Another Runch Bites The Dust

I planned it out.

I backed my back pack.

I EVEN charged my Green Garmin.

I mapped out a different route to run in my head on my drive to work.

I got through a busy morning and work and accomplished a lot on my to-do list. All was good.

Twelve o’clock hit…..time to runch!

I gathered my gear and headed off to change.

FaaaaRIG! I forgot my sports bra!!!!!!!!!!! You’ve got to be kidding me. I needed this run. I. JUST. NEEDED. TO. RUN!

Should I run in my normal bra….nope. Run with no bra, hell no. Seriously! I can’t believe I forgot my sports bra.


So disappointing…I just wanted to run.

Never forget your sports bra. Another runch bites the dust!

When was the last time you forgot a key piece of running gear?

What will you run without?

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends, bloggers and followers.


Very Little Running Motivation

This has been the fastest month of the year for me. Has September just flown by for you? I seriously can’t believe that tomorrow is October.

I’m trying hard to embrace fall but my Birkenstock are too comfortable, layering my clothing just seems to take way more time and I’m not loving how dark it is outside in the early morning and evenings now. I’ve yet to turn on my heat, blankets will do just fine for now.

Even though I’ve been given the okay to run again, I’ve done very little and feel like I almost have no interest in it! WTF, crazy, I know. First I’m training in the summer heat and loving it, then injured and cursing that I couldn’t run. And now, I’m just feeling blah about running…I need some kind of motivation people…help me out!

I did play three games of soccer last weekend which was fabulous. It was so great to be on the field. My lungs crying from all the sprinting, my legs happy when the ball was at the other end of the field and feeling every muscle in my body days after.


Oh….and I signed up for another race a few weeks back, ha ha ha! Seriously, I did it when I was still injured. I’m registered to run the 10k at Valley Harvest Marathon on Thanksgiving weekend (Canadian – Oct 9th). I paced the 10k last year and it was so much fun! However, I’m starting to think about moving down the 5k distance and taking it easy rather then push myself to do the 10k…I’m just not feeling it right now. Motivation, drive, interest – all at an extreme low. I’m also tired…so tired lately. Battling a head cold and lack of sleep are the main culprits.


The fun part is that the girls will be running the kids runs at Valley Harvest Marathon the day before my race. They LOVE this and can’t wait to run on the track again. And of course, Thanksgiving food with family …yum!! I did manage to get out for a run this week while I was away at a conference…that should be bonus points right there 😉

What’s your best motivation to go?

Any weekend plans?

What fall races are you running?


What I Wear Wednesday {Fall Runner’s Edition}

Fall sure has arrived in Nova Scotia and the short-shorts and tanks are now being covered in layers of long sleeves. Debates of how cold it really is outside runs through my head as the leaves are starting to turn colours. Cold weather doesn’t stop us from running but it sure changes what you wear on your runs!

Our daughter who is learning about seasons in school would say that it’s “autumn” not “fall”. She’s very proud of what she’s learning in school even if her father calls it “autumn” and I call it “fall”. So for her sake, autumn running looks a little like this for me lately:

Do I wear shorts and compression socks, long-sleeved shirts or sleeves with a t-shirt? I’ve done both! Not quiet ready to give up my short-shorts just yet and I love my compression socks on a long run. I don’t like when my arms get cold so I usually run in a tank with a long sleeve shirt over top. I can take it off at any time and tie it around my waist. I love when races have long sleeves as their “shirt”.

sept long sleeve (s) and gloves

Do I wear capris and ankle socks or compression socks on my long run? Usually if I’m wearing capris, I wear ankle socks. I save my compression socks for when I wear shorts. However, I have been known to wear my compression socks with capris before – it’s quite the sight!

What reflective gear do I wear for the beginning of my early morning run vs the end of a night run? I usually start off my early morning runs with as much reflective gear as possible. Vest, arm or ankle straps and sometimes my clothing has reflection tape on it. I also use this when I go biking – a person as got to be seen!

Do you run with reflective gear on your footwear ?


I’ve been testing out these Reebok ZPump Fusion sneakers to run outside. They are easy to put on and pretty comfortable. I like how they mold to your feet as you pump them up. My daughters think it’s funny to release the air for me. For night-time running, I love how they have a large reflective strip on the back – again, a person needs to be seen!

Don’t worry, I always wear my trusty Garmin and Road ID – I never run without my Road I.D.

garmin picture

These are just a few of my fall…oops, I mean autumn running items I’ve been wearing lately.

Do you have seasonal clothing for running?

Are you loving the cooler temps?