February Freeze

It’s a wee bit cold here in Nova Scotia but not unlikely temps for February. Yesterday was -17°C (1.4°F) but felt like -22°C ( -7.6°F) and we snowshoed in the morning and skied all afternoon.

Normally, the girls would have had school but it was day three of snow days. I don’t think it was necessary but apparently the roads where bad enough to cancel school three days in a row. Meh….we got around just fine in our car.

January was a busy month of a little running, lots of soccer, skiing and some skating and snowshoeing. Each year come January I tend to run less and take advantage of our winter weather and get outside with my family more. #notjustarunner

I logged 38.67km running, downhill skied 4 days, cross country skied 3 days, snowshoed once, played 5 soccer games, hiked once with Carmacks , and went skating twice.

February hasn’t seen as much activity but I’ve been walking my dog 2k Tuesday- Friday and sometimes on the weekend (my husband walks him other times)…..so at least I was moving. Not going to lie, if we didn’t have a dog I wouldn’t walk at all….not my favourite activity to choose to do. Unless I have our four legging friend, its work related (walking meetings) or family hiking, I’m not going for a walk.

I had a week where I planned to cycle but every night when the time came I just couldn’t do it. Exhaustion is real! Time to figure out a new evening plan cause my mornings are for hibernating or walking my dog. Funny how last summer and fall I was living for #5kat5am runs.

I really need to get my butt into running again as I’ve registered for a half marathon this spring and excited about that distance as it’s been two years since I’ve ran it.

As winter progresses, I’ll continue to ski, skate and snowshoe as our schedules permit and soccer games as I can make them. I need to find a good (for me) half marathon training plan and have always use Hal Higdon’s plans….but open to others as well.

What’s your favourite half marathon training plan?

Anyone else judging snow days?

What’s your favourite way to stay active in the winter?

Jan 15 – 21st Weekly Wrap Up

I’m behind the times with my blog post! We had such a busy weekend of attending a University basketball game, the girls basketball practice, birthday party for the girls, hitting the hill and more……that I ran out of time to blog on the weekend. So here is my weekly wrap up from last week!

January 15-21st

Monday: Indoor ride 20.43 km. Nice and easy ride.


Tuesday: Indoor ride: 24.47km – 60 minutes of riding.

I missed yoga as I had a sick kid with me at work. Strep throat hit both girls this week and it was horrible to see them in so much pain. Thankful for meds, that’s for sure!

Wednesday: Physio appointment/Rest Day.

Thursday: Indoor ride: 20.37km. My butt hates me but my legs are feeling stronger!


Friday: Rest day.

Saturday: Cross Country Skiing! I wanted to run but had 2 hours of kid free time and thought I’d hit up our local trail (Harvest Moon Trailway) for a little ski. I did 6k and it felt pretty good on my hip which got sore later on. I iced it and that helped. It’s been a few years since I’ve pulled out my cross country skis…hope to get on the again this winter!


Sunday: More winter fun….we went downhill skiing Sunday morning. It was super busy at Martock but that’s to be expected. The girls had a blast and asked when we could go again!!


I’ve yet to get in a run but have a few more days until my next physio appointment to get a run in. I’m loving cycling lately and seem to be racking up the mileage there! It helps that I can watch a show while I ride….or at least listen to a show while I peddle my legs.

Also, I still haven’t written a 2018 goals post. I have it drafted but changed it 10 times already. I’m wondering if I should even post about it at this point.

How was your week?

Anyone else get outside on the weekend?

Have you set your goals for this year…this late before?

I don’t always post on here but you can find me posting daily over at Instagram

 I’m linking up with Holly and Wendy for the Weekly Wrap.




Lack of Motivation: Building My Base Week 4 and 5

Motivation to run is probably at it’s lowest point in a long time. Not sure why but for some reason I’m somewhat okay with that.

Basically, I’m focusing on building my base because soon I’ll be training for a 10k in May (I think) and Half Marathon in June. I don’t want to go into training empty – you know what I mean? I want to have maintained my fitness so that when I start those training plans I’m not struggling like I have before. Mind you last year, I trained for what would have been my 3 & 4th half marathon with a major hamstring injury.

My hamstring still isn’t 100%! What, a year or more later and it’s not better?  Yes and No. You see, IF I don’t stretch properly after a run, I’m in a lot of pain so stretching is key for me. I need to get back into foam rolling regularly again too!

The first three weeks I shared my “building my base” in the same format I did with my training plans. Not this week. Since I’m catching you up on two weeks, I decided to keep it simple.

Week #4

  • Monday 8th: Yoga Class
  • Tuesday: 2k treadmill run, wasn’t feeling it.
  • Wednesday: Noth.ing
  • Thursday: Skipping & 5k treadmill run
  • Friday: Downhill Skiing for 2 hours by myself. (Vacation)
  • Saturday: Nothing.
  • Sunday: Skating with the family.

