Week 3 Half Training MRW

I finished week 3 of half marathon training for Maritime Race Weekend (MRW) with a smile on my face but it started off not great and wasn’t sure it was going to turn around. Luckily it did!

Last week (Mon-Fri) could go down as one of those “bad” weeks of training. It was a week of ups and downs, missed workouts, feeling rushed and exhausted and just counting the days until the weekend. It was a week of learning that I can’t win them all but when I do, it feels so good!

What was Planned vs What Really Happened:

Monday: Stretch & Strengthen Day | Nothing. To be honest, I had a horrible day. So many things went wrong and it just felt like a gong show at work/home. After a crap-shoot day, I coached Under 6 soccer. We got home from that and trying to get Hilary to bed turned into hanging out eating a bunch of snacks (watermelon, cheese, apples and blueberries) while I made lunch for the next day. I ran out of time to do any type of workout however, my day turned around when Lilly and Saï got home from her soccer. It was also my birthday so we celebrate with some cake (late night to bed for the girls #1).

Tuesday: 5k | Walking. I was on the road for work and wasn’t able to get in a run before we left at 7:30. I did managed to get in a 40 minute walk later that evening as part of our meeting/walking to dinner on a trail – which was nice!

Wednesday: 5K | 5k. After an extremely late night, I woke up early and got out for a run. The first kilometre I’m pretty sure I wasn’t awake but the being about to look out into the ocean while you run kinda wakes you up. It was great to get it in. I also coached U 6 soccer that evening – late night to bed for the girls #2.


Thursday: 5k + strengthen | Nothing. Okay, I didn’t do nothing. I walked my dog for 20 minutes first thing in the morning which was actually really peaceful. I worked all day then picked up the girls in different locations. We had a picnic dinner at my work and then went to Lilly’s soccer game! Not done yet….when we got home, I cleaned up the girls, gave them a snack and tried to get them to bed – this took us until 8:30/9pm – late night #3.

During this painful extended bedtime, I did a load of laundry, folded two loads, made half a lunch for Lilly, got all the garbage ready for garbage day, took the dog out in the yard twice. Oh yeah, we got a dog two weeks ago. It was 9pm and I’m pretty sure the girls just feel asleep. I was beyond exhausted but wanted to work out. Instead, I crashed on the couch where my dog just wanted me to pet him (Doggy blog post to come).

Friday: Rest Day | Rest Day. I brought all my gear to run at lunch but ended up not running. At least I was prepared, right!!!

Saturday: 5k Race | 11k Long Run. Oh this run was just what I needed! It was so great! I got up at 5:30 and was out the door just after 6am by myself. It was an out and back kinda of run.


As the sun started to rise and hit my face on a very cool morning (12C or 53F), I trekked along, one km, two km, three km, four. Sidewalks, cross walks, pavement and crusher dust/gravel. I started off around 6:40/km and then 6:30/km and managed to work my way down to 6:24/km and 6:20/km, I even managed 6:18/km. IT. WAS. GREAT!  I haven’t felt that good after a long run in probably a year.

We then spent the day at Lilly’s soccer tournament where they lost two games and tied one! She had a blast and Hilary did too playing on the playground.


Sunday: Run | Soccer Game (aka speed work). Sunday night I had a soccer game after a busy day with the girls. We won 3-1. Though the girls didn’t come to my soccer game, it was late night #4 of going to bed!

Weekly mileage: 16k + a soccer game.

Though my week started off rough and I missed some workouts, I’m happy with what I could accomplish with my training. You can’t win the all but you can at least try, right?!?!

We are skipping our girls soccer tonight as they are so exhausted. Between late nights at soccer, long days outside and extremely hot weather both girls are done! Poor Hilary isn’t handling the heat well so we’ve got to get her back on track. Sometimes you just have to miss out on a night of soccer practices (both girls) to regroup for the rest of the week.

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What’s your number 1 summer tip for staying healthy?

Anyone else have a roller coaster week?

Anyone race/train this weekend?

Weekend Shenanigans

July just seems to have snuck up on me after a busy June (busy at work, busy for Lilly at school, both girls starting soccer, half marathon training and the race and the loss of our dog etc. etc.). I love July as it brings super warm temperatures, we get outside a helluva lot more, I get a little order and usually lots of soccer.

As I mentioned before I wasn’t planning on playing soccer this summer as I didn’t think my hamstring was ready for it, turns out my hamstring is good to go but my SI joint is still giving me a problem. I’ve been back in physiotherapy for a few weeks and my SI joint still hates when I sit!

This weekend we had a lot of rain – some MUCH needed rain. It’s been so hot here (yeah) but we desperately needed the rain for our farmers etc. It got cold over the last 4-5 days, enough to need pants and a sweater but I’m totally fine with that as we’re about to get back to super hot summer days this coming week.


This weekend (Saturday) I played in a soccer tournament, we won our first game and lost our second (lost on Sunday too) but it was great to be on the field again. I finally feel like I’m getting my feet out there again and playing at a level that I want to be playing at. It was also fun because the girls and Sai came to watch both games.

IMG_20160709_133550 (1)

Sunday was my birthday and I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to do a long run after two games of soccer but the night before, I got my gear ready just in case. For some reason I woke up at 5:30 and figured that if I went back to sleep my 6am alarm clock would have been turned off and on permanent snooze. So, I got up at 5:45 and was out the door around 6:30.

