I Heart Exercise

Well, it’s no surprise to you that I enjoy working out. If you’ve been around the blog a while you’ll know that I love to run, play soccer (when not injured), ski, snowshoe and be active with my kids outside year round.

I’ve grown up play sports since I was old enough to figure it out; skiing at three, soccer at 5 and then multiple sports as a teenager (volleyball, badminton, soccer etc.). We grew up playing “capture the flag” in our neighbourhood, riding our bikes to our soccer games or friends houses.

I guess I’ve always loved to be active. If my Mom was writing this post she would tell you about the time when I was a little one (under 3) and had my “exercise” gear on. Picture the 80’s outfits; head band, pony tail, leotard, body suit and socks that strunched down to my ankles. Oh yes, that was me. I would wait for my “exercise” program to come on the TV during lunch hour. One more, two more…I would repeat over and over again!!! Apparently I loved it!

February is Heart Month and GoodLife Fitness has a “Heart Health Challenge” going on!

You can join the challenge here.


Daily challenges will be provided. Let’s be honest…who doesn’t need a little help with motivation this winter, I know I do!

Along with the daily challenges there will be exercise tips and recipe ideas. They are also providing suggestions for reducing stress and getting better sleep. For me this is a big one! I know I don’t get enough sleep, especially this week with a sick kid and working full time while my husband is away working. It’s life but it’s stressful so any tips I can get would be great!

Did you know…“Canadian Physical Activity guideline recommends 150 minutes per week of moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA). Statistics Canada reports that only about 15% of Canadian adults meet the current guidelines. This tends to be higher in males (17%) than females (13%), and younger adults aged 18 to 39 years (19%) compared to older adults 60 to 79 years (11%). Cardio and strength training both have great benefits for your heart. Your heart needs more than just cardio exercise to stay healthy and strong.”

GoodLife Fitness will have an open house February 15th – 19th where you can learn more about heart health! Open house, yes please!!! GoodLife Fitness has partner with the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre for this challenge.

Though exercise is extremely important to me, so is hearth health. My Dad had a heart attack last year and for someone turning 70 this March, he is an extremely active senior. So heart health is important to me because it hits close to home. My Dad continues to ski, snow shoe, walk and referee soccer in the summer months. He takes care of is heart health and so should we all!

Take care of yourself this month and join us in the I Heart Exercise Challenge!

Don’t forget to use the #iHeartExercise for the month of February!

What’s your number one form of exercise?

When was the last time you thought about your heart health?

Building My Base {Week #2}

I’m finally starting to feel stronger after week #2 of building my base, however by Thursday of last week my legs were tired, not sore but just tired. ! It was a busy week with my husband away but somehow I managed fairly well. Though my body was tired, I kept moving forward and then had to readjust my workouts because of weather or family life.

Building My Base Week #2

I’m going to take the same format I’ve done for my half marathon training plans of “What was Planned vs. What Really Happened”. I’m not sticking to a specific workout ie: run every Tues 5k but more looking each week and wanting to do the following:

  • Run three times
  • Yoga class
  • Snowshoe or cross country ski during lunch
  • PT exercises – yes I’m still doing those for my hamstring and glutes.
  • Maybe some other cross training: DVD workout at home.

What I Planned vs What Really Happened Week #2:

Monday: Planned Yoga @ Lunch | 20 minute walk. I wasn’t feeling great so I decided to go for a walk during my lunch hour and run at night. However, I didn’t run….I just rested. My body needed it!

Tuesday: Run | 5k Treadmill Run. This was a good run. The first 1-3 km were slow and kinda painful. Painful as in, it was just hard but then I got into my grove and picked up the pace from 3-5 k. 

Wednesday: Longer Run | 7k Treadmill Run, 1:32 minute plank. I really enjoyed this run and once I was warmed up (around 3k) I picked up my pace significantly. I struggled a little bit and had to take a few 10 second breaks but was loving the faster pace. I did my 90 second plank as part of a challenge and my arms were not loving that.

Thursday: Run | DVD workout because I remembered I wanted to do one. Also my legs were tired from Wednesday’s run.

Friday: Rest Day | Rest Day. Nailed it! This might become a standard for the year 😉 My husband arrived home which is always a happy day in our house. Not only that but we got another snow storm – close to 30 cm I believe. It was so beautiful out Saturday.

snow shoe Jan 30th

Saturday: Long Run with running buddy | Snow Storm – 35 minute Snow Shoe Trek. Since we couldn’t get out for a run, my running buddy met me for a quick snow shoe trek in fresh powder. We had to get Lilly to a birthday party and then hit the road for Halifax to visit our family. 

