Umm Hello! Is this thing on?

Knock, knock….Hello! Is anyone there? 

I’m still here…kinda running, kinda not. Playing soccer. Busy with my kids in basketball and swimming, bike riding with my girls (crazy cold) oh and working full time. I’m not going to lie, I’m on the running-struggle-bus these last few weeks. I’ve done the odd run here and there but haven’t found my grove post half marathon…..Oct 14th (a month ago). 

Maybe my body (and mind) needed the break? Maybe I just wanted to be lazy for a while? Maybe I just want to watch TV at the end of the day once my kids are in bed and the cozy wood stove is blasting out the heat! Maybe life is just so busy that I just want to relax a bit more – hence watching TV. It certainly isn’t because I’m sleeping in or don’t have the support to be running/active.

I’ve run a few early morning run and by early I’m talking out the door before 6 am. Sometimes it’s 5:59 sometimes it’s earlier. It doesn’t really matter what time I run as I still love that post run feeling once I get home. Energized and ready for the day! My girls are just getting up and I usually have 15-20 minutes before my husband leaves for work.

I had a fun-ish trial run on Sunday nearby my house. It was only going to be a 5k run but that turned into six when I realised my Garmin would have me finishing just around the 5.7 km mark when I hit home so I kept running. Sadly, my Garmin died on me! Only because it wasn’t charged, not literally died (that surely would have resulted in an immediate blog post. “Garmin dies while runners finishes trail run”.

It was cold, muddy, windy and part of the trail was covered in horse shit…yeah, fresh stuff too! It was clearly a run that you had to really watch your footing and not because of the roots or trees…but the squishy stuff.

Along with the limited running, I’m clearly blogging yes and reading blogs less. Is this a trend? Maybe, maybe not. I still like blogging and reading blogs, so much so that I’ve renewed this blog for another year! I mean, it’s kinda fun writing about running, my struggles and successes with running, and being a mother runner. On top of that WordPress has rolled out a new format of “blocks” which I’m struggling to figure out as I write this post. (Let’s hope when I hit publish, it all works out right). 

Though I’m not running much, I am getting out to soccer once a week and getting ready to get my bike on it’s indoor trainer. Indoor soccer season has started and goes until April!!! I’ve mentioned this before on my blog but soccer is my favourite sport. I can just get lost out on the field and not think about anything but that moment. It’s kinda my mind-full time vs running. Running can be a mind-full practice but it can also give me a time to think about everything and nothing all at once.  Maybe that’s why I’m missing my “scheduled” runs – to get back that routine of mind-full times. 

As I sit here and wrap up this post, I had no clue that I would end it with talking about mindfulness. I think that’s what I like most about blogging or my blog in particular. I can start writing one thing and then it takes on a completely different approach by the end. 

Are you an avid blog reader?

What’s your best way to motivate yourself to run (or workout)?

Since I’m not always blogging, you can follow me over on Instagram for my struggles with running 🙂

Do you use running or another sport/activity as mindfulness?

August Runfessions

Happy last Friday of August! This month went by SO fast – did it for you?

We’ll I’m just going to jump right into my August runfessions since I haven’t blogged in a while. My first runfession is that I didn’t plan on writing a blog post today, whoops. I’m on vacation and the last thing I wanted to do was sit on my computer and write. Which brings me to runfession #2.

I runfess that I signed up for another race this morning (hence being on my computer). I registered for the Berwick Gala Days 5 miler! It’s only a 10 minute drive from my house and a great local community event. I ran it last year and really enjoyed it.

Evening trail run

evening trail run

runfess I desperately wanted to sign up for a triathlon late September called Keji Multisport. A good friend/co worker of mine is behind it all and I thought it would be a great event to dip my toes into doing a triathlon. Sadly, I just can’t pull it off between home stuff, other races, logistics of getting there and the BIG problem that I have a strong dislike for swimming in the deep lake water. Okay, maybe not a dislike but it brings me some anxiety that makes me panic. So, I didn’t sign up #sadface  Maybe another year.

runfess that I have three races on this fall…well summer/fall since summer doesn’t technically end until Sept 21st. A 5 miler (8k) this weekend, 10k on Sept 15th at Maritime Race Weekend and my half marathon on October 14th in Prince Edward Island.

runfess that I’m most excited about running the half marathon with my husband. We’ll, we likely won’t run together very long as he is faster but we’ll start the race together AND have a weekend away on our own!

