Sh*t, Reality Set In Yesterday


I go back to work in a week. I’m totally cool with that…I’ve had a fantastic year on maternity leave with Hilary. We’ve had our ups and downs but kept going and now here we sit…well, actually, she’s sleeping and I’m standing at the computer right now. But that’s not the point. I dropped into work today to sign some papers, find out about next week’s meetings, get my keys and to try to remember my work passwords etc.

stressed out at work

I left the office and came home and just felt like crap…I may have shed a tear or two. Not because I don’t like my work. Not because I’m not ready to leave Hilary at day care with BIG sister Lilly. But because I had a moment of “What am I getting myself into” AND “Can I really do this job again”?


I feel under-qualified for the job.

I feel like the job is way beyond me.

I feel like I have no idea what I was getting into.

In reality, I’ve held the job for 5 years (minus 2 mat. leaves) and feel that I’ve done a good job in the past. I’ve never been told I’m doing something terribly wrong or that I’m not up to speed on current physical activity data.

After being off work for the last year, I’m not up to speed on current data and who know’s, I’ll probably make a few mistakes when I return. Just checking my email is a task in itself. I couldn’t even remember my username or password today. Thank God the tech support I talked to was super awesome and loved to talk about his 15 month old grandson….he made me happy.

I am slightly sad that I won’t get to spend ALL my time with my girl(s).

I am nervous about trying to get out the door, drop the girls off and to work on time.

I’m not looking forward to getting my girls on a new routine and the meltdowns that lie ahead of us.


My head space right now is what are we eating this week, when did Hilary nap, is the laundry clean in the washing machine, when is Lilly’s next play date, walk Maclean, is the fire still going and when did I workout last?

It’s not in work mode.

I know I’ll get there in the end. I know I’ll start absorbing the current data. I know I have a lot to learn (again). And I know it will all come back to me eventually.

But man, Shi*t hit really the fan yesterday.

Bye Bye Mat. Leave….You’ve been good to us.



Monkey Update: Hilary is 11 Months Old!

Good god, how did we get here? Hilary is 11 months old and counting. Time just goes by way too fast when you have little ones. I’m feeling pretty blessed to have had this year off (and whole year off when Lilly was born) but now reality is setting in and I head back to work in less than a month from now.


Hilary Elise – 11 months old!


  • Books!
  • Loves being outside.
  • More interested in Maclean and wants to play with all the time.
  • Crawling after her big sister.
  • Home made cinnamon oatmeal – can’t get enough of it.
  • Bouncing in her crib.
  • Dancing to any music.
  • Playing with noisy toys.
  • Climbing ON and IN everything.
  • When Daddy comes home – she clapped the last time he came home.
Hilary 10 to 11 months old

A climber like her father 🙂


  • Pasta – guess it’s just a texture thing.
  • Playing in her playpen while Mommy get’s ready.
  • Being held by her sister.
  • Mittens (and we are just at the start of our cold season).
Hilary 10 to 11 months old #3

Miss Personality.

New Happenings:

  • Had her first Halloween!!!
  • 2 more teeth (7 in total)
  • Crawling around extremely fast on one knee and one foot, like a crab!
  • She will copy words now and say: woof woof, app -lll (apple), haa – t (hot), hoo hoo (owl).
  • Went back to two naps a day, thanks to Daddy!
  • Laughing if you do something funny, likes to make funny faces.
Hilary 10 to 11 months old #2

First time with new (to Hilary) toy.

If you’ve recently joined the blog (thank you). You can see her other updates by checking them out here:

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Next Monkey Update will be her 12 month update and birthday!

Happy November!

Meal Planning {Fall into Fitness Challenge}

I’ve never really meal planned before. I’ve talked about it here when I was 9-10 weeks pregnant with Hilary. Word to the wise…..never talk about meal planning when you are pregnant. Why? Because you just want to eat everything or something VERY specific. I’ve never gone back to the idea of meal planning until now.

Since I am returning to work in a month I wanted to get a head start on some easy meals; slow cooker, family favourites and to try some new recipes. I also want to eat what’s in our freezer and get it 50% cleaned out before I try to fill it up again.

meal planning fall into fitness week 1

{What’s in my freezer: lots of veggies, fruit, MANY ice packs, various types of bread, ice cream (not mine), baby food, burgers, chicken, frozen pizza (well, we ate that last night), soup, chicken parmesan and a few other random things.}

I started the Fall into Fitness 30 Day Challenge yesterday and “meal planning” is one of my reasons for doing the challenge. Reason #2: I want to plan better meals for the whole week for my family, prepping for my return back to work from maternity leave.

