Thinking of you Ava

I don’t seem to have it in me to blog lately and I’ve started this post five times and deleted everything.

I had a great yoga class on Tuesday, my abs still hurt and I tried an inversion for the first time – fun!

Lilly had her first Christmas concert last night, that was fun too.

Today my niece Ava has her heart surgery first thing. If you have time, think of her, her parents, Paul & Jen and our family. She was supposed to have her surgery Dec 3rd but it got postponed last minute. In fact, she was at the hospital in her baby johnny shirt. I’m sad and scared and just hoping Paul and Jen get through the day and her surgery is a success.

Ava Mae

I try to stay positive on this blog but right now it’s hard until this today is over. So….I might run at lunch to shake off the sad stress or maybe just a walk in the fresh air by myself. I’d rather not be at work but with my family but it’s not possible.

I’ll be thinking of you Ava Mae.

Aunt Piper.

{You can read my last post about Ava Mae here}

Yoga & Miles for Ava Mae

Happy Hump Day! This is one of those week’s I’m happy to see Wednesday roll around as we have lots going on. Between traveling for work, Hilary turning 3, Saï turning 40 and a birthday party to plan for and prep – I’m happy it’s Wednesday.

Yesterday, I managed to get to my Vinyasa yoga class that I’m now addicted to. I’m able to get lost in the moment, similar to when I play soccer. That feeling of being completely in the moment is great!  At the beginning of class, our instructor said to think of your intentions for the class or someone that’s needs your attention. My first thought was Ava, my niece. So for the rest of the class, I practiced yoga for her.

Towards the end our instructor brought us back to our intentions and I started to cry. I have no idea where it came from but I had tears running down my face in shavasana. It was kind of weird but fitting as she was talking about being at peace and I completely felt at peace but my emotions just took over. I left feeling physically great but a little emotionally confused.

To get you up to speed, tomorrow is Hilary’s 3rd birthday but it’s also my sweet niece’s day to have heart surgery 😦 I’m thinking my body was reacting that way {tears} as it was feeling good {at peace} about what lies ahead on Thursday.

Ava Mae

Ava Mae

She’s only 4 months old and the happiest baby you’ve ever met. She’s got the biggest smile that just makes you want to smile and laugh. She has some amazing parents…I may be bias but my brother Paul and sister-in-law, Jen are awesome. She laughs and coo’s all the baby sounds that melt your heart. Lilly and Hilary are just mad about her, talk about her non-stop and when Hilary grows out of an item of clothing, she puts it aside for Ava. She also has down syndrome.

me and ava sept

Snuggles with baby Ava in September

So tomorrow, Ava will have open heart surgery and there’s nothing I can do but sit back in a morning full of meetings and think about Paul, Jen and Ava and try to concentrate on the meeting. Here’s where you come in…yes I’m asking something of you.

If you pray…pray for Ava, Paul and Jen.

If you run…run your miles for her #milesforAvaMaeG

If you think positive energies….send them to Ava Mae, Paul and Jen in Nova Scotia. They could use them.

Tomorrow’s a big day for our family and we could use a little help getting through the day…and weeks of recovery.



Piper 🙂