MRW Half Marathon Training Week #3 Recap

Giddy up, Week #3 of half marathon training is done! It’s been a great week with a few struggles here and there. What’s MRW again? Maritime Race Weekend; takes place in Cow Bay, Nova Scotia, CANADA; Sept 11th & 12th. Yes, this is a double race (a.k.a. Tartan Twosome) 5k and Half Marathon distances for me.

You can get all caught up on week 1, week 2 or what training plan I am following, in case you missed those.

What was Planned v.s. What Really Happened!

Monday July 6thRest DayRest Day/PT Exercises and a little Sangria drinking with the hubs!

Tuesday5k5k morning run before 7am – I’m really loving these early morning runs so far!

Wednesday 7k7k Treadmill Run. I started the day off with Physiotherapy which meant I had more cupping done. When I started my run, my whole hamstring/IT band was sore but I managed to shake it off 😉

7k treadmill run

7k treadmill run

Thursday 5k5k “Runch”. It started off awesome but heat really got to me after climbing a few hills, I had to slow my pace down a lot.

july 9th run

Friday – Rest DayCross Train: Unwind Yoga Class! I woke up Friday morning and saw that a local yoga studio was having an “unwind yoga” class so I thought that would feel really good. It was also my birthday so I figured why not treat myself.


You know your friends know you well when they send you these on FB for your birthday:



11693967_10153084003019611_2633665424355970165_n (3)

Saturday – 10k Long RunRest Day. Traveled to Halifax (1h), attended a baby shower for my SIL, then a BBQ with the family. My arms hurt from yoga. I took that as a sign to rest 😉

Sunday – Cross Train10k Run (my arms still hurt). I managed a good 10k training run while visiting my family on Sunday. I got up early and started running around 7:15. All the little and BIG hills got me but I managed to recover well from them all….eventually 😉

It’s been about 9-10 months since I’ve run 10 kilometres!!!! That’s right folks! This was a BIG run for me and my hamstring did great. I’m feeling stronger and almost like my old running self minus the speed. The speed will come later on – I hope!


Week 3 Total KM: 27 km

Total training to date: 73 km


  • Morning runs before everyone else is up/before work
  • Running outside more
  • Physiotherapy session
  • Last minute Yoga class

Overall: I really enjoyed my week of running. Super glad I had an awesome physio session and confirmed I want to start doing yoga more regularly.

What I am looking forward to this week: More running outside and trying to figure out how to do my long run since Sai will be away. Think I can get a babysitter for 6:30 – 7am for an hour and a bit ???

Ever get a babysitter for an early morning run?

What’s your favourite cross training activity to do?

How was your weekend?

A Sub 60 – 10K Run

I finally did it. I ran a sub 60 – 10k!!!!

Saturday I was scheduled to run 11k for my 10k training program for the Bluenose Marathon (10k) I’m running on May 18th in Halifax, Nova Scotia. My husband was home but on a course so I couldn’t run it during the day.

The girls and I had an awesome play date in the morning with friends: picnic lunch, played at a playground – just a great morning all around. We got home, Hilary went down for a nap, Lilly went in her room for “quiet time” and I laid down on my bed. My body was completely exhausted and at this point I didn’t think my long run was even going to happen. Zzzzzz……….

17 months old!!!!

17 months old!!!!

My husband got home, we had dinner, played with the girls and got them to bed. Then I got my running gear on (no pictures, sorry).  I wore my new purple PRO Compression socks, new Asics, Capri running pants….I know, I looked hot, a purple short-sleeved running shirt {“I Run This Town” – Bluenose shirt from 2011} and a long-sleeved running shirt. ALL purple…my new favourite colour besides these:

And, in with the NEW!

And, in with the NEW!

I was a little worried I’d be too warm but it was perfect. Perfect temperatures outside, the sun was setting and I was running on a busy road against traffic. I got to see a stream I didn’t know existed, it wasn’t that bad running on the main road, the moon was stunning, had numerous cars honk at me {hello back}. I ran at a constant steady pace with my breathing under control and my legs feeling great the whole time. Well, 99% of the time.