Week #5

  • Monday 15th: Skiing with the family. (Holiday)
  • Tuesday: Skiing with a friend. (Vacation)
  • Wednesday: Rest Day. Went to bed early, was exhausted.
  • Thursday: 5 minutes of skipping, 5k treadmill run, 50 squats
  • Friday: Rest Day. Just exhausted with life and wanted to go to bed early.
  • Saturday: Nothing. Unless shopping kid less for 3 hours counts? Seriously, my body was aching from running errands all afternoon.
  • Sunday: 7k treadmill run. Finally this was a great run, I felt great during the run and after. So nice to end the week with a GOOD run!

feb 21st run

If you missed the first three weeks you can catch up here: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3.

That’s it. I’m happy with being active in a variety of things but missing the consistency of running a lot. Really, it’s February and I can’t complain. I’ve logged more km running then last year already. I’ve been skiing three times, went to yoga twice so far and did a little skating with the family.

Though my motivation and interest in running is low….I’m still working hard at building my base…or should I say maintaining my base now.

How’s your month of February going?

Anyone else struggling like me?


Open Slopes

I just had a great morning to myself. I booked the day off work, made some plans and got up early with the girls.

Once I dropped them off at daycare/school, I headed to our local hill, Ski Martock. It’s fairly small and some might say it’s not a mountain but it sure has a lot of character, passion and great memories. It’s one of two hills I grew up skiing on.

I was all by myself. No friends. No family. Just me.  I arrived before the lift open and was on the hill at 9 am sharp with a handful of senior’s. Normally, I’d try to ski with my Dad but he already had plans to ski at the other hill with his friend.

ski feb 12 a

As I glided over the freshly groomed tracks, I quickly finished my run and got back on the chair lift. I had no commitments other then to ski by myself. Little did I know, I would run into 2 of my former high school teachers while in the lodge and on the chair lift. We caught up and skied together.

ski feb 12 anna

It felt so good to rip down the hill, carving my turns, feeling the burning in my thighs and the rush of the -10C (-18 with windchill) air on my cheeks as they occasionally peeked out from under my neck warmer. Oh, I love skiing.

It’s a long weekend here (Heritage/Family Day) on Monday so I took today and Tuesday off to enjoy some time to myself and get things done around the house.

Off to vacuum and clean bathrooms – fun 🙂 So glad I “played” first thing this morning or this cleaning bit would just suck 😉

Hope you all have a great weekend. 

Any plans?

We’re getting more snow..surprise!!! 


Building My Base {Week 1}

Last week I decided that I needed to start building my base again. You know, like properly running and cross training not just flying by the seat of my pants.

I’ve been going to yoga once a week and running when I feel like it but that’s not really going to get me where I want to be. I’m tired of running slow and want to get back to my old running pace (2014). I’m feeling like my hamstring and glutes are under control and getting stronger with the cross training that I’m doing.

Build My Base Week #1 Went Like This:

Monday 18th: Yoga Class {Vinyasa}. I learned how to do “Eight Angle Pose” and loved it! I can only do it on one side and the other side I can’t even get up. I’m really loving going to yoga class mid day as it stretches my sore muscles yet gets me energized for the afternoon and evening. My body feels so much better after going to yoga.

Tuesday: 5k treadmill run. As I jumped on the treadmill and turned it on, “lube belt” showed up on the screen. That means you can’t use the treadmill until you lube it with oil (or whatever it is). The last two times I did it, I failed miserably with it resulting in 3 – 5 days of not being able to use it.

I took a deep breath and may have said a few swear words as I thought my much needed run was going to go out the door. I loosened the belt, put the oil on, let it run for 3 minutes and then another three minutes of walking on it, then I started to run. NO BELT ISSUES this time…it was awesome!  Oh, and 30 jumping jacks.

Wednesday: Snowshoeing at lunch (30 minutes) by myself. It was a perfect day to be outside. The sun was shining and the air was crisp! I was motivated by Molly at Fresh Start for Molly when she said she was trying to get outside more this winter. I could have done nothing over my lunch hour and ran that evening on the treadmill but I wanted to be outside in the fresh air and sunshine. Snowshoeing won.

Thursday: 8k treadmill run. This was a great run. This is when I decided I needed to start focusing better on “building my base” for half marathon training.

Friday: Date night of downhill skiing! A last minute decision to go downhill skiing was made when my Dad came down for the night. Sai and I took off to the hill and managed a handful of runs before we got too cold and tired.

ski jan 22nd with sai

Saturday: Nothing! I was planning to run in the evening but my body was exhausted and I took a nap in the afternoon watching “Frozen” with the girls. I could barely function so I basically did nothing while my husband took care of dinner and bed time for the girls. Well, I didn’t do nothing, I did 15 minutes of light stretching to feel better.

Jan 24 run

Sunday: 30 push ups & 5k treadmill run. I wasn’t loving this run but was thankful to be able to do it while the girls slept. You may see “30 push ups or jumping jacks” randomly through the week – it’s part of a monthly challenge I’m doing. I don’t like push ups.

What I’m planning for this week:

  • Run three times
  • Yoga class
  • Snowshoe or cross country ski during lunch
  • PT exercises – yes I’m still doing those for my hamstring and glutes.
  • Maybe some other cross training: DVD workout at home.

