Olympic Fever!

Yeah, I’m kind of excited for the Winter Olympics! Could you image being an Olympic athlete right now, in Sochi…walking the walk in the opening ceremonies, preparing mentally for their competitions and don’t forget they can be social while going to the bathroom! Have you seen the pictures? Does that strike you as odd?

Vancouver 2010 Olympic Mitts

Vancouver 2010 Olympic Mitts

We’re pretty pumped here for the Olympics to begin; we have had a countdown going on, watched two events yesterday in the boardroom and we are all wore RED in the office today! GO CANADA GO! 


Family Spirit:

In my house we’ll be cheering for Canada and Great Britain. Though my husband because a Canadian citizen just 2 months ago, I’m pretty sure he’ll still be cheering on GB. The true test will come when it’s CAN vs GB – who will he cheer for?

Office Spirit: We had a meeting this afternoon about the Canadian Sport for Life Conference that most of our office went to but not me 😦 Lots of red to eat, red to drink, wearing red and talking….sport! Works for me!

office spirit canada

Kids and Olympics:

This morning, I tried telling Lilly that the Olympics were starting today but she’s too little to remember watching the 2012 Summer Olympics. She LOVED watching the cycling and swimmers and often ask to watch both. When she was born and while we were in the hospital with her for a full week, we all got to watch the World Cup Soccer together (2010). She’s had a lot of sport watching behind her and hopefully a lot of sport playing ahead of her 😉

If you could participate in one Winter Olympic Sport, what would it be?

Are you watching the Opening Ceremonies today?

Do your children like to watch the Olympics?