I runfess that I haven’t been biking much this month but got in a great bike commute to and from work last week. It was super hot on my way home but so beautiful and my workout was done for the day!

bike commute.jpg

I runfess that I have no clue where this blog is going and I’m totally fine with it. When it first started I was excited to see the numbers of viewers etc, then had a REALLY awesome year with some high stats which was fun and now I just don’t have the time to put into it like I did. Having said that, I’m not quite ready to give it up but will likely just blog when I can. 

Ahhhh, that feels good to get those runfessions out!

What are you runfessing this month?

Did summer zoom by for you?

What’s one thing you’re trying to do before the end of summer?

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Final Goals of 2016 Wrap-Up

Yup, I’m far behind in wrapping up stuff for 2016 and no, I don’t have my goals fully set for 2017 but I’m working on it.


Last year I had a number of goals I wanted to achieve over twelve months. Some I did and some I fell short on and some didn’t even make the cut. C’est la vie!  I’m not going to get too caught up in what I did or didn’t do, or dwell on it. It’s time to move on, set new goals and accomplish new things.

My 2016 goals were:

Active Lifestyle:

  • Skate on the Oval: Nope – move to 2017.
  • Cross train more:
    • Do more yoga – Yes and continue.
    • Cycle (outdoors and indoors) – Outdoors yes, indoors not yet.
    • Strength training and PT exercises – Okay for the first six months then it kinda went south.
  • Running:
    • Run three new races: I ran two new-to-me races: Johnny Miles Half Marathon and Heart of the Valley 5k.
    • Improve my times in 5k, 10k and Half Marathon distances – Nope. 😦
    • Be a pace bunny again.  Sadly I was too injured. This was disappointing.
    • Represent Team Nuun  – Yup, I think so.
    • Avoid injuries!  Ba ha ha ha! Wishful thinking! A nice ankle injury mid August.


  • Ski and skating this winter – We did good at skiing but not skating.
  • More time together, less time apart. Yup!
  • Take a vacation with just my husband. Nope…no vacation. 😦
  • Go camping and paddle this summer together. Nope. We did camp in our backyard which was fun but not a a campsite.


  • Blog three times / week. – I started off pretty good then kinda slowed down.
  • Take a blogging course. Did this last January.
  • Limit evening social media.  Started off the year good but then it went out the door.


  • Volunteer more.  A little bit – coached soccer for both of my daughters.
  • Be a better Mom. I tried but can’t say I nailed this one.
  • Take a pottery class. Nope….still on my list to do some day.
  • Go to bed earlier. I started off doing really good with getting to sleep earlier but that too went out the door fast.

There you have it! A pretty simple post for my 2016 goals. I don’t feel I need to reflect on these in depth but didn’t want to leave ya hangin’ 😉  As I mentioned, I’m still working on my 2017 goals but hope to have that done soon to share with you!

Did you set and achieve your 2016 goals? 

What’s one thing you didn’t do in 2016 that you want to do in 2017?

Have you set any goals for 2017? (Or still working on them like me?) 

December Goals

It’s the last month of 2016, whoop, whoop! Looking back at the last eleven months, I’ve taken some time to review the goals I’ve set {and reset}. Some I accomplished, some I’m still working on and some are pretty much out the door.


This past year I was challenged with a few injuries, some that sidelined me from running but I kept going anyway with cycling and yoga. I’ll recap more later this month but I wanted to share a few goals for December.


Our girls are both at a busy age, though I’m sure every age can be busy. Since last February when my husband started working in Nova Scotia and not travelling to PEI, we’ve got to spend way more time together. Even more so in the last few months with a regular shift-work schedule.

Our weekends are jammed packed but always rewarding. I’m looking forward to some time off over the holidays to just be with my family, get outside hopefully in the snow and be active together….thinks skiing and snow shoeing.

Running & Workouts

Bet you guess that one was coming 🙂 My goal is to run over 57 km this month. I’m also hoping to run as much outside as I can which can be tricky when your husband works shift work. I do like going for “runches” and try to get out for a run with my runny buddy Krystol once a week.

I’ll be going to yoga and barre classes as much as my work schedules allows me to. I also have a handful of soccer games this month, so does my husband! Oh and I just registered for Maritime Race Weekend next September. I’m confident 2017 will be the year I finally get to run that half marathon course.


