Pregnancy #2

Welcome to my Pregnancy page. It will focus on posts around my second pregnancy, due December 2012.

Our family is growing … by two feet

Before Pregnancy

Working Out and Goal Setting

Work Out Jar

First Trimester

Bluenose 5k Recap (9 – 10 Weeks Pregnant)

Pregnancy, Running and Blogging

Sole Sister 5k Recap (13 – 14 Weeks Pregnant)

First Trimester Recap

Second Trimester

What I Ate Wednesday (19 Weeks Pregnant Fitness Goals)

Getting that “buzz” from your workouts

Fitness Pregnancy Resources (I use)  *Republished on New Brunswick Doctor Directory August 10th 2012

Things I am loving at 23 weeks pregnant

Struggles of Pregnancy Weight Gain

Workouts for the Week – 25 weeks Pregnant

Prenatal Yoga Strength – 10 Minutes 26 weeks

Workouts for Sept 9th – 15th & another Smoothie

What I Ate Wednesday (during pregnancy)

Second Trimester Recap !

Third Trimester

Pregnancy: 30 week Update

Pregnancy: Cutting back on Exercise

Mother’s To Be Parking Spots

Pregnancy: 32 Weeks

Guessing Game: Is it a Boy or Girl?

Pregnancy: 34 Weeks Already!

When to go Off work ?

Third Trimester Pilates Workout

Pregnancy: 36 Weeks

Pregnancy:  37 Weeks

Life Goes By Fast

Pregnancy: 38 Weeks

Oh Baby!


8 thoughts on “Pregnancy #2

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