Workout: Thigh Challenge (30 days)

Can you believe tomorrow is November 1st ???? Where did this year go? Hilary is almost 11 months old which means I’m back to work in a month….I still can’t believe that she’s going to be one and 2014 is just around the corner.

Though I never stick to 30 day challenges and usually start them mid month…why? I don’t know. Maybe because I can’t wait for the month to end to ¬†actually start the challenge. That being said….I’m going to test myself this month on this thigh challenge created by Jodi Higgs (not me). < You can follow her on Facebook by clicking on this link > I’ve got some wicked thunder thighs and I’m cool with that…makes me a strong soccer player ūüôā

~For workout instructions – see the bottom of this blog post~


Remember, I am not a Personal Trainer, Doctor or Fitness Instructor. I am just sharing a workout on my blog that you might be interested in! Please consult a Personal Trainer, Doctor or Fitness Instructor before starting a new exercise/workout.

What’s your favourite 30 Day Challenge? (share the link if you have one)

What’s the WORST 30 Day Challenge you’ve ever done?

Do you actually stick to the whole 30 days or cop-out like me????

Instructions from Jodi Higg’s FB page, for the¬†four exercises are:

Lateral Lunges: 
The lateral lunge, or side lunge, is a variation of the classic exercise that involves stepping sideways instead of forward. Like the traditional version, the exercise targets the glutes and hamstring muscles, which extend your hips, and the quadriceps, which extend your knees. Additionally, the lateral lunge works your inner-thigh muscles, which contract to pull your legs together when they’re spread apart.

You have the option of adding handweights to this exercise for extra challenge. Be sure to watch the video for correct form:

Plie Squat Pulses
These may also be called a Sumo Squat. I like the idea of the pulses, rather than a full squat once in a while. Go down as low as you can into the squat to start and then pulse or bounce up and down. Count the pulses. You definitely feel the burn when you’re pulsing.

This exercise targets the inner and outer thighs, the hamstrings, the quads and the glutes. and, if you try them on your tippy toes, they’ll target the calves too!¬†Feel free to hold a handweight at your heart center to add further challenge.¬†I’ve included two videos because neither were perfect for what I was looking for (maybe together they will be..): and

There are a number of different variations of scissor exercises out there. I’ve chosen this one to focus on improving our hip flexibility as well as working the muscles of the outer and inner thighs. This exercise isolates and works the lower abdominals.

Keep your hands down at your butt to make it easier; straight out at your sides to make it a bit harder. You can also play around with the height of your legs…higher up will be easier; lower to the ground will challenge your abdominals more.
and the video to watch:

Fire Hydrants
This awkward but fun exercise targets the muscles of our buttocks, hips and outer thighs, and works to build muscle, tone, improve flexibility, and increase motion in the hips.¬†*and….GET THIS!!!…. this exercise is used to decrease the cellulite situated on your buttocks and the back portion of your thighs.¬†If you want added challenge and variety, add a donkey kick out to the side with each leg raise.¬†Watch the video to make sure you have the right form:¬†

Again, these are her words not mine…I’m just sharing. Happy thigh workout!