I have a loose training plan that I’m working from and will share soon but figured 10k would be a decent amount for a birthday run and post two games of soccer run.


Good lord that run was hard. I felt like a slug. I looked like a bad 80’s party in neon sludging down the highway! However, it was also great! 10k done before breakfast. After my run we went out to Cora’s for breakfast. The only photo I took was this one of Sai and the girls….though you can’t seem them well, I love it. They were doing a craft Lilly got for her birthday.



My brother, sister-in-law and niece Ava came for lunch which was a great last minute surprize! I didn’t take any other photos, so I have nothing to share but let me tell you I’m still as sharp as a whistle as Ava almost did a face plant from the chair to the ground after a little miss-communication with my daughter who was holding her. Have you ever had that feeling of “holy shit, I almost dropped my niece face first on the floor” or the look of death on your face when you look at your bother and SIL – I felt ill. I don’t know who was more freaked out but I’m super glad I caught her.

Since it was raining buckets outside we just stayed in and hung out for a bit before we skyped with Sai’s Mom (she’s in England). We had a great weekend as a family. No photo’s of the cakes (yes, I had two). I did however, get a new helmet for biking so I don’t have to wear my old granny helmet 🙂

Old helmet


How was your weekend?

Sunny weekend or rainy weekend for you?

Anyone race/run???

Happy 3rd Birthday Little One!

First off, thanks for all the comments on yesterday’s post about my niece Ava, it’s greatly appreciated. On to some happy news:

Three years ago my husband and I would bring another little girl into the world. She was due Dec 12th but like her sister wanted to come a little early.

She gave us trouble from the start with the birth lasting about 13 hours compared to her sister’s birth which was quicker then you’d want to birth a baby; under 4 hours.

Sai Lilly and hilary

She’s our little badass!

She’s confident, know’s what she wants or doesn’t want and there is no changing her mind…unless chocolate is involved…she is my daughter after all.

Hilary's 3rd birthday

She’s funny. She’s serious. She’s cautious. She is shy. She loves pig tales, the outdoors and anything Frozen. She is kind and she’s happy. She is also winy and wants to do whatever her big sister is doing.

She’s three!

My goodness dear child, you’ve brought so much joy {and tears} into our lives and I can’t wait to see where you go, what you do and who you become. I look forward to ALL the adventures you take us on.

Happy 3rd Birthday sweet Hilary.

xo Mommy

PS – if you didn’t read yesterday’s post check it out here as my family could use your support today. #milesforAvaMaeG

MRW Half Marathon Training Week #3 Recap

Giddy up, Week #3 of half marathon training is done! It’s been a great week with a few struggles here and there. What’s MRW again? Maritime Race Weekend; takes place in Cow Bay, Nova Scotia, CANADA; Sept 11th & 12th. Yes, this is a double race (a.k.a. Tartan Twosome) 5k and Half Marathon distances for me.

You can get all caught up on week 1, week 2 or what training plan I am following, in case you missed those.

What was Planned v.s. What Really Happened!

Monday July 6thRest DayRest Day/PT Exercises and a little Sangria drinking with the hubs!

Tuesday5k5k morning run before 7am – I’m really loving these early morning runs so far!

Wednesday 7k7k Treadmill Run. I started the day off with Physiotherapy which meant I had more cupping done. When I started my run, my whole hamstring/IT band was sore but I managed to shake it off 😉

7k treadmill run

7k treadmill run

Thursday 5k5k “Runch”. It started off awesome but heat really got to me after climbing a few hills, I had to slow my pace down a lot.

july 9th run

Friday – Rest DayCross Train: Unwind Yoga Class! I woke up Friday morning and saw that a local yoga studio was having an “unwind yoga” class so I thought that would feel really good. It was also my birthday so I figured why not treat myself.


You know your friends know you well when they send you these on FB for your birthday:



11693967_10153084003019611_2633665424355970165_n (3)

Saturday – 10k Long RunRest Day. Traveled to Halifax (1h), attended a baby shower for my SIL, then a BBQ with the family. My arms hurt from yoga. I took that as a sign to rest 😉

Sunday – Cross Train10k Run (my arms still hurt). I managed a good 10k training run while visiting my family on Sunday. I got up early and started running around 7:15. All the little and BIG hills got me but I managed to recover well from them all….eventually 😉

It’s been about 9-10 months since I’ve run 10 kilometres!!!! That’s right folks! This was a BIG run for me and my hamstring did great. I’m feeling stronger and almost like my old running self minus the speed. The speed will come later on – I hope!


Week 3 Total KM: 27 km

Total training to date: 73 km


  • Morning runs before everyone else is up/before work
  • Running outside more
  • Physiotherapy session
  • Last minute Yoga class

Overall: I really enjoyed my week of running. Super glad I had an awesome physio session and confirmed I want to start doing yoga more regularly.

What I am looking forward to this week: More running outside and trying to figure out how to do my long run since Sai will be away. Think I can get a babysitter for 6:30 – 7am for an hour and a bit ???

Ever get a babysitter for an early morning run?

What’s your favourite cross training activity to do?

How was your weekend?