Now that I have put that on the blog I kinda have to follow through with it…at least, that’s how I feel. This is what we are planning to eat this week:

Week 1 of Meal Planning Nov 4th to 10th (our 6th anniversary):

Monday: Russian Chicken with Basmati Rice (Chicken is out of the freezer and ingredients on the counter top ready to go)

Tuesday: Jalapeno Burgers and Spinach salad / Grilled Cheese for Lilly, as I know she will NOT go near the “hot” burgers. 

Wednesday: Chicken Parmesan (already made by a family member) with pasta.

Thursday: Fish, sweet potatoes and some other veggies.

Friday: Breakfast for dinner! Either cinnamon french toast (from scratch) or eggs/toast and fruit.

Saturday: Left overs OR if my Sai is home – out for dinner since it’s our anniversary on Sunday.

Sunday: Chicken a-la-King (Chicken with cream of mushroom/chicken soup, poultry spices on a pastry bun, basmati rice).

Sunday – Vegan option – Curry in a Hurry. If my husband is home that’s what he is having….just a head’s up for ya hunny 😉


Making meals for my family isn’t always easy or fun. My husband is vegan; we have a toddler that is just starting to branch out and baby that’s dipping (literally) her hands into almost everything we put in front of her. Recently I wrote about what a meal can look like in our house, you can read more about it here.

I am thinking half the battle of meal planning is just choosing what your actually going to have … ahead of time.

If I can pull this off even for one week I’m thinking that’s pretty successful.

Wish me luck.

Do you meal plan?

Do you make extra and freeze it for one of those days when you don’t want to cook?

What’s your favourite meal to make?



One Month to Go!

It’s hard to believe that not only do I have an 11 month old (tomorrow) and an almost 3.5 year old but I can’t believe that I go back to work in one month from today. December 2nd I will be lacing up...oh, I mean dressing up; dropping both girls off at the sitters and working 9-5 again (well, 8:30-4:30). The good news is that I love my job so that makes it easy to return.

What do I do? Well, to Lilly my job is to run! God love her…if only!  On a more serious note, I am a Regional Physical Activity Coordinator in Nova Scotia. I work with groups to get people of all ages more active; schools, district health authorities, recreation departments and various other groups. It’s a pretty good awesome gig 🙂

December is going to be a little crazy in this house especially with Sai away for work. I figured why not change-up November and do not one but TWO challenges! Yeah, I’m Crazy!  The good thing is that the first challenge ( 30 Day Thigh Challenge ) complements the second challenge of “Fall into Fitness” with Katy from Happiness Through Health. Her challenge starts tomorrow, Nov 3rd. I’ll share the challenge, my goal and reasons in another post 🙂


So, I’m hoping there will a few more fitness, workout and recipe posts on this blog over the next month….and I get out running a little more. I was hoping to run another 5k race this fall but it’s not looking like I can pull that together. However, no one ever said you can PR when training…right!

Are you doing a November Challenge? If so, which one?

Anyone finishing off  your 2013 goals or resolutions from 10-11 months ago?

Have you started to think about 2014 goals/resolutions?

Love at First Sight (or Sound)

Last night was your typical night for us. I picked up Lilly from day care, the girls played while I got dinner ready, we ate, I bathed the girls and put them to bed. Lilly helped me make our treat bags for Halloween by counting out the candies and putting them in the bag. She didn’t even ask to have one! Towards the end she got really generous with the candies….lucky treat-or-treaters 🙂

Halloween making treat bags

Late last night when the girls were asleep and I was trying to fall asleep and my husband arrived home around midnight. I heard the sound of his car backing in our driveway. Then our main door opened and I could barely hear his footsteps coming up the stairs. In between hearing his car and the door open I had butterflies in my stomach.

Oh, Love does funny things!

Hilary had woken about 10 minutes before this and was now sleeping beside me or so I thought. As Sai came into the bedroom I heard a thump, thump, thump. It was Maclean’s tail hitting the floor, she was happy Sai was home. When he climbed in bed Hilary instantly woke up and clapped her hands because Daddy was home.

Oh, Love does funny things!

We got Hilary back in her bed around 1:15 am and Lilly got up at 3:30 am to pee. She still didn’t know Sai was home and I managed to get her back in her room without noticing Daddy in bed!!!

Just after 7 this morning Lilly came in our room asking to go pee again and still didn’t notice Daddy yet! While in the bathroom I asked if she could climb in my bed and keep my side warm. When she got to the bed she laughed and was so excited to see her Daddy!

Oh, Love does funny things!

