I DID IT! 30 Day Plank Challenge DONE!!!!

YEAH! I managed to actually start AND finish a 30 day challenge! Of course, it started of fairly easy and grew harder over the weeks. Right now, I’m just happy to say it’s completed!

30 days of planking from 1 minute to three minutes and yes, that is a face-plant post plank in there 🙂

That's A LOT of planking!

That’s A LOT of planking!

Learning’s from planking for 30 days:

  • Don’t plank on carpet every day – your elbows will hate you.
  • Go bare foot – you get a better grip and avoid slipping around.
  • Face planting post plank is completely acceptable.
  • You are stronger than you think you are.
  • My triceps hurt the most.
  • Plank when you are on your own! Having little kids around always made it harder. Though they cheered me on and even attempted to plank, it wasn’t fun trying to keep them off me.
  • When you husband (or significant other) tells you your bum is too high, you correct yourself. Not only do you correct yourself, you get pissed off at them for telling you which only makes you want to hold the plank longer.
  • You can surprise yourself!


I managed a nice 6k runch today even though my training plan only called for 5k. It was really warm and muggy but I was having a great run. The sky was overcast, with the sun poking out every so often. It was perfect.


Tomorrow is Canada Day! Happy Canada Day to all those crazy canucks out there tomorrow! Hope you have nothing but sunshine, good food and create great memories with friends and family! We are starting off the day with some strawberry picking and some other adventures later on the in day!

Anyone complete a 30 day challenge this month?

Are you celebrating Canada Day? What are you doing?

Happy Canada Day!

Sun Salutation 30 Day Challenge

Okay, I’m 99.9% terrible at doing monthly challenges. Each and everyone I start I usually stop. I’m hoping this one I can get through more than half when I usually stop!

30 Day Sun Salutation by Jodi Higgs 

30 Day Sun Salutation Challenge

Please note: I did not create this workout but am sharing it on my blog. To find more of Jodi’s workouts go here –> Jodi Higgs 

Are you starting a 30 day challenge {fitness, food or other}?

What’s your favourite Challenge?


Countdown to Christmas Workout

You guess it, another month … another challenge to share. I’m not great with challenges. I start out with good intentions and then somehow get lost, then stop it all together. The last 30 day challenge I did was the Thigh Challenge and had to stop around Day 14 due to an injury.

The Fall into Fitness 30 Day Challenge is coming to an end next week…crazy, eh! It’s been 30 days of blogging about my workouts, my meal planning (since that was a goal of mine) and I might be sad to see it end. I’ve met some great bloggers which I’ll continue to follow, so that’s a bonus.

I did sign up for the #HollyJollyFitness Challenge for the month of December. The Challenge is: to work out 4 days a week and post on the page about it. Which brings me to the “Countdown to Christmas” workout by Jodi Higgs.

Countdown to Christmas by Jodi Higgs


Days 1, 7, 13 and 19 are Ab Days, with a cardio element thrown in between each exercise.

Days 2, 8, 14 and 20 are Arm Days, with some jumprope added in between.

Days 3, 9, 15 and 21 are Back Days, again adding some cardio between each set.

Days 4, 10, 16 and 22 are Thigh Days, with the skaters cardio exercise in between.

Days 5, 11, 17 and 23 involve simple squats, crunches and bicep curls, while

Days 6, 12, 18 and 24 promote some of the principles of the Eat Clean Challenge with a rest from the physical workout.

Again, I did not create this workout…just sharing and *trying* to challenge myself this December!

Do you like 30 Day Challenges?

Do you stick with the challenge or give up?

Anyone doing a challenge this month? Do share…. 🙂

Fall into Fitness 30 Day Challenge – Day 1 and Goals

November 3rd – Hilary is 11 months old today! (I’ll post about her later this week.)

And November 3rd is also Fall into Fitness 30 Day Challenge …. starts today! I talked about it yesterday and am here to report its well underway. I’m not normally good with challenges as I give up after a while mainly because I get bored or it’s TOO challenging. Isn’t that why it’s called a challenge…to push yourself and see what you can do?


Since the clocks went back an hour in Nova Scotia last night I put the girls to bed a little later but still had an extra hour of sleep so I thought I’d take advantage and get a workout  in to kick off my challenge. It’s been about a week since I did a good workout, mainly because I went to see the Osteopath last Tuesday and she told me to take a few days off.

My workout last night:

  • Focus T25 – Total Cardio Workout (25 minutes, 3 minute cool down)
  • Day 2 of the Thigh Challenge (5-8 minutes – guess I should time this for the challenge).

It was a good workout … okay, let’s be honest, it was hard towards the end and then I did the thigh workout. I was a little wobbly last night but this morning my legs are feeling strong – almost as if I want to go for a long LONG run. I don’t have soccer this Monday or Wednesday so I’m either working out once the girls to go sleep or running with H in the jogging stroller.

Fall into Fitness 30 Day Challenge:

The Challenge is to blog about your fitness, workouts, weight loss, recipes and your personal experience. So, I thought I would share my goal and reasons for participating in this challenge

My goal: To workout four times a week this month and lose a weight (no specific goal on the weight)

1. I want to increase my fitness level to help with my running goals for 2014.
2. I want to plan better meals for the whole week for my family, prepping for my return back to work from maternity leave.
And to meet / support the other bloggers in this challenge.
Hopefully all attainable in 30 days.

Did you clocks go back last night? 

Did you remember?

For those doing the 30 Day Thigh Challenge – how’s it going?