles, food, teething, crawling, walking etc. You know at some point those things are going to happen, they learn them and you all get through it.

Last week I wasn’t prepared for a few things….

  1. The smile on Hilary’s face as she blasted down the bunny hill with Saï. Then her bursting out in laughter.
  2. The butterflies in my stomach watching Lilly ski down the hill by her self, climb up a little incline to the “magic carpet” and say “common mom, let’s go again”.
  3. We practiced reading with Lilly a lot this past week and can’t believe how well she has done.
  4. Also, I wasn’t prepared to leave my husband in my dust as I cruised down the hill. Just kiddin’….it was fun to ski in front of him…I mean with him 🙂

It’s little things but in reality being a parent and doing the hard work makes it easy to see, experience and have those butterfly moments. Don’t get me wrong, there were times when Saï and I questioned taking two kids on a ski trip but on the drive home we realised it was ALL worth it. (Also, we had Grammy and Grandad with us…so that helped a lot).

Parents – do you ever get butterflies when your kids accomplish something they worked hard for?

What’s the one thing you enjoy watching your kids do?

Any big accomplishments happening with your kids?