Don’t tell Mom…

…Or Lilly, but I’ve taken over the blog this morning! Shhhhh!!!

Mom wasn’t looking so I thought I’d tell MY story on here. People think babies just sleep all day … zzzzzzzzz….. oh sorry, I fell asleep writing this. But really, they think we sleep all day.

We. Don’t.

This is what I was up to the other day…..

After my morning nap I need to wake up a little by stretching my legs with a little walk and then some crawl around. I happened to find Lilly’s shoes, so I played with them…I mean, if a girls going to leave her shoes in the hallway it’s fair game. Then I put them away for her. I’m such a GOOD little sister.

What I do all day 1

Next I play with Lilly’s toys…SO.MUCH.FUN!!!!

BUT don’t tell her.

What I do all day 2

Then I get into all kinds of trouble….well, that’s what Mom would say.

I do laundry.

Read my books.

Do laps in the hallway.

Then it’s lunch.

What I do all day 3

After lunch I thought it would be nice to take Maclean for a walk….but she just wasn’t interested.

Who doesn’t want to go for an afternoon walk?

What I do all day 4

Then I got L-A-Z-Y.  I thought it would be fun to just lay on the ground for no reason and make no sounds….it kind of freaked mom out!

And I lost my shoe….


After I got lazy I decided my afternoon nap wasn’t necessary. Jokes on you Mommy, xoxo

Some how I convinced Mommy to take me AND Maclean for a run. I KNOW! Awesome, eh! Man, I got Mommy wrapped around my little finger. I think she loves me…she’s always kissing me, making me laugh and takes me running WITH her.

What I do all day 5

Zzzzzzzzzz,…… Oh sorry, I fell asleep again. That’s how I spend most of my days….at least for the next month or so. Then Mommy’s going back to this place called “work”. I don’t know what it is but Mommy seems to like it and she told me that I get to play with all kinds of new toys at the sitter’s house with Lilly. The verdict is still out on that one 😉

Well, now that my day is done we have to go pick up Lilly. I just hope I put all her toy’s away in the right spot.

xo Hilary

PS – Don’t tell Mommy on me 🙂

Do you play with your sister’s/brother’s toys when they are not home?

Do you do all the laundry and clean up after everyone like me?

Weekend fun

We had another great family weekend. It started off with a sick dog 😦 Poor Maclean wasn’t feeling good so Lilly decided to read her a story to make her feel better. (Oh man, my heart just melted a little more for this girl).

lilly maclean

I ran the Miles for Miracles 5k with two friends Saturday night after the girls went to bed.

Miles for Miracles Run 2013

The blog got a little face lift….change is good.


We went out for breakfast as a family for the first time …. food was dropped, milk was spilled on the floor, we used our little Norwex cloths (thanks Jen) and we all left with full bellies.

cora's breakfast


What did you do this weekend?

Any good runs or workouts?

How often do you go out for a family meal ? And where do you go?

We’ve been busy!

I’ve been a little MIA over the last week and here is why:

We went away for the weekend and had to prepare for leaving: getting ahead start on the laundry, a little peek-a-boo in Hilary’s new sleeping bag and crawling around on one need and one foot.

before trip 2013


Our first stop was at the NEW Target in Halifax with the girls, Second Cup Hot Chocolate (it’s getting cold), and some new runners for me and my big girl! We both have races coming up!!! YUP, Lilly’s running her first run in a few weeks!

Target 2013

Then the lovely wedding of my friend Sarah.

wedding 2013




We got home from a busy weekend and brought our dog Maclean home. She’s been vacationing in Halifax at the G’parents house.

Then this happened:

Maclean Sept 2013

Poor Maclean has had this growth on her nose for a long time and it grew really fast over the last few months.

We booked her in at the vets and off came the sore.

She hates her cone and can’t figure out why it’s stuck on her head.

Day 2 today and she’s figuring it out and starting eating today.

Who knew when your dog goes in for surgery you worry so much.

What have you been up to?

Have you been to any weddings this fall?

Numbers for the day

What’s in a number?


Today, I have a lot of numbers going around in my head so I thought I would write about it.

32: Number of candles on my birthday cake (today)

31: Ended my last day of 31 with my daughter who was sick with a fever 😦

30: The age I was supposed to be when Lilly was born

29: The age I actually was, when Lilly was born *see #7

27: Got Married

26: Got Engaged

25: Met my future husband

24: Broken Crayons in our house

23: I bought my first car

22:Moved to Ontario by myself/finished University

21: Can’t come up with anything for 21.

20: transferred from Dalhousie to Acadia University

19: Was legal to drink!!!

18: I am now 18 weeks pregnant

17: Days until the Summer Olympics start! Go CANADA!

16: Half my age (yikes!)

15: Minute walks (x 2) on Monday downtown Halifax (was in town for a meeting)

14: Working days until I start 2 weeks of vacation

13: Friday the 13th this Month!!!!

12: Empty eggs in my egg carton

10: Minute walk during my lunch break today

9: Fruits and Veggies to eat today

8: Days until my friend Kelly’s 32nd birthday

7:10 (July 10th)

  • My due date for Lilly (born 6/14)
  • Also, my birthday!

5: Number of times I had to pee last night…..urgh pregnancy.

4: We will be a family of four in December!

3: Pieces of fruit I’ve eaten today: Grapes, Pear, Cran raisins – those count, right?

2: Pregnancy # 2

1: One furry fluff ball – our retired sled dog Maclean.