Fall Eats & Treats for Thanksgiving Dinner

With Thanksgiving coming up this weekend, all I can think about (besides pacing the 10k) is all the yummy food we’ll be eating. Turkey, ham, sour cream potatoes, sweet potato bake, veggies galore and special family recipes that we *hope* the person brings to meal.

My aunt always makes these amazing chocolate coconut {Queen Anne Squares} that are to die for – I’m holding out that she’s making this. I’m on the sweet potato bake (mashed potatoes with peanut butter and maple syrup on top) and of course a few vegan treats!

Last night instead of running *gasp*, don’t worry I went to a great yoga class at lunch time ūüôā Last night I did a little baking…muffins, cookies and pie crusts for the weekend.

Since we went apple picking last weekend we have a bag full of apples to use up: apple pie, apple crisp and I might even make some apple muffins this week too! Since Sa√Į is a vegan, I do all my baking vegan so he can enjoy it. Okay, that’s a lie, I do 90% of my baking vegan.

Some of what I made last night and still to come…..

Vegan Apple Pie


Pumpkin Muffins


Pumpkin Pie (maybe)


I’m not sure if I’ll get to the pumpkin pie but I’m pretty sure I’ll be hungry {or should I say “rungry”} after my 10k on Sunday. I’m a few days and a 1 hour drive with the girls and Sa√Į away from Thanksgiving dinner!

What’s your favourite part of Thanksgiving dinner?

What’s your favourite part of fall?

Do you make a secret family recipe to bring to your family dinner?


Fall Bucket List

I’m a big fan of writing¬†to-do lists¬†especially when it comes to workout out (I’m a planner). I’ve blog about it before here, it helps keep me focused and working on my goals.¬† Recently, while reading Bess Be Fit’s blog, I came across her post on Festively Fall Printables. I came across a Bucket List that Loves of Life¬†shared on her blog.

I decided to take on a fall challenge because working, having a toddler, being married, oh and in my third trimester – I figured I needed to add something else on my plate ūüôā

I though it would be a fun way to capture the next few months before baby arrives and blog about each item on the bucket list. We tend to do most of these things but now I’ll be more accountable to trying to get them all done before the snow falls baby arrives.

To get the Printable version Рplease go Loves of Life link here:  Fall Bucket List from Loves of Life:

This weekend we were planning on apple picking but it’s calling for rain Sat and Sun.

¬†Look’s like i’ll be adding “puddle jumping” to our buckets list.


Do you have a Fall Bucket List?

What’s your favourite fall activity?

Want to participate in a Fall Bucket List Challenge?

Go to Loves of Life and print off her Fall Bucket List

Let me know your taking on the challenge by leaving me a comment below.

Anyone can do this; bloggers/readers.

Optional: Feel free to contact me with your “list” of completed items, a few pictures and a description¬†ask to what you did, where etc.

I¬†can then post your experiences as a guest post if you’d like!