Building My Base Week #7

Your probably thinking “why is she STILL building her base”? Well, my answer to you would be that I’m just waiting to start half marathon training at the end of this month.

It wasn’t an exciting week. It wasn’t a good week running. It was however a busy week for work and home and minor injuries.

Week #7

What was Planned vs What Really Happened:

Monday Feb 29th: Yoga | YogaYoga class is always one of my favourite things of the week. I love that it’s at the beginning of the week and usually the day after a good or hard run.


Tuesday March 1st: Run | 5k Treadmill Run + 50 squats +skipping. The run wasn’t anything special but I was felt good afterwards. I skip for 5-10 minutes before I run on the treadmill…get’s my heart rate up and muscles ready to go!


Wednesday: Run | Nothing. I spent most of the day limping and couldn’t quiet figure out why. The back of my right leg hurt from my hip to my knee, even walking bothered it but not all the time. It wasn’t my hamstring injury but I wasn’t convinced. I figured I needed a day to rest it as it just didn’t feel right.

Thursday: Run | Nothing. My leg was feeling 95% better but I still wasn’t convinced I should run.

Friday: Run | 100% Ditched running to hang out with my husband. I literally had been planning to run even though I had a long day at work (travel involved). I sat down on the couch with my husband for a moment and it only took a second for me to decide not to run. and then sat down on the couch with my husband and decided not to run. I figured I’d run in the morning.

Saturday: Early morning run | No running. Made pancakes for the family and stayed in our PJ’s for most of the morning. Getting lazy. Feeling lazy at this point 😦

Sunday: Run | 8k afternoon run outside! After lunch I slowly got my running gear together and realised my Garmin had a LOW battery. That’s what happens when you don’t use it for a month!!!!


Anyway, I charged it up for a few minutes and then went out for my run. The first 5.5 km was great and then my Garmin died. Not that I was relying on my Garming, because I wasn’t but my run just started to struggle then. I was having a little pain in my right leg but in the front and only when I had to run on snow.

I got home to my girls and husband having a snack. We spent a little time stretching and foam rolling together. Seriously, these two LOVE stretching and foam rolling with me. I also opened my new watermelon nuun….so good!

March 6th foam rolling

Overall: Not a great week in activity. Meh…it’s okay. My right calf muscle is really sore which I’m thinking is why my right leg is off. Foam rolling, stretching and my compression socks seem to be helping.

This coming week’s a busy one. I have back to back meetings all day Monday (8 am – 5 pm). Then I need to squeeze in a trip to the city for a friends parents’ funeral. I also have a big workshop Wednesday that we’ve been planning since September!!!! It’s about Gender Equity for women and girls…I’m really looking forward to that. Though it’s going to be a busy week, it’s going to be good minus attending the funeral.

Life Lately

Some other fun news that I meant to share last week but got out of the blog writing mode. Saï officially got hired on in Nova Scotia. This happened back in early Feburary but he’s been completing his orientation, ride-a-longs, driving and finishing up his shifts in PEI. He is now home for good…we’ll until I kick him out or he picks up extra shifts in PEI. We shall see which comes first, ha ha ha. It’s been an extremely busy few weeks for him so I’m happy he is able to slow down a bit and not be away from us ALL the time. The girls are so happy…as am I. Mama get’s to run whenever she wants now. Ha ha, kidding, we’ll not really.

We did nothing all weekend and it was lovely. Well, Lilly had a birthday party and the girls and Sai played outside in some fresh snow while I ran. Other then that we took it easy as a family. Some much needed time together.

How was your weekend?

Is the weather turning spring-like where you live? 

How long do you stay in your PJ’s on the weekend?

Half Marathon Training Week #6

I’m half way done my training! Week number six was a challenging one; from hating my runs, to questioning why I am even training for a half marathon again to an amazing long run.

What was planned vs What really happened:

Monday: Stretch and Strengthen – Foam Rolled …you can read about those fun times here.



Tuesday: 6k – 6k outside

Wednesday: 40 minute tempo run – 8k Treadmill. 

Thursday: 5k +Strength –  7k run at lunch. The first 3.5 km were great and then I turned around and struggled the whole way back. However, a stranger help motivate me.


Friday: Easy 5k or Rest Day5k Treadmill. It felt quick and fast.

Saturday: Rest DayLong Run: 14k – It was awesome! I wanted to take it slow and steady but went out a little fast. The first part of my run was fairly hilly and the second half was flat on a trail. I then finished it off with a few small hills with a fantastic time. I even felt like I had some juice left in the tank!