A sound or the sight of someone you love can sure make you feel great! Even for a dog!

Do you get excited when your loved one comes home?

How do your children react when their mom/dad comes home after being away for a while?

Do you think animals can love a human?

How to Survive Halloween with a Toddler and Baby

Halloween can be lots of fun for children of all ages and parents too. However, Halloween can also be scary for young children and a stressful time for some parents. Making sure you have the right costume, what treats to hand out, deciding who is going to take the kids trick-or-treating and who will stay home can make for a not-so-fun night for everyone.  Here are a few tips on surviving Halloween with small children:

How to Survive Halloween with a Toddler and a Baby

1. Prepare costume 1-2 days ahead. Test out your child’s costume a few days (or weeks) before to make sure it fits and they are comfortable in it. The last thing you need is a melt down about the costume. We have two costumes just in case its super cold outside or too warm at a house party.

2. Parents leave work early. If you can leave work and pick up your children early, do so. Even an extra 30-60 minutes can make the rest of your evening a little smoother. If you boss won’t allow you to leave, see if they will let you work an extra hour the day before or use up overtime hours to leave early.

3. Easy family dinner. Have your families’ favourite meal on Halloween. Whether it’s pizza, home-made mac n’ cheese, soup and sandwiches or something else. If it’s easy to make hopefully everyone will eat it and not fill up on too much candy later in the evening.

4. Dress up too but keep it simple….you’ve got a toddler and baby to focus on.

5. Talk about the night the day before and at breakfast. Remind them they will get dressed up, go outside to their neighbour’s houses, get candy (and say Thank you!), then return home.

6. Skip the bath! Again, just keep the night simple and don’t worry if you miss the bath for one night. A “wash cloth” bath can get them through one night just fine.

7. Set expectations around their candy. They may want to eat it all and that’s up to you if they can. Make sure you don’t eat too much of their candy.

8. Bring a “treat” to your child’s favourite neighbour. They won’t be expecting to receive anything and it gives your toddler a chance to surprise them!

9. Shut down for the night. You can either turn all your lights out and hope no one rings your door bell or leave a bowl of candy outside for late trick-or-treaters. This can avoid waking your little ones when they finally get to sleep.

10. Share your fun! Email, Facebook and Tweet to your family and friends fun pictures of your little ones! They are only little once.

Happy Halloween!

What are your “tricks” to a successful Halloween night with young children?

Don’t tell Mom…

…Or Lilly, but I’ve taken over the blog this morning! Shhhhh!!!

Mom wasn’t looking so I thought I’d tell MY story on here. People think babies just sleep all day … zzzzzzzzz….. oh sorry, I fell asleep writing this. But really, they think we sleep all day.

We. Don’t.

This is what I was up to the other day…..

After my morning nap I need to wake up a little by stretching my legs with a little walk and then some crawl around. I happened to find Lilly’s shoes, so I played with them…I mean, if a girls going to leave her shoes in the hallway it’s fair game. Then I put them away for her. I’m such a GOOD little sister.

What I do all day 1

Next I play with Lilly’s toys…SO.MUCH.FUN!!!!

BUT don’t tell her.

What I do all day 2

Then I get into all kinds of trouble….well, that’s what Mom would say.

I do laundry.

Read my books.

Do laps in the hallway.

Then it’s lunch.

What I do all day 3

After lunch I thought it would be nice to take Maclean for a walk….but she just wasn’t interested.

Who doesn’t want to go for an afternoon walk?

What I do all day 4

Then I got L-A-Z-Y.  I thought it would be fun to just lay on the ground for no reason and make no sounds….it kind of freaked mom out!

And I lost my shoe….


After I got lazy I decided my afternoon nap wasn’t necessary. Jokes on you Mommy, xoxo

Some how I convinced Mommy to take me AND Maclean for a run. I KNOW! Awesome, eh! Man, I got Mommy wrapped around my little finger. I think she loves me…she’s always kissing me, making me laugh and takes me running WITH her.

What I do all day 5

Zzzzzzzzzz,…… Oh sorry, I fell asleep again. That’s how I spend most of my days….at least for the next month or so. Then Mommy’s going back to this place called “work”. I don’t know what it is but Mommy seems to like it and she told me that I get to play with all kinds of new toys at the sitter’s house with Lilly. The verdict is still out on that one 😉

Well, now that my day is done we have to go pick up Lilly. I just hope I put all her toy’s away in the right spot.

xo Hilary

PS – Don’t tell Mommy on me 🙂

Do you play with your sister’s/brother’s toys when they are not home?

Do you do all the laundry and clean up after everyone like me?