I Finally Pulled It All Together and Had A Great Run

It was about time! I was starting to get worried after hitting my snooze button too many times and forgetting my sports bra that I wouldn’t be able to pull it all together. I took a rest day Saturday and boy did my legs need it!

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Sunday morning I woke up really early and was out running by 7 am. It was Sunday Runday for me 🙂 17k awaited me and the plan was to run towards work and back (It’s just around 10 one way).

I woke up at 6:15 am, checked Facebook/IG etc., got dressed, ate breakfast and went outside to fire up my Green Garmin {yes, in that order}. It was also the first day I was wearing my Nathan “Trail Mix” Hydration Pack….after all, I was running 17k.

I laced up my sneeks and shook out my hands (for some odd reason) and off I went. Slow, real slow. Just enough to get my legs moving and feel like I was running. I still can’t believe I got up that early to do my long run. The sun was just starting to rise and there was barely any cars on the road. I ran along the sidewalk for most of the run.

7 am run sept 21 2014

I took my first GU (Tri-Berry) at 42 minutes in with a little Vega electrolyte drink and kept running. At the half way point I decided to stretch out my legs and then got back at it. The sun was beautiful and the temperature was starting to increase. I had to take a photo as it was really quite beautiful but I kinda just look angry (that’s just me looking into the sun).

Around 12 km my legs were getting tired but my mind wasn’t so that was good! As I ran by a Paramedic base, I took my next GU (chocolate) at around 13k with water and for some reason had a hard time getting this one down, even though it was one of my favourites.

I increased my speed when I could and paced myself on the long inclines and hills as needed. My legs started to come around and I was feeling really good. I really wanted to run 18k even though my training plan only called for 17k.

As I got close to home I managed to finished of the last km really strong and faster than any other kilometer.

long run sept 21

Sunday Runday 19k done

I couldn’t have asked for a better run; perfect temperature, the new hydration pack was awesome and my pace was exactly where I wanted it to be overall.

When I got back home the girls and Sai were hanging out. Hilary came running up to me so I quickly picked her up. Then after realising I was completely sweaty, she gave me the ugliest face ever and I put her down. “Mommy swea-ty”. Yes, dear, Mommy was sweaty. We then did some yoga and stretches together – so cute watching them do pigeon pose.

Anyone run or race this weekend?

Hydration pack on long runs or not?

What’s the earliest you’ve started your morning run?

A Rough Long Run

Oh dear…..that long run was rough!

This morning after I dropped the girls off at day care I drove and met my running partner, Krystol. We had planned to run 15-16k along some of the route we’ll be running at the Valley Harvest Half Marathon in October. I’ve only run 8k of this route before with a friend and wanted to get out a few more times on it.

Happy before our 16k run

Happy before our 16k run

It’s hilly. Big hills, little hills and LONG-for-what-seem-like-eternity-inclines that get you. Well…they sure got me today.

We met around 8:30 and were good to go. Some of the hills slowed us down but we kept going until the 8k mark. We both took our GU’s. I had salted caramel…not too bad. I should have picked an apple behind me to eat it with…it would have made an awesome combo!

Time for GU's and all my gear in my car.

Time for GU’s and all my gear in my car.

Once we started running again we both had super wobbly legs. I mentioned it to Krystol because I was actually concerned I might fall over….they have never felt like that before. Guess we stopped too long. {note to self: on race day eat your GU while you run}.

I was having a hard time with this run and needing to walk A LOT more than I ever have. It was starting to get really hot and humid and my body wasn’t too happy. We kept going, walking when needing to and pushing up the hills as we could.

Though my training plan had me only running a 15k long run this weekend, I really wanted to do 16k. What’s one more kilometer, right? The reason is, we are both racing next weekend at the Maritime Race Weekend – Tartan Twosome. We have a sunset 5k Friday night and a sunrise 10k. I’m not sure if I am going to tag on another 6k after the 10k or not or just run 16k the next day. {Any suggestions runners}

PR Boob Sweat

We finished the run, stretched and took some after photos. I had some major boob sweat which brought me back to when I was breastfeeding the girls. Unattractive yes, did I care, heck no! We went into the local farmers market and bought plumbs, corn on the cob and some local bacon – yum!

Oh and some fun bloopers of us trying to take a selfie before we ran…the sun was a little bright. Fun times!

PR Selfie Attempt

And since the girls are in day care today {I’m still on vacation}, I managed to get groceries; eat a meal slowly and am about to fold laundry. I can’t believe I am that excited about doing laundry on my own.

Let the weekend begin!

Anyone running today/this weekend?

Ever have boob sweat like this? 

Favourite GU or similar product?