A few favourite 30 Day Challenges {Workouts}

I’ve tried so many 30 day challenges and failed at 99% of them, seriously! Oh, and I’m extremely fine with not completing the challenge but more happy that I started them and got as far as I did. I thought I’d share a few of my favourites since it’s NOVEMBER 1st !!!! When did that happen!

Plank Challenge (Loved this one)

plank 30 Day challenge

This is the one challenge I’m doing this month, only because I love it and I want to see if I can continue after the 3 minute plans. Time will tell.

Cardio Challenge

Jodi Higgs 30 Day Cardio Challenge

Sun Salutation Challenge (I liked this one)

30 Day Sun Salutation Challenge

Posture Challenge

30 Day Posture Challenge Jodi Higgs

Are you go at sticking to 30 day challenges?

What’s your favourite challenge you’ve participated in?

What’s the worst one you’ve done?

Please note – I did not create any of these challenges but either found them on Pinterest and tired them myself. I’m not a fitness instructor or Doctor. You should check with your Doctor, fitness instructor or fitness professional when starting these activities. 

Half Marathon Training Done – Now What?

Just like that my half marathon training came to an end – a good end I will say. After starting back in June, yes June, I finally managed to get the distance in without any major injury during my run. After finishing my half is a different story but I’m working on strengthening my hamstring/glutes once again.

Now what? What does one do when they finish their training, complete the race (or not), having nothing left on the agenda? Well, you set other goals. You plan for the next *thing* and you relax a little 😉 You rejoice in 12-18 weeks of hard work, sore muscles and tears.

I don’t have any “races” booked for the upcoming months (2015) and  only recently starting to think about 2016 races I want to do….that list is long but I will narrow it down. I also have a different list of goals I want to achieve next year. Yes, I’m already thinking about 2016 goals, new year resolutions, challenges etc. And that’s a good thing because it means I’m not going to stop running or trying to get stronger. I’ll spare you the details of my goals until next year though 🙂

In December there is a local 5k Santa shuffle (for lack of better word) that I’d like to do however, my husband is away that day so I need to figure out child care and then get my girls to their indoor soccer practices. That is still a month and a bit away so no rush on that one.

261 fearless oct 26

What now?

Well, I need to work on getting my hamstring better. Better? Yes, it’s still not 100%. The PEI half marathon took the good out of my leg as it was sore for close to five days post run. THAT was upsetting because I had had numerous long runs without difficulty.  I think it was because of two things 1 – the last 5k was rolling HILLS and 2 – I didn’t stretch like I normally did after my other long runs. #mistake Most of my long runs did not end with 5k of massive rolling hills and you need strong glutes and hammy’s for those hills.

So for now, I’ll run when I can, attend lunch time yoga when my schedule permits, hit up GoodLife Fitness here and there and work at making my glutes and hamstrings stronger. I’ll be honest, I don’t wish to relive the pain of 2015, the months of frustration and the multiple forms of treatment to feel normal again. I’m not even sure I’ll feel normal again but am hopeful.

I’ve put indoor soccer on the back burner which is huge for me. I desperately love playing soccer and may have had too much fun playing keep-a-way with Hilary at the Parent-n-Tot program last Sunday. I felt in my element on the turf with the soccer ball, running around.

Do you have any more races lined up for the rest of 2015?

Have you started to think about 2016?

What are you looking forward to the most over the upcoming months?

HARD Run = Happiness.

When I got up yesterday (Thursday), my plan was to run that evening since I had taken a few nights off to sleep. Yeah, I went to be super early twice this week – like 7:30 pm and 9 pm as I was completely exhausted. So when I woke up yesterday, I set out my running gear on my bed and went about my day.

I had an awesome work day co-facilitating a workshop at a local camp. We were outside, doing games, learning, sharing…really just a great day with great people. Then we had to get through dinner and I took Lilly to get her hair cut while Sai and Hilary made a birthday card for Lilly (she’s turning 5 on Sunday – Woah!).

Once I returned home my energy for running was gone. We put the girls to bed and went about our night. After saying that I had really wanted to run my husband said to me {at 8:23pm} “Go now and get your gear on, do it”. So I did!


I was outside by 8:30 and ready to go. i had to start off slow and figured I could run between 3 and 5 km…really, I wanted to hit 5k but wasn’t going to be upset if I couldn’t do it. As you may have read the other day, 5k’s are HARD for me right now 😉

Wow, that first kilometers was mostly up hill, what was I thinking? Actually, I was thinking I’d just run my normal loop! After the first kilometer I was breathing pretty hard and my legs felt weird! Eventually, I realised that this run was not going to get EASY and the struggle was real.

I struggled up the second long inclined street but tried to control my breathing. Around 2.75km, I big bug flew into my left eye, ouch! That took a few seconds to get out and deal with but I kept running. Finally, I was on a straight stretch of the road and it was flat. Though my legs felt like a baby fawn after it’s been born – super wobbly, uncontrollable and awkward, I kept running.


I kept running for some reason.  I kept running and had a smile on my face the WHOLE time! I was loving it! I truly was loving this struggle of a run!

As I got close to home I noticed my time and figured I could get a sub 30 minute 5k so I pushed it and managed just over 30:03. For a run that was 100% a struggle for me, it was perfect! It was JUST what I needed.



I needed to be reminded that running is fun.

I needed to be reminded that running is hard before it gets easy again.

I needed to remember how much I loved running.

I needed to remember that being outside with others during my workday is awesome.

I needed to be thankful for a husband who pushes me out the door when I’m not quiet feeling it.


Post Run {blurry) Happy :)

Post Run {blurry) Happy 🙂

Have a great weekend. 

Cheers, Piper 🙂

Another challenge: 30 Days of Cardio

Another month is ending and we get to ring in July starting with Canada Day! (At least for us Canadians).  I’ve shared Jodi Higgs 30 Day Abs Challenge and 30 Day Arms Challenge, so I thought I would share her next challenge.

30 Day Cardio Challenge.

You can follow/subscribe to follow her on Facebook here for tips and motivation.

Jodi Higgs 30 Day Cardio Challenge

Jodi Higgs 30 Day Cardio Challenge

Jumping Jacks, Mountain Climbers, Jump Rope and Skaters!

Please note: I did not create any of these workouts but am sharing them on this blog. Piper’s Run is about trying to balance it all and for me working out at home is how I balance my family, work and staying/getting in shape. You may want to consult a certified fitness trainer and/or Doctor before taking on a new physical activity/challenge. 

Are you up for this one?

Start this on July 1st – Canada Day!

Canada Flag