How to Survive a Winter Storm (in the Spring!)

We’re about to be hit with another snow storm in Nova Scotia. Yes, it’s still March but technically it is spring. We’ve been watching the warnings on the weather network, local tv news stations, reading it in newspapers and it’s plastered all over Facebook – “Another Wednesday snow storm to hit Nova Scotia”. Urgh!

This time around, we have had multiple days to prepare for the “White-Juan” that hit the Maritimes back in 2004. Cancellations, road advisories, rescheduling events are consuming people, along with preparing for the storm.


Winter Storm Survival in NS Pipers Run

How to Survive a (late) Snow Storm in the Spring:

Be prepared:

  1. Stock up on food. Snack food and food you can make if the power goes out. The storm may only last a few hours to a few days – be prepared for the unknown.
  2. Stock your wood pile if you have a wood stove or fire-place. If you don’t bring the wood inside before the storm, there is a good chance you won’t be able to get outside during the storm.
  3. Get extra water for toilets (power outages), and drinking water.
  4. Double check your batteries and flashlights are ready to go. Also, find any extra candles and matches.
  5. Charge your cell phone, lap top, IPad, IPod etc – might be a while until you can do so again!
  6. Do all your dishes – a load of dirty dishes in your dishwasher isn’t fun if the power goes out for days. You’ll probably need them during the storm anyway. Get ’em done!
  7. Make sure the laundry is up-to-date before the storm, or as close as it can be. You don’t’ want to run out of clean underwear do you?
  8. Buy some special treats for you and your family. Popcorn, chips, M&M’s, Jr. Mints. And yes, I bought my favourite Jr. Mints today…I can’t believe I did that…ha ha!
  9. Never to early to have propane in your BBQ!!! Winter bbq can be quite fun!
  10. If you have a generator, make sure it’s working.
  11. Take out the shovels you just put away. I know, you may get emotional doing this but trust me, it’s better to have them out and ready then struggle last-minute to find them.
  12. Partner up with your neighbour to watch each other’s kids while you clear the snow from your driveway, invite them over for a meal….reach out and support one another.

snow on wednesday

What to do during the storm?

  • Have fun. Enjoy the day home with your family or by yourself.
  • Play inside and build a fort with cushion’s from your couch and blankets from your bed.
  • Run on your treadmill, workout with those weights, roll out that yoga mat that is collecting dust.
  • Get outside and jump in the snow…then shovel. Always play first, work hard second.
  • Snuggle on the couch and watch a movie….remember that special treat you bought? Perfecting timing!
  • Get crafty….thank you Pinterest.

Winter snow storms can be a stressful time; blowing snow, wind gusts, power outages, damages occur. Be patient….it will pass over eventually. Just try having fun in the meantime and know that the weather is going to warm up in a few days 😉

Good luck Nova Scotian’s, Maritimer’s (PEI, NB etc).

What’s your best tip to survive a winter storm?

Do you prepare for a storm (snow, rain, hurricane, etc) ?

Do you buy storm chips? Apparently, this is a big thing to do!!!

Also….I’m just going to say….keep an eye on the number of babies that are born in December! 😉 Just saying…9 months is a long time. 🙂 



Canada, #BellLetsTalk about Mental Illness

No, I am not a spokes person for Bell. But I do believe in supporting good causes and this is important one to me. Tuesday February 12th, in Canada for those with cell phones with Bell, if you text they will donate 5 cents towards mental Illness. Find out more info at Bell Let’s Talk.

And if you TWEET the hashtag #BellLetsTalk they will also donate.

Did you know that 1 in 5 Canadians will experience a form of mental illness at some point in their lives? Source: Canadian Institute of Health Research

So Canadians with Bell phones and those who tweet …. Let’s talk about mental illness. It happens to more people than we know it.  Depression, anxiety, panic attacks ….. I feel like I  don’t know anyone who hasn’t experienced one of the above.

