Spring Running


Thought I’d pop in to say hi! Blogging has become non-essential….ha ha, I mean non-existent for me this year which means I’m moving closed to closing down the blog. Covid has us in another lockdown for the last 3-4 weeks. I don’t know how long exactly as I just don’t care to count anymore how long since we’ve been able to travel within our Province, see our families or gather in groups outside of our household. This extrovert is DONE with the lockdown!

I haven’t been running much but trying to stay active. Without looking, I run maybe 2-3 times a week. The weather is starting to get nice here and apple blossoms are out in full force. We’ve been biking with our girls most evenings which has been fun.

When I have been running, it’s been early mornings…. 6am ish and I’m loving it. My subdivision is so quiet at that time of day, just shift workers heading to their job or coming home. There is this older couple I see as well, we always chat when we pass each other- sometimes 2-3 times during my run and their walks.

I convinced my daughters last weekend to bike while I ran and we all had fun. I’d catch up to them and want a walking break and they’d take off saying “good job mama”.

I did get my covid shot 3 weeks ago and happy I did as my husband, being a paramedic is exposed to it. I got the AZ shot which our Province stopped giving out just over a week after I had it. I then had a week of “did I do the right thing?” and freaked out a few times. And yes, yes I did do the right thing for me and my family. I did have a rough few days post shot with chills, body aches, headaches and an increase of fatigue but it went away after a few days (5) and LOTS of hydration. I’ve been tested about 4 times, all negative and will likely continue to be tested weekly or bi-weekly cause you never know, right!

Spring running has been slow going but I’m more focused on just getting out the door, getting in a run, taking a break from bring at home …. cause I’m working full time from home while our girls are “learning” from home for school. They’ll be home until the end of the school year (June 30th-ish) and then summer break starts. I genuinely miss having meetings in person and value that time with my colleagues. Speaking of which, I got a new (term) job and loving the change. Same type of work, same people, just different work.

I am planning to run as few virtual races this summer….maybe 10k and a half marathon. My fingers and toes are crossed for a fall in person race, likely another half marathon but we’ll see what happens. That’s really about it!

I post often on my Instagram account, (pipersrun), so as I wind down this blog over the coming months, you can follow me over there.

How’s your spring going?

Anyone else in lockdown just done with it all? (But completely respect the decisions around it)? Me.

Are you racing in person yet?

That Long Morning Run Feeling

Not going to lie, when I signed up for my May half marathon I was pumped. That quickly turned into feeling not so pumped…sick, run down, and injured. Running was going nowhere and I kinda dreaded it.

After being in isolation for seven weeks now, I’m running more than I have in about 2 years! What changed? I don’t know, everything!

With spring races cancelled, that left little hope of my training. Working full time at home…day after day….with two school kids at home had me run down. So what did I do? I started running more. It started off as unplanned runs with my dog which later turned into a routine of morning runs. That lead to a few long runs on the weekend.

It’s been since October 2018 since I’ve done a long run and that was the PEI half marathon. A week ago, Nova Scotia had a major life changing event for 22 people and shook us all to our core. I was out running that morning but didn’t know anything until I returned (about 2 hours away from where we live). Nova Scotia was a sad place that day and since. So many wonderful people are hurting, it was a hard week to focus on anything.

I kept running. Oh and walking. Good lord, I signed up for a Strava Walking challenge of 15 hours in April. Why, I don’t know and I likely won’t do that again in May. I don’t love walking but my dog needs walks and my kids need to bike/scooter. I’m 11 hours into my walking challenge and unsure if I’ll meet the 15 hours on time. We’ll see.

This past weekend I had THE BEST long run in years! I stayed closed to home, brought some Nuun Endurnace (first time) and my Endurnace Tap (Male syrup) and hit the roads. Mostly subdivision running followed by a BIG hill to a dirt road then back to the subdivision and sidewalk running.

I felt really good, even on the BIG hill and all the other hills too. A few weeks ago, I would have given up and walked those hills and inclines but not this time. I’m getting stronger. I’m feeling good. I’m loving running again and it feels good.

Now, not every run is going to feel like that but I’ll take what I can get right now and embrace it. The days are stressful, busy, full, exhausting and something we are trying to embrace. I don’t have much down time for watching hours of Netflix’s. That just doesn’t even happen these days, if fact I barely watch TV anymore!

I’m missing seeing family, friends and colleagues in person. Zoom meetings just aren’t cutting it anymore. I’m loving seeing neighbours on our walks and our kids friends as we pass by their houses. Trying to embrace the little things lately and long runs are one of those!

What’s keeping you busy these days?

Morning, afternoon or evening runner?

What’s one thing you miss before Covid-19 hit?