Running, Swimming and Father’s Day

That pretty much sums up our weekend!

Lilly finished her swimming lessons Saturday morning and she’s moving on to the next level (in the fall). Though it was only her first swimming lesson, we saw a big improvement in her confidence in the water.

Later Saturday, we went to a birthday party (it’s birthday season right now…that’s what happens when you become friends with people who are on maternity leave at the same time as you – #allthebirthdayparties). It was great, we were outside by a lake. The bugs weren’t bad, the kids played some games and even swam in the lake! Brrr!!! I got in up to my knees as I didn’t have time to locate my bathing suit.

swim fun

We celebrated Father’s Day Saturday night with a BBQ dinner which was more like “how many veggies can you fit on your plate” kinda meal. That’s what happens when you are married to a vegan 😉 I was wanting to make home-made burgers but with the busy day we had, we all had sausages of various kinds!

Roasted parsnips, carrots and asparagus. Onions and mushrooms, spinach salad with strawberries, tangerines and nuts. Chicken feta and spinach sausage for the girls … Sai had a vegan one.

Father's Day Food

Father’s Day Food

Father’s Day Fun


I was planning on going for a run after we got the girls to bed but was feeling lazy. Eventually, I got a little boost and headed out for a 6k run. You’d think I’d make my running routes easy since they have been so hard lately but nope…I decided to run some long inclines and even ran up my “hill repeat” hill THE WHOLE WAY! Apparently, my fitness isn’t too bad! It doesn’t matter that I walked once I arrived at the top of this hill, does it 😉

sat run june 20

It was another hard run but felt so good. When I arrived at home, I still had to do a 2 minute 10 second plank since I forgot to do it first thing in the morning. After running 6k I figured it would be okay. Well…..never plank in front of your husband.

Within the first few seconds he said “should your bum be THAT high?”. So of course I lowered my butt/pelvis towards the ground more. Then at the end he says “shouldn’t you be controlling your breathing?”. Once I collapsed on the floor (2:11) and caught my breath, I looked at him and said “Why don’t you give it a try?” and his response was “nope, I’m eating my ice cream”.

Sunday was supposed to be spent in the garden and mowing the lawn but it rained and RAINED and RAINED! As I write this a large swimming pool in my driveway is filling up! Awesome for puddle jumping. Then after breakfast I remembered that I should get planking before the day got away from me. Just before I was about to “assume the plank position” I looked up what time I should be doing – just for clarification, ya know! Guess what????????? It was REST DAY!!!!! I cried inside – complete happiness!!!!

How was your weekend?

Did you celebrate Father’s Day?

Anyone run, swim or bike this weekend?

Birthday, Soccer and Running

It’s been busy around our house the last little while…..birthday, soccer and running 🙂

Someone turned 4!

PR The Sherwoods

Birthday Fun!

PR Lilly and Anna June 14

Someone started soccer….and someone else wanted to play too 😉

PR Lilly's soccer

And of course we celebrated Father’s Day by hanging out, playing with bubbles, jumping {and getting soaked} in puddles and good food – {no photo’s taken as we were too busy playing}.

I’ve managed to get a few runs in too!

I registered for the 3 KM for 3 Fathers – RCMP Memorial Fathers Day Run. If you didn’t hear, on June 3rd, three Canadian RCMP Officers were killed and two were shot and in hospital. The community of Moncton was under lock down for over 24 hours until the suspect was captured. Everything shut down and it was all over the news, social media etc.

Father's Day Run

The Running Room in Moncton quickly pulled this event together and drew interest world-wide. I couldn’t drive to Moncton for the run (4 – 5 hours) so I signed up online {$20} to run it virtually. I ran it on my treadmill in my red socks while Hilary slept, Lilly was in quiet time and Saï was relaxing. All the money went into a trust for the families and a company donated the cost of t-shirts for the run – talk about community, eh!

I had not run in a few days as my right calf muscle was really bothering me. I got on my treadmill, ran and as I came close to the 3 km mark I watched the distance go by and started sobbing at 2.94km. Why? Because those Father’s will NEVER see their children again, those children (born and unborn – yes, one of the wives is expecting a baby), those wives, those mother’s/fathers and friends will never see those three people ever again. It’s just beyond sad.

I cried a little more and continued on to run 5k. That was the saddest 5 k I’ve run, it wasn’t for me….it was for them.

I’ve managed to get a few 5k and 6k runs in the last few days but am SO far behind my training plan for my 10k race on June 28th. It’s okay, not where I wanted to be but I am getting back to running and getting the kilometers in.

Did anyone run on Father’s Day?

Those with kids: What’s activity do you love to watch your kids do?

Anyone have a summer birthday coming up?

Happy Father’s Day

wishing my Dad a Happy Father’s Day! I would not be the person I am today with out you. Thanks for always being there for me and my family. I love you.

My wedding dance with Dad

My wedding dance with Dad

To my husband, you are a fantastic father…..Thumbs up from Lilly and a raspberry kiss from Hilary. Wish we could be together today but look forward to celebrating with you soon. Xo

Daddy x2

Daddy x2

Daddy and his girls

Fixing her bike

Fixing her bike

Keeping Hilary cool on a hot summer day

Keeping Hilary cool on a hot summer day

We love you, Lillian, Hilary and Anna. Xo

Happy Father’s Day!

First to my father.

Thank you for being such a great dad.

Thank you for taking me (Laura and Paul) to all of our soccer games, building snow forts with us, sledding down the front lawn in winter and on our make-shift slip and slide in the summer, for opening/closing the pool year after year, family ski trips *oh shit*, for teaching us how to downhill ski, for cleaning up our cuts and bumps, for being patient and teaching us right from wrong.  Thanks for the money here and there – cause we all know parents give their kids money to help them out – it’s much appreciated, thanks for dog sitting Maclean when needed – she LOVES you. Thanks for your guidance and assistance in steering me down this career path that I love, thanks for your handy man skills, even if they are over the phone *clogged toilet at Kelly’s in TO a few year’s back*.

I love you Dad. xoxo

My Dad and Lilly, Summer 2011 (1 years old)


To my husband, Lilly’s (plus one) Dad.

Thank you for being such a great Dad to Lilly.

For getting me through the first 5 days in the hospital with Lilly, your support around our breast feeding challenges, your mad swaddling skills (I hope you remember those, we are going to need them again), diapers changes, shopping for clothing for your little girl, reading books with Lilly, teaching her as many British terms you can, and more recently – teaching her how to ride her balance bike.

My husband, Sai and Lilly. June 2012 (almost 2 years old)

There is no doubt that Lilly loves you. Daddy home?, Tiss Tiss Daddy, her hugs and cuddles in the morning.

She’s head over heals for you….and so I am.

Love you. xoxo

Happy Father’s Day to my Dad and my husband….and to all those Dad’s out there.