I got to snuggle with this beautiful little girl….my niece Ava. It’s been since October since I’ve been able to hold her due to us being sick and her heart surgery. I didn’t share her too much over the 6 hours we hung out 🙂



Sunday:  Plan was to Run | 10 km Treadmill Run. I jumped on the treadmill around 7:45 pm and decided I’d run 5-6 km which turned into 8 k and then I decided to run 10 k. Why not right? And three minutes of planking (2 before running and then 1 after).

Honestly, this was THE BEST RUN I’ve had in a long long time. I could have kept running but didn’t want to hurt myself by pushing the distance. I was feeling pretty great after this run.


Do better: I really need to go to bed earlier, like before 10 pm. I usually finish running, shower, dry my hair etc., and then hop in bed between 10 and 10:30 but don’t always go to bed because of using social media or reading. This has to change. I need more sleep, I need to stop computer/social media time earlier.

This week: Same plan as above: run three times, yoga class, ski/snowshoe if I can at lunch, PT exercise and a DVD workout. Who knows, maybe I’ll have to do some more snow shoveling and my upper body will love me hate me.

How was your weekend?

Any good workouts/running or training happening?

Getting out in the snow?

I’ve Been Down & Out

It’s been a full week of nothing. Well, nothing but feeling absolutely miserable. I think I had every symptom in the book: nausea, head ache, sort throat, stomach problems, light headed, dizzy….did I mention nausea? I seriously wasn’t sure if I was ever going to get better. It started Nov 12th and I only started to feel better yesterday.

It’s been a long time since I’ve taken a break from running/working out for this long but my body had some other plans for me. I would start to feel better and then BAM…all the symptoms would hit me hard for hours on end. It sure isn’t fun being sick and trying to take care of two little girls on your own since my husband was away for 5 days.

Monday night I had planned to do some baking but all that happened was cooking up some home made chicken soup and laying on the couch next to the fire watching a show. I was getting annoyed with feeling ill so before bet I did a 1:25 minute plank since I stopped doing them last week.


Yesterday, I decided to go to yoga class at lunch. As I ventured off to studio in town, I wasn’t sure how I would feel but I was determined to go and enjoy it. Luckily, most of my symptoms were gone yesterday but my stomach is still yucky today. Yoga class was GREAT! I even managed to hold the “birds of paradise” pose for the first time on both legs – this is progress!


I was hoping to get back to the 21 day fix with my co-workers today but I’m not sure if my body is up for that…I did bring my running clothing to work as well. We’ll see what happens.

How’s your week going?

Anyone else sick right now? Sure hope you don’t get what I have.



Remember When 5k Was….

Remember when running 5k was….

HARD! The hardest thing you think you could put your body through (minus giving birth). Then it got manageable and part of your weekly routine.

Five kilometres here, five kilometres there and by the end of the week you accumulated numerous 5k runs. You may even dabble in longer distances which then become your new struggle.

Remember when 5k was EASY. As you zoom pass your normal 5k loop and decide to continue on racking up the mileage, feeling strong and confident.

Then after a surprising (at the time) injury you can barely walk without pain, you can’t put your shoes on or place your child in their crib because your injury hurts too much. Five kilometres seems so long, whether you are running outside or trying to hit up a treadmill at home or gym, like GoodLife Fitness.

Resume running again

Resume running 5k again

Remember when 5k became HARD AGAIN! You never thought you’d return to this point. You may have even taken those EASY 5k runs for granted. Thinking you can just pop them out when ever you want, no need to stretch, no need hydrate or fuel afterwards. You’ve got this, right? You used to do it before, right.

Eventually, you realise the mistakes you made with those EASY 5k runs as you struggle to get stronger again. Running 5k is HARD again and for some reason you are loving it. You are loving the fresh air, the (slow) speed, even the amount of dirty laundry you have accumulated. You love how it makes you feel; physically and mentally.

You remember when 5k was EASY and know you will get back there. It may take a while but you are thankful you are able to pound out those 5k runs again with little to no pain.

Do you remember when 5k was EASY for you?

Do you remember when 5k was HARD for you?

How often do you run 5k in a week? or 3 miles?

