PRO Compression Socks Winner

Happy Saturday!!!!

Thanks for everyone who entered the giveaway….you gave lots of awesome tips on ways to recover from your runs. Everything from:

  • Chocolate milk
  • Epsom salt bath / hot bath
  • Ice and stretch
  • Sleep / Nap
  • A Pale Ale and some serious food!
  • Stretching and foam rolling
  • Bean Bag Time – everyone piles on the bean bags and rests together
  • PRO Compression socks (of course!)

And the winner is :

Laurel C. Congratulations! I’ve sent you an email 🙂


Everyone can be a winner with this coupon: For all you Piper’s Run fans out there, here is a code  BLG14 so you can receive 40% off on Marathon Socks or  Sleeves … PLUS free shipping (US).

Original Post can be found here.

 Anyone racing this weekend? (Good luck!)

Friday Favs

Since I missed yesterday’s National Siblings Day and #tbt …. here you go!

#TBT ~ Siblings

My wedding Nov 2007: my brother Paul and sister Laura in front.

My wedding Nov 2007: my brother Paul and sister Laura in front.

My other favourite siblings:

I caught them doing this last week…so cute!


One of my other favourite things that I’m using A LOT these days are my PRO Compression Socks.

Piper's Post Run Recovery :)

Piper’s Post Run Recovery 🙂

Not much longer in the PRO Compression sock Giveaway –> LINK HERE.

I’m trying to figure out a way to #sneakitin today…we’ll see how it goes!

It’s FRIDAY!!!! Giddy up!

Weekend plans anyone?

How many Easter eggs/treats have you already eaten?

Can you sneak in 10 minutes of physical activity today?

Cheers, Piper

Running: Sneak It In

There has been a lot of “sneaking it in” over here these days………

5K “Runch” on Monday

Bummed out about my run.

Bummed out about my run.


Conference Call / Wall Sit….why not?!?!?!

And stair repeats on a rainy day {Tuesday}.

Wall Sit Sneak It In

I’m planning another “runch” – I just love this term…two of my favourite bloggers (Run Salt Run and Pirate Bobcat) have recently used it so I had to as well. Run + Lunch = runch 🙂

I’ll admit….right now I am not really feeling the motivation to run at lunch today. But I have all my gear and I’m going anyway. Will write more after I run.

PS – Don’t forget about my PRO Compression GIVEAWAY —> LINK HERE


As I was getting ready for my planned 5k, I knew I wasn’t feeling it but I got dressed anyway, I went outside anyway and I started my Garmin anyway. I started running and the wind was cold and strong against my body. I kept going one step at a time.

I decided to not run on the sidewalk that I’ve been running on lately and wanted to test out the trails. With it being Day 10 “Run a Trail” in the Run This Year challenges I am doing….I thought why not.

They say…..Run a Trail … so I did! Pavement, dirt trail and snow! YUP, we still have snow in Nova Scotia!

Run On Trail Day 10


I ran as far as I could on the snow and decided to turn back around. It was a beautiful day and I started focusing on my pace and pushing it a little. I wasn’t hoping for a Personal Best or Personal Record. BUT, this happened:

{In KM: 5:42; 5:49; 5:50; 5:45: 5:37}

New PB Anna

My last PB was 29:34 last Friday – you can read about it here. However it was a hilly little 5k and today’s run was flat. Flat-As-Can-Be! This is the fastest 5k I have ever run since I started running around 10 years ago. Yes, I’ve been running on and off for 10 years – more in the last 5-6 years. My absolute best time was 29:16 in Halifax at a “Run for the Cure” event when I was around 22/23, I think.

So, I’m pretty pumped today!

Runners – how many years have you been running?

Does anyone “Runch” ? (Run at lunch)

Do you sneak in a little workout while at work? Desk yoga, stretching, walking meetings, lifting weights, stand up desk?


ProCompression Sock *Giveaway*

Giddy Up, it’s a surprise Giveaway!!! I’m excited to say that I’m doing a *Giveaway* for a pair of PROCompression socks! {Open to everyone}.

Remember a few weeks ago when I wrote this post: I Wear My Compression Socks at Night ….bet your singing that song again 😉 Well, I have been wearing my compression socks A LOT! They are my go to recovery now that I’m running 20-30km a week!

Last year I did a review of PROCompression socks, you can read that here –> My review.


Kidding. On a serious note, compression socks can help your muscles and body recover and help reduce injury. Compression socks help increase blood flow which equals a faster recovery time. Yes, please!

I found when putting compression socks on your feet/legs it can be challenging the first times you do it 😉 I relate it to a wrestling match with a baby when you are trying to change their diaper. Okay, I’m kinda kidding….but I’m kinda not. Over time I have perfected putting mine on but at first it was quite entertaining.

My happy feet post run last night:

Piper's Post Run Recovery :)

Piper’s Post Run Recovery 🙂

Last week I ran 29 kilometers, {#ATWRBR2014}. That’s the most I’ve run per week this year and am at 199 km in total for the year….I totally should have run 6km yesterday instead of 5km but wasn’t paying attention. Oh well, I’ll get it in today! I also got a new PB 5k during my run Friday at lunch! Needless to say, I’ve had some tired muscles this past week and have been relying heavily on my compression socks to help recover, along with some stretching and Yoga.

One lucky reader (open to anyone) can win. The contest will run all this week and close 12/4/14.

Please fill out the Rafflecopter below as this is where I will select a winner from:

——>       a Rafflecopter giveaway <——

For more information on PRO Compression socks – check out their website here.

BONUS: for all you Piper’s Run fans out there, here is a code  BLG14 so you can receive 40% off on Marathon Socks or  Sleeves … PLUS free shipping (US).

Good luck!

Piper 😉

Oh, and don’t forget about #sneakinit that starts tomorrow !!!!

Please note: I was not paid to write this post. The opinions are my own. PR.