I renewed my blog, so you’ve got me for another year. Actually, I’ve had a number of new followers to the blog…so welcome and thanks for following along. If you ever want me to write about something specific to running, let me know. It’s always fun when someone asks you to write about something specific and I get to connect with your readers.


Plain and simple: I need more sleep! Young children equal little sleep but so does staying up too late! So, I’m going to try hard to get more sleep in December!

Though I didn’t get through all of my yearly goals that I set out back in January, I did accomplished a lot. Now it’s time to determine what goals I want to accomplish in 2017, write them down and make it happen!

Are you thinking about 2017 goals?

Do you do New Year Resolutions?

Anything you want to accomplish in December that’s on your current goal list?


Run, Barre, Yoga and Pumpkins

That pretty much sums up life in the last week. It seems as if running is taking a back seat lately as I just don’t have the interest/drive/motivation to do it.

What’s been going on?

Last week I tried Barre for the first time and had a blast! I had lots of aches and pains in muscles that I didn’t know existed. I even went back this Monday! I’m trying to get back into weekly yoga but missed it yesterday because I was just too busy and needed my lunch hour to get stuff done. That just made me more grumpy which really, no one needs to be grumpy.

Blogging Confession

Honestly, I’ve barely signed in to WordPress all week to write, read or comment on other blogs. This might be the longest I’ve gone without writing a post. Right now, I just seem to have no desire to write and contemplating wrapping up the blog in December. Don’t worry, since I’m grumpy I’m not making any decisions but I’m sure trying to figure why I blog and if I’ll keep it going.

Should we go right or left?


Running, My Ankle & Soccer

I’ve gone on two 9k runs in the last 2 weeks and that’s it. They were a week apart but so different even though I ran the same route. My first run, I loved and seemed to just want to keep running and the second run was horrible from start to finish. Can’t win ’em all!


My ankle is getting better. Both long runs started off with no pain or stiffness so that’s a big win! I’m still in physio which seems to be working. I’m also back to playing indoor soccer each week and loving it!


Yes, I was THAT Mom last week who dragged her kids to her 7 o’clock soccer game which resulted in an a 1.5 hour delayed bed time! I made dinner the day before so that would it be quick and easy and lined up a sitter lined up but it fell through last minute. Luckily another Mom has a teenager coming who loves kids! She took care of the girls while I played. Have you ever been half dressed for work and half for a run/workout? I tend to make dinner and get half ready for soccer: work blouse and soccer shorts for the win! After the game it was home to settle the girls down for bed time.


We went a last minute pumpkin picking with my brother’s family on the weekend. Sunshine, a rainbow, cold winds and then a downpour of rain. It was the fastest pumpkin picking I’ve ever done!


Though pumpkin picking was so quick due to the weather it was completely unplanned and so great to see my brother, his wife Jen and my niece Ava. Best part of our weekend for sure!

Pumpkin everything or ex-pumpkin lover?

What have you been up to?

Bloggers – how long have you been blogging ? When is it time to stop?



2016 Goals

It’s taken me a while to decided on what my 2016 goals will be and this seems to be a theme each year. Though I usually start thinking about them come November and commit to them before Jan 1st, I don’t blog about it until a few days into the new year.


2016 Goals

Active Lifestyle:

  • Skate on the Oval
  • Cross train more:
    • Do more yoga 
    • Cycle (outdoors and indoors)
    • Strength training and PT exercises (still)
  • Running:
    • Run three new races (any distance)
    • Improve my times in 5k, 10k and Half Marathon distances
    • Be a pace bunny again.
    • Represent Team Nuun at events
    • Avoid injuries!


  • Ski and skating this winter.
  • More time together, less time apart.
  • Take a vacation with just my husband.
  • Go camping and paddle this summer together.


  • Blog three times / week.
  • Take a blogging course.
  • Limit evening social media.


  • Volunteer more.
  • Be a better Mom.
  • Take a pottery class.
  • Go to bed earlier.

After writing this I felt like it was more of a “list” of things I want to do in 2016 vs goals but I’m happy with my list. I’m keeping it simple.

What are some of your 2016 goals/resolutions/things you want to do?

What’s one thing you don’t want to do this year?



