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Thanks for stopping by! Sometimes I write for other blogs either as a guest or as part of their network.

Thinking Outside The Sandbox ~ Family  Since 2013. A few examples:

DIY Snow Paint 

Mama, Mama, Wanna Run? 8 Tips to Get Started. 

How to Get Your Kids Outside in November 

A Little Dirt on Your Dress Can’t Hurt – Girls Who Play in Dirt Grow Up Healthier 

Physical Literacy: Run, Jump, Kick, Climb and Swim.

It’s that Time of Year, Time to Play WITH your Children 


The Splattered Apron – Working Mama October 29th 2012

Healthy Media Today Aug 1st 2012

Fit Mom Blogger – How to Balance it All  August 7th 2012

Fitness Pregnancy Resources (I Use)  Republished on New Brunswick Doctor Directory August 10th 2012

The Fit Housewife – Blueberry Oat Muffins August 3rd 2012

Fit Blogger (guest) – Piper’s RunJune 19th 2012

AMP Diapers – Cloth Diapering at Day Care April 3rd 2012

AMP Diapers – Where do I start if I want to cloth diaper ?February 27th 2012


Thanks to Mountain Missy Blog  for the Liebster Blog Award.

Thanks to The Milk Tree Blog for this award:


To contact Anna at Piper’s Run – please email, that’s p i p e r s r u n b l o g @ g m a i l  {dot} c o m. You can also follow me on TwitterFacebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Thanks for dropping by.

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