Last 14k for August (long run)

Last 14k for August (long run)

These last 14 km helped me round off my 160 km or 100 mile month! 🙂

Sunday: Long Run 14k  – Rest Day (Traveled to PEI with the girls for a family vacation).


Long run, half way point…gu time!

Total mileage Week #6: 40 kilometers

Total mileage in Training: 203 km  (Since July 21st)

I still can’t believe that I ran 160 km or 100 miles in August!

Ever want to give up during your training?

Has a stranger ever motivated you to run?

Foam Rolling, Sleep and Sunshine

What do these all have in common? My run yesterday!

It all started Monday night. It was a “stretch and strengthen” day in my Half Marathon Training Plan but I decided to foam roll and just lay on the ground. What a painful thing to do to yourself…..but feels so good afterwards! This may be my new favourite thing, I’m not very good at it …..well, not very graceful but no one had to witness it.



I did however have a few laughs when I was rolling my upper back/shoulder area and my pony tail got caught in the roller and pulled my head back. #notgraceful Yes, very funny, I know!

I also went to bed early for the first time in weeks. Lately it’s been 11 or 11:30 before I turn out the light and the only person I have to blame is myself. Hilary’s been up once a night around 3am a lot lately …. that’s always a happy moment for me 🙂 I’ve had a lot of my plate and trying to “fit it all in” I end up staying up way to late. Not Monday night. I was in bed before 10 pm and slept all night long….so did both girls #morningwin!

I kinda wanted to run Tuesday during my lunch break…kinda being the important word here! After I foam rolled I got all my running gear in my bag so I had no excuses in the morning. When I went to bed I still wasn’t convinced I wanted to run but when I woke up I was all over it. Why? Mainly because I wanted to go to bed before 10pm.

After a conference call with my colleagues, I got changed into my running gear and headed out for the planned 6k. It was some friggin’ hot out! Once again, I ran a hilly route on the sidewalk as I didn’t feel like running on the trail. I don’t know why but this route (the hills) get me every time…they are long…L-O-N-G inclines that then turn into a hills. Four of them!

I was quickly regretting running at lunch as it was super hot. When I got back to the office, I looked at the temperature and it was 28 C (82 F) but felt like 32 C (89 F) – HOT if you ask me. I guzzled my Vega Hydrator in seconds, ate lunch, then my second lunch and finally got back to work.

Ahhhhhh, 6k done outside … Happy Piper 🙂

What time do you go to bed? Be honest!

Have you foam rolled before? 

Still hot or cooling off where you live?



Roll It Out

My legs are super sore after a long, hard week of runnin’ and stuff. I was hoping to get another 10k in before Sunday but I had to slow down and listen to my body. No 10k training run before my 5k race on Sunday – I’m too sore.

However, I can proudly say I’m now a member of the foam rolling community. My husband bought me a foam roller for Christmas and I’ve used it here and there. It’s a love – hate relationship 😉

mother runner foam roll

I’m not as graceful as the lady in this photo….and not sure if I would do this outside as I’m sure people would laugh at me 😉

My week’s workouts looked a little like this:

Sunday: 8k (Before Easter Dinner)

Monday: Rest Day

Tuesday: 6k Terrible Run

Wednesday: 8k (2 on the treadmill and 6 outside)

Thursday: Indoor Soccer Game. We won 6-1 and are in the final game next week!

Friday: Unplanned Rest Day: Foam Rolled/Epsom Salt Bath

Saturday: Planning to run an easy and slow 5k today, we’ll see if it happens!

Foam Rolling Friday Night

Last night I was really wanting to get a little 5k run in and planned to rest Saturday. I got through my day at work with lots of aches and pains after sitting, going up stairs and even getting in/out of the car. Whoops! I didn’t stretch after my soccer game the night before and now I was paying the price 😦

Instead of running last night, I took a HOT bath with Epsom salts and foam rolled for a little while. Hurts so much but felt so good! Here are two “foam rolling” blogs that I used:

1. Kate Moving Forward – Basic Foam Rolling

2. Gina from Fitnessista How I {foam} roll + a video

When I woke up this morning, I had this message on Twitter from Maritime Race Weekend:

I am running the Tartan Twosome Sept 12th: 5k at sunset and Sept 13th: 10k at sunrise. It was a pretty awesome way to start your day!

Do you foam roll? 

Every “forget” to stretch after running/soccer/a workout?

Do you win stuff from races you sign up for?