2015 Goals Recap

Well 2015 didn’t go as planned. I had great hopes and as each month passed I still thought I could reach all my goals. It was around April when I think I finally came to terms with the fact that my hamstring injury was not going to let me move forward with most – okay, all of my running goals.

It’s one thing to be injured but it’s another thing to be injured and doing all the right things, treatment wise. The biggest lesson I learned is to trust yourself. Seek treatment right away, even if you think it’s just like any old injury you’ve had before…and I’ve had many pulled muscles playing soccer.

The other thing I learned that took 4 months of physiotherapy is to seek out GOOD treatment. If your current medical professionals are not helping, go somewhere else. Once I switched to a sport physiotherapist (who worked on athletes at a University) vs a newbie (2nd year as a PT), I saw great changes. Don’t get me wrong, my first PT was good, friendly and I felt like I could totally hang out with her but she wasn’t moving me forward. Lesson learned.

2015 Goals

2015 running goals IG pic PR

I had a number of goals last year  but again just couldn’t physically meet them.


Run 5k by the 5th of each month of February to May Challenge. Let’s be honest – I hobbled through each of these “runs”. Most were on the treadmill but I did managed to increase my speed from February to May.

Run a sub 25 minute 5 k (currently 27:06). Didn’t happen. I did managed a few sub 30 minute 5k’s during my training runs later in the year. Speed wasn’t a focus in 2015. I did run one 5k run and it was a Santa run without any clocks – just for fun.

Run a sub 52 minute 10 k (currently 55:58). Nope. All my 10k training runs were just over the 60 minute mark. However, I did rock pacing the 1:10 – 10k finish time in 1:09:59 which I am super proud of. Pacing wasn’t a goal of mine in 2015 but it sure will be in 2016!

Run a sub 2 hour Half Marathon (currently 2:05:10). Nope! I barely ran my 3rd half marathon. I finished the PEI Half Marathon in 2:13:30 and I can honestly say I’m super proud of that finish time. It wasn’t a race about getting a PB but more of enjoying a new course in another Province and finishing the race uninjured.

Run a FULL Marathon. I had big hopes and dreams for this distance. Originally I had a spring Marathon picked out and then put that off until the fall only to have to drop down to the half marathon distance. This is one goal that didn’t happen and it took a long time to get over that – ask my husband or running buddy and they can tell you how disappointed I was. It’s not on my list for 2016.

Total mileage for the year: 1250 kilometers. I felt this was a reasonable goal since I ran over 1000 in 2014, little did I know that I would struggle until June to get my mileage up. I ran 844 km last year and have to admit, I’m very proud of that number. It’s far from my goal but reminds me how determined I am at remaining active and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Other goals:

  • Yoga 3x week. This started off good but I stopped as my hamstring couldn’t handle it. I did pick it up again in the fall and managed to achieve crow pose, birds of paradise and even tried my first inversion (headstand against a wall).
  • Cross train more. This was okay, I’d give myself a B-.
  • Stretch more after running / working out. Yup. Even though this was a goal of mine, it took running my 3rd half marathon to realise I need to take care of myself post race right away and not wait to watch your friends finish. I was in pain for a week with my hamstring.
  • Take a pottery class. Nope and disappointed I didn’t do this.
  • Take a photography class/course. Nope, but it’s been on my list for years.


  • Date nights / lunches with my husband. A-
  • More patience with my girls. C+
  • Play outside *all year round*. B+
  • Family adventures together. A


  • Post 3-4 times a week. Completed. 
  • Share blog on my personal FB page more. Not really. I only shared it when  the post was about my family (Dad’s heart attack and Ava’s surgery). I’m pretty sure I didn’t even share 1 running related post. I guess I don’t want to bombard my Facebook friends with my blog page. Weird, eh!
  • Continue to write for Thinking Outside The Sandbox – FamilyCompleted.

That’s it! Those were my 2015 goals and I feel like I’m not the only one to say a happy farewell to 2015 and welcome all the new adventures and opportunities that 2016 will bring. I’m still trying to decided my 2016 goals – can’t seem to bring myself to make any decisions!

This is a late post I know but I’ve been down and out with a nasty head cold and it’s going through our whole family.

Do you set goals each year? OR resolutions?

How did your 2015 goals go?

What’s your biggest 2016 goal? Looking for some motivation 🙂

Happy 2016!