Injury Running Recovery: Low & Slow

I’m trying to find a way to share with you my current status with running and I think “Injury Running Recovery” is going to be it. I wrote a few weeks ago about my current status of “So Far So Good” and I’m still in that same frame of mine.

I had one week off from Physiotherapy because he was away at a conference, however I followed everything from my PT exercises to being allowed to run outside again (low km and slow pace). “Low and Slow” is my new motto, which isn’t a bad thing. It just means that I’m allow to run outside (yeah) but need to keep it safe in terms of the brunt force that my hamstring can take.

I did a few runs outside and had very little pain. Even with some of the pain I was discouraged as I thought I would have no pain since I’m on a new PT plan but that’s not always the case. My glutes and hamstrings are getting stronger but aren’t at 100% yet. The pain level is a 1-2 out of 10, which is great but we want to get me to a 0 eventually. I learned some pain during recovery can be okay – it all depends on the level of pain. My pain level is getting lower as I get stronger.

Since I am getting stronger, I can now run outside 5-6k every other day! Honestly, when Chris, my physiotherapist said that I feel like it was Christmas for me! It also helped that on Wednesday morning #nationalrunningday, I went for a quick (for me) 3k run outside before the girls got up AND before my physio appointment. I was feeling pretty good and happy going into my PT appointment and having learned I was getting stronger and could increase my distance (not my speed) that just made it better. Oh – and my husband was home so all was great!

Early morning run for National Running Day

Early morning run for National Running Day

I’ve also started a monthly plank challenge and am doing good so far. I struggled on Day 4 (1 minute 15 seconds) when Hilary decided to help Mommy by pushing on my pack in encouragement but today was a lot better (1:15 again). At least she didn’t sit on me 🙂

plank week 1

One more day of planks (1:20) and then I get a rest day. I’m starting to get a little worried about planking next week! Today, I’m hitting the trails for a “runch” so check out my Instagram for an update on how that goes!

Did you run on National Running Day?

What’s the longest plank you’ve held before? (Me: 2 minutes)

Anyone “runching” today? Or running in general?

Summer Fit Gear Exchange {Canada}

One thing I love about the blogging community is how motivating it can be. A group of fitness/runners/healthy living bloggers are excited to share the Summer Fit Gear Exchange {Canadians only} lead by Brittany at Running Mama Journey. Check out below how to participate!

Summer Fit Gear Exchange 

Are you interested in a summer fitness gear exchange?  

To help fellow fitness enthusiasts reach their goals?  

To make new online friends and motivate others?

Blogging friends, join us to help keep other fellow fit Canadians motivated and excited about fitness and feeling good about where we each are on our path to living a healthy lifestyle.

“Gear” can be anything from: clothing, water bottles, food, head bands, hair clips, rehydration tablets, speed laces, notebooks, DVD’s, yoga accessories. Basically, you should find out what the person is into or share some of your favourite go to’s! Really, the items are endless that you can get.

Interested in participating? Heres how it works:

  1. Fill out this form to participate.  You’ll need to fill it out by June 7.
  2. Look for an email from me by June 10th with your pairing. It will also be fun if we commit to following all the participants so as part of this initial email I will include participants usernames for the various social media platforms.
  3. Email your partner by June 15th. This is the person who you’ll send “gear” to.  Get to know them a little! Introduce yourself.
  4. Dont forget to send a little group love! Tweet, instagram, Facebook message not only your partner but @runningmamajourney and some of the others included in the email you received.
  5. Shop and have fun! You should spend $40 on the gear (this can include shipping costs roughly $10).
  6. Send your partner their gear, and include a motivational note. Ship package so that your partner receives their items by June 26th.
  7. If you’re a blogger, please write a Summer Fit Gear Exchange post to be live on July 6th. I’ll aim to have a link-up on my site just prior to this date.  Lets work together, and if you do not have a blog don’t worry! You are welcome to email mymamajourney@gmail.com to share your post (2-3 paragraphs and pictures showcased throughout the day on July 6th on http://runningmamajourney.com/ ).
  8. During the month, and when you promote your post on social media, please use #SummerFitGearExchange

Sign up and you will receive an email soon.

Hope you will join us, Piper 🙂

Have you ever done a fitness gear exchange? Or other exchange?




Not only changes your body. It also changes your mind, your attitude, & your mood”.

I could use a little of that…could you?

How was your weekend?

Anyone need a little exercise in their life today?

Photo from GoodLife Fitness Instagram.