I have had a few panic attacks/anxiety before and yeah it sucked. It just takes over your body. But because I am a fairly active person, I have used running or working out in the past as a means of letting go of any anxiety or stress I may have at the time. And I believe you need to talk to someone about your stress, depression, anxiety, ADD, eating disorders etc., as it’s one of the best things your can do for yourself. Friends, family, working professionals are there to listen and help. They sure aren’t there to judge you or make you there worse, they are there to listen and help you.

So I write this because I want spread the word and get people talking more. AND I want help Bell donated money towards mental illness….so text and tweet #BellLetsTalk today.

Even if you don’t have a Bell account…if you have a Twitter account – get Tweeting #BellLetsTalk


When I was younger I didn’t really think to much about “investments”.  Sure I started an RRSP when I was just out of University but I never really got that into it, you know.

When our daughter was born we had multiple people asking if we started an RESP (Registered Education Savings Plan – something like that). We had not. Lilly was four weeks early so investing in her future education was not our number one priority. Eventually, after her first birthday (and collecting gifted money to Lilly) we started an RESP. So we’re all set up there.

Back to when Lilly was first born. We spend 5 long days in the hospital because she wasn’t nursing well and she had jaundice.  They wouldn’t let us leave until it she got better. We had planned on cloth diapering but did not have an opportunity to purchase any cloth diapers, so we used what the hospital had – Pampers brand. Lilly was only 6 lbs 13 oz and dropped down to 5 lbs 15 oz while in hospital, we had to use premie diapers or Size 1. We went through so many diapers in the first month, I just thought it was crazy. I had a good laugh one day that we should have invested money in Pampers. Now I am thankful we invested in cloth diapering.

Since then, there have been many more items I think we should invested in and here are a few examples:

  1. Disposable diapers – because so many are needed.
  2. Cloth diapers – because they are a great investment and increasing in popularity .
  3. Pads – anyone who’s had a baby will understand that one.
  4. Infant Tylenol or Advil – because when your child is sick you’ll do anything to make sure they get better (AND sleep).
  5. Infant Vicks rub – see #3 explanation.
  6. Baby clothing – they grow so fast, it’s a marketer’s dream.
  7. Children’s toys – again they grow so fast through many stages of learning.
  8. Cars parts – when you need a car for work or your basic needs you’ll pay to keep your car running.
  9. RESP – because our daughter will have some money for her education (when she get’s there).
  10. Wine -because parents need to get through the night 😉

What do you invest in? Or what do you think is a good investment (for fun or for money)?

Crap! Pop all over our Christmas photos!

You can see where this blog is going already.

As my husband sat down with our daughter yesterday he had a glass of pop at the table. We were getting ready to eat dinner and they were sharing something, I can’t remember seeing exactly what they were sharing but they were hanging out at the table – the busy put everything on it table.

All of a sudden I hear “CRAP” or it could have been more like SH*T. I looked over and saw a pool…yes a pool of pop all over Christmas pictures we had taken of our daughter at Wally-world.  Since we just got the pictures the day before this happened and had made a list of who we need to send them to all I could think of was – GREAT, just great, now we can’t give these to anyone and we’ve just wasted our money.

Deep breath….

So, we picked them up and shook off as much pop as we could. Then took a cloth (yikes!) to them. They seemed a little sticky and again I thought…CRAP. My poor husband at one point looked at me and said “just say something” and I couldn’t say anything! I was pretty upset because I thought the photo’s were ruined but really should I have placed them on the dinning room table or somewhere else (yes, probably) but I didn’t.

We put them in our spare room and turned the heat up a little. To our surprise this morning – they were dry and NOTHING was wrong with them. No sticky stuff, no lines or bubbles…well 1 photo with a black border was a little smudged. We Were Lucky!

Lesson learned for the day – always put important photo’s in a safe spot AND don’t drink pop/any liquid near photo’s 🙂