Virtual 5k Run and #ATWRBR2014

About a month ago I signed up to participate in a virtual run – my first virtual run to be exact. It was a fundraiser for Team in Training and was called “Keep Calm and Run On”. I wanted to do a run in April but wasn’t sure what I could commit to with my husband away, our girls and other life moments. So, I figured a virtual run was a win-win!

The organizer is a part of the TTP group that I ran with last weekend and they managed to meet Saturday morning and run it together! I was hoping to drive in to the city and fit it in but the stars did not line up for me. Oh well, that’s why we have a treadmill.

I had a great run Friday at lunch, even got a new PB so I was hoping my run on Saturday would be a good one. It wasn’t. Whomp, whomp! I ran once the girls were in bed around 7:40 and it was slow going. I just didn’t have the drive in me and my only motivation was that I signed up to run the 5k. After I finished the run I was happy to have done it but would have much rather run with the group. I can honestly say I don’t even know what time I finished it in as I turned the treadmill off once I took a photo of the kilometers.

Keep Calm and Run On Virtual 5k Race

I was happy to have run, happy to have donate to a good cause and thankful that I am able to run.

Last week I ran a total of 29 kilometers for Around The World Running Blogger Relay Challenge 2014. You can read how far the group as run over the last five weeks at Early Bird Fitness.

Around The World Running blog Relay 2014

Today is the start of Sneak It In with ParticipACTION !!!! How are you going to sneak physical activity into your day? Don’t forget to tweet about it using #sneakitin. I’m planning to run at lunch today…going to sneak it in at lunch time 🙂

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Do you try to sneak a workout in throughout the day?

What’s the easiest way to sneak physical activity into your daily routine?

Anyone walk, roll, bike, run or paddle to work?