Around 8k, I increase my speed a little and at 9k I saw I was at 53 minutes and some odd seconds so I pushed it knowing I would finish the last km on this dang hill that gets me at the end of every run. I thought about changing my route so I could avoid the hill but then thought, “no, do the hill – you will thank yourself after the Bluenose”.

So, I did the hill as best I could and died just short of the top but kept walking – this was not graceful. Once at the top I pushed the last .30/km as I knew I was going to get a 10k PB. In 2002, I ran a 10k in 1:02:07 on Canada Day. It’s been my goal for 2 years (pregnancy/postpartum included) to get a sub 60 – 10k.

I finally did it!

My sub 60 - 10k !

My sub 60 – 10k !

{5:49, 5:52, 6:06, 6:03, 5:46, 6:06, 6:04, 6:02, 5:39, 5:56, 6:30 = 1:05:58 in 11k}

Needless to say, I was happy and as soon as it read 10k, I stopped and took a few deep breaths and then continued to run my last km of the 11k training run.

I finished last week with 31km and had a total of 101km for the month of April! The Around The World Running Blog Relay 2014 has finished and we’re just waiting to hear how far we have collectively run around the world!

PS – my finger is JUST starting to heal from last week’s injury and “The Beast” (treadmill) is still waiting for it’s lube.

How long did it take you to reach a running goal?

When was your last *awesome* run?

Ever feel like you are over-dressed for a run but then realize your not?


Please note:

Taking my Running to a New Level

I’ve been thinking about this for a long time now…months even. My running is about to change.

I’ve been running since I was a kid; mainly on the soccer field, then on the roads to train for competitive soccer (distance, fartlek etc) and then I moved into just running for fun. I started to actually like running so much that I decided to train for a 10k race – my first ever race in 2005.

Since then I’ve done numerous 5k’s, a few 10k’s and one 1/2 Marathon which I loved! I ran during both pregnancies but more during number 2. While pregnant with baby #2, I craved running even though I spent 95% of my pregnancy feeling beyond ill. I even managed to run two races; you can read about them here and here. Shortly after those races I had some major pain in my pelvis and got taped for a few days by my Physiotherapist and then had to wear this awesome brace most days.

Don't be jealous

Don’t be jealous

Even with the brace I had to call it quits and only walk, do yoga or a prenatal DVD that I loved … and no longer need. Over the course of the summer months all I wanted and needed was to go for a good run. I just needed that rush, that feeling of sweat running down my face and accomplishment of having a great workout.  It just wasn’t going to happen while pregnant and it took me 8 weeks to come to terms with that.

Fast forward to today, I have a 3-year-old and a 9 month old and am able to get out for occasional runs by myself and with baby H in her jogging stroller. But, I am ready to take my running to a new level – no not competitive running or racing in Marathons – that’s just not for me and I’m cool with that.

I want to start focusing on my runs; good runs, bad runs, in the rain, sun and yes the cold snowy weather we will see in about 4 months; coincidently when I start back to work full-time. I want to track my runs, push my distance, train again. I want to get a personal best of:

  • 5k – under 29:18 minutes
  • 10k – under 60 minutes (or under 62 minutes)
  • 1/2 Marathon – under 2:33:56 (I am very proud of this time)

So I bought this while on our mini-vacation last weekend in PEI:

My Green Garmin

My Green Garmin

It’s been on my wish list for over a year and I figured it was time to just buy it and get going. I’m going to track my running and see where it’s going to take me. Hopefully to a new level…a new level of accomplishment, sweat dripping off my face and my two girls (and my husband) cheering me on.

Happy Running!

When did you decided to start tracking your running or work outs?

Did you buy any fun/fancy gadgets ?

What’s are your running goals?

National Running Day June 6th 2012

Are you Running today?

Today is National Running Day.

So go get your running shoes on (dig them out of the closet if you have to).

Lace ’em up.

And get outside for a run.

Why do you run?

I run…..

  • to be healthy for my family
  • to be active
  • to escape from life
  • to be fit
  • to accomplish a goal
  • for myself

Tell me why you run?