The need to run and amazing friends.

Lilly and I had a wonderful weekend together; two play dates with great friends, lots of colouring, reading books, skyping with Sai and his mom (who is in England). It was great.

Now, going into the weekend I wasn’t feeling like myself. I was tired, okay, I was exhausted, felt a cold coming on, dreading the snow and freezing rain storm that was taking place and of course, missing Sai.

I managed to get in a work out Saturday night which I wasn’t convinced I wanted to do until I started it. I moved up to level 3 on the Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred. It was great, just the work out I needed. After that work out I was craving a good, long, run outside. I called to see if a family member could come, play and watch Lilly but no success  – my family are busy people (work, booth at a bridal show, renovations on someone else’s house).  Plus it’s just over an hour drive for them. That’s when I decided I needed to find an evening/weekend sitter in the area. 

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So I posted something on Facebook looking for recommendations for a sitter and I have a lead – that was great. But not for the run I was craving. Ahh well I thought maybe sometime this week during my lunch I could get one in. This was not likely going to happen as I am on the road every day this week for meetings. Yikes!

Lilly and I went to our play date and had a wonderful time; the kids were playing really well together, the mom’s were asking random questions – well, more like I was asking random questions to my girl friends. It was a perfect morning. One of my girl friends offered to come over during Lilly’s nap so I could go for a run. Talk about an amazing friend. Giving up her time at home so I could go for the long run I was craving.

[Now, let me give you a bit of a back ground on these friends. We met during our prenatal classes and came together once we had our children (within 10 days to 6 weeks of each other). We spent EVERY single monday together for a year; playing, eating good food, nursing our wee ones and talking about any issues we had. Some weeks we would get together every other day – such a great support for new moms – I highly recommend it.]


So, my friend showed up and off I went for my long run … into the cool wind with the sun beating on my face; jumping over slush puddles and then through a strip of road that had ice everywhere and back into the sun again. I did an extra loop since I wanted a long run. I managed to put in 5385 steps; roughly 5 km. I felt wonderful….all because a friend came to watch Lilly for me.

I then go to find our her hubby came over while we were at the play date and chopped ALL the wood that was in our basement. (I’m not very good at it, therefore it was still in massive pieces.) Seriously, who are these amazing people?

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My friends. (I sure owe them).

Now, I’ve been a single parent since September 2011 as my husband went back to school in PEI. So this lifestyle is not permanent – just another two months and we’ll be almost back to normal. This group of girl friends have cooked me dinner, picked up my daughter from the sitters when I am on the road with work, called to lend an ear and have been amazing friends to me.

For me running is about getting active, fit, being outside, losing my thoughts or stresses and just running. I sure am lucky that I have friends who support me help me get through each week without my husband around. I am going to have to figure out something to pay these girls back …. and it’s already in the works 😉

To my amazing friends and their families – thank you.

Love you girls. 


Cloth Diapers & my first GIVEAWAY!

That’s right folks – my first GIVEAWAY is a Charlie Banana Cloth Diaper thanks to Spoil Me Rotten.

As I’ve mentioned before, we cloth diaper our little one.  And it’s been an easy experience as there a lots of resources around; great friends who have cloth diapered, great stores to visit and plenty of online websites to view.  There are many different cloth diapers on the market: Charlie Banana, Bum Genius, FuzziBunz, AMP, Flip and too many more to list.

I’ve never had a Charlie Banana diaper so I purchased one when I picked up my giveaway diaper at Spoil Me Rotten. I washed and dried it a few times this week before I used it so it would be all ready to go. Saturday morning I finally put it on Lilly. As I placed it under her bum she looked at me and smiled then put her hand down to feel the diaper. It was soft and she smiled again – she liked it! She liked it so much that after lunch she decided to REALLY christen it…..yes she pooped in the nice, soft, really clean-looking, WHITE diaper. Oh man I thought, that sucks. But I took it off and proceeded to clean it – super easy to get the stain out even before washing in the washing machine with other diapers. I’m going to like this diaper which mean’s I’ll be heading back into Spoil Me Rotten for another one.

A simple 10 step guide to cloth diapering:

Step 1 – Do your research: attend workshops, ask questions to store owners and ask friends about their experiences.

Step 2 – Decide how many diapers you want to buy and save some money during pregnancy that you will use to invest in diapers and accessories. You can buy diapers in singles or packages of 5 or 6. Some stores give a discount if you buy a certain number (10 or 12). We put away $20-$25 a pay cheque so it wasn’t alarming when we went to purchase them.

And don’t forget about the accessories: wet bags, laundry detergent, extra liners if needed, cloth wipes etc. We bought a few wet bags; one for the diaper bag, one in the sitters bag, one for the pale that we put rinsed diapers in and a spare – just in case. We bought them in all different sizes and different brands.


Step 3 – Decide was size you want to buy: One Size, Small, Med, Large etc. Do you want Velcro OR  Snaps?

Step 4 – Decided if you want All in Ones (AIO’s), Pocket Diapers, Flat Diaper, Prefolds like Bummis. If you didn’t do step number one, you will not know what I am talking about – do your research.

AND don’t forget about the cute SWIM Diaper!

Step 5 – Buy and Wash, Wash and Wash your diapers. This will get them ready for full absorbency, which is a must.

Step 6 – Have Baby (not optional if wanting to cloth diaper).

Step 7 – Put on baby, take off baby. Rinse, Wash, Dry and Repeat multiple times.

Step 8 – Remember how much you spent on the cloth diapers and how much money you are spending now ??? (Remember disposables are not cheap).

Step 9 – Use diapers on multiple children and repeat step #7 over and over.

Step 10 – Spread the word about cloth diapering.

Spoil Me Rotten is the store that has supplied the Charlie Banana cloth diaper and is located in Berwick, Nova Scotia. They carry everything from maternity clothing, cloth diapers, the latest toys, bibs, shoes, etc. I’ve been a frequent flyer at their store purchasing everything from a belly band, maternity pants, shirts, bras etc to diapers, inserts, liners, wooden puzzles, bibs, cups….the list could go on.  Big thanks to Angie at Spoil Me Rotten.

She has also included a 10% off coupon code for your next purchase:

Contest details: To enter the contest you must comment on this post (why you cloth diaper or why you want to cloth diaper) AND list one product by name from the SPOIL ME ROTTEN Website. 

Contest will run Sunday January 15th to Saturday January 21st ending at noon (Atlantic Time Zone). Open to residents in Canada and US only.

Disclaimer: I am not being paid by Spoil Me Rotten Maternity Store or Charlie Banana.