How was your last week?

Are you building a base for upcoming training?

For those who got it by the storm, did you get to play in the snow at least?

Favourite Winter Activities {Friday Five Linkup}

Winter is one of my favourite times of the year! I do feel like I say that as each season approaches but winter has a special place in my heart.

{Update on my niece Ava: surgery was a success!!!!!}

I used to work outdoors {5 winters}; teaching cross-county skiing, snow shoeing, winter camping, ropes course – yes in the winter and more. You can probably guess my favourite winter activities by now. I’m joining Mar on the Run, Cynthia and Courtney on the {Friday Five Link Up}

Favourite Winter Activities

mar on the run

Friday Five Link Up

1. Downhill Skiing

I grew up downhill skiing and am pretty sure I was around the age of three when I started {same age as Hilary}. I spent a lot of time on the bunny hill before moving on to the big one. I even remember the first time I took the chair lift and cried the whole way to the top!

I would ski double back diamonds, moguls and sometimes through the trees. I’d go on every school trip and sometimes would skip my school to go skiing with my Dad’s school – best times ever! When I was a teenager I took my CANSI Level 1 to become a ski instructor but never ended up instructing.


Skiing with Lilly last year

Downhill skiing is as challenging as you want it to be. I love the fast pace, the freedom and zipping down the hill in control of course. I also love the fact that our daughters are getting into skiing now too!

2. Cross Country Skiing

I didn’t start cross-county skiing until I was in my 20’s, mainly because we were always downhill skiing or I was playing indoor soccer. When I first started working in the outdoor recreation field, I had to teach cross-country skiing even though I had never skied before!

Don’t worry, I was given proper training and managed to pick it up rather quickly. And……I loved it! This became my absolute favourite winter activity to do. I love that I can go on my lunch break on local trails or hit up the hill before/after downhill skiing too! I can’t wait to teach the girls in a few years.

3. Snowshoeing

Another love of mine! My snowshoes usually stay in my car so that I can take them out at lunch time as well. I’ve yet to try “snowshoe running” but have a feeling it’s super hard and intense!

snow shoe hike

Snowshoeing is a fun activity that I can do on my own, with my husband or friends/co-workers and even our girls have little snowshoes. There snowshoes are MUCH cooler then mine as they leave footprints behind.

Also, my husband proposed to me while snowshoeing on a lake one winter.


4. Winter Running

I do love running in the winter. Even with the extra layers I love the feeling in my lungs and the crunchy sound under my feet.


The best sound in winter is the snow crunching under your feet but you can only hear that if it’s super cold or running. I also feel a little more bad ass running in the winter. I’m sure people don’t look at me and think, she’s a bad ass for running in the snow…they look at me and thinking WTF, she’s crazy!

5. Tobogganing

Tobogganing is something I did as a child every single day! My parent’s house is on a hill and we could shovel snow on the road so that we could slide down our hill, cross the street and see how far onto the neighbours front lawn we could make it. And of course, we’d always have someone watching for cars.

Toboganning 1

Pulling a toboggan of kids is another story but I do give it my best shot. The above picture was taken two years ago. Hilary thought this was hilarious and Lilly loved it!  I can’t wait to take them to a big hill!

What’s your favourite winter activity?

Ever go snow shoeing?

If you had to pick: downhill skiing or cross country?

I’m still exhausted from skiing

I’m so exhausted from yesterday’s adventure with Lilly that I can hardly lift my arms, my  legs are like dead weights and my head hurts like I am hung over. How does that happen?

Last month I had a goal of taking Lilly skiing…and that didn’t happen but I did book off March 3rd weeks ago so I could follow through on this. Our day looked a little something like this:

Dropped little H off at day care and drove to our local ski hill…Ski Martock. Got our gear on and ready to go. Met Grammy for a quick hug and then on to the bunny hill.

march 3 ski lilly

Three runs later it was snack time according to Lilly. Grammy and Lilly hung out while I got two whole runs in by myself….something I haven’t done in at least 4 years!

My solo runs

My solo runs

Lilly and I went out for another two runs on the bunny hill…then it was time for lunch….according to Lilly. I guess we know who’s the boss. I ran into a friend of mine and her 8-year-old daughters – yes, twins! We hung out, had lunch and then Lilly wanted to go out again! I couldn’t say no to her 🙂 Grammy left us after a few photo ops and we did another 5 runs on the bunny hill.

march 3 ski 2014

I wish I could sleep like that!

To quote Lilly as we are about to go down the hill: “Go faster Mommy, FASTER!”.

Me: Ahhh…no, we’re going fast enough (with an entire school surrounding us).

The day started off a little rough for me, it’s hard teaching your own kid how to ski and then feeling like I failed as a parent. Yeah, I know…silly…but that’s the kind of head space I was in before my solo runs. The day got a lot better and Lilly was way more into it and happier.

We then drove home (Lilly slept) and baked some muffins before picking Hilary up from the sitters. Successful adventure for us!

Do you teach your kids how to ski, play hockey, baseball, run…insert activity here ?

Can you sleep anywhere like kids can?