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One thing I like about the blogging community is the opportunity to learn, share and support one another. Today, I’m a guest blogger over at Ange’s blog – CowGirlRuns 🙂 She’s off gallivanting … kidding, she’s running an Ultra Ragnar – Good luck! I thought it would be fun to write about running on the east coast of Canada instead of the west coast where she lives. You can check it out here –> Running East Coast.

I also write over at Thinking Outside The Sandbox – Family. Recently, I wrote about making sensory bottles – aka time out bottles. You can read more of my TOTS Family blog posts here.

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Blogging on bloggin’

I’m excited to share a post I wrote for “Thinking Outside The Sandbox – Family” blog today.

If you’ve been following Piper’s Run for a while, you may know that I am passionate about being physical active and wanting to instill that in my girls. This past year I joined TOTS – Family and am writing an article once a month with a focus around physical activity and sometimes vegan eating; you can see my other articles here under guest posts.

My post when up today called  “A Little Dirt on Your Dress Can’t Hurt – Girls Who Play in Dirty Grow Up Healthier”.

TOTS Family

It’s funny, I write this blog (Piper’s Run), yet I’m shy when it comes to sharing it on my personal Facebook page. Weird, I know. I shared my TOTS – Family post today on my personal Facebook and Piper’s Run Facebook because I’m starting to get a little more comfortable with writing and sharing my thoughts.

It’s hard not to share when you have cuties like this:

Lilly, Mommy and Hilary

Lilly, Mommy and Hilary

Do you share your blog posts on your personal Facebook?

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A Little Planning For A Lot of Fun {guest post}

It’s summer time which means V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N!!!! Who doesn’t love  a vacation especially with your family?  Today I am hosting a guest blogger – Kendra.  She has some great tips on planning for your vacation and keeping it simple. Enjoy her great tips and happy vacationing this summer 🙂 


Every year I look forward to our family vacation.  My goal is that everyone has a good time without sacrificing the good habits we practice at home.  There are some tricks to ensuring a good time and healthy habits.


1. Family Friendly Hotels

I do not want to spend an afternoon dragging cranky kids around a theme park.  A good night’s sleep is key to making sure everyone has a good time.  While I am all about saving money, sometimes it is worth spending a little extra to stay at a family friendly hotel that offers quiet hours and ensures a good night’s sleep. I enjoy using Gogobot to sift through authentic reviews to find really beneficial information. I found a list of so many great reviews about Orlando hotels and resorts that have free continental breakfasts for kids and quiet hours policies at night!

2. There’s No Place Like Home

When I travel with babies and small children, I always bring their favorite blanket, pillow, or sheets.  If they have a favorite night light or book, I bring that as well.  Pack anything that is part of your established nighttime routine, so the child feels more at home.  I have found it easier to keep them on their routine if the hotel room feels like home.

3. Sweet Treats

The best way to avoid sweet cravings is to reward a child with a small sweet treat.  I always carry a small treat like pudding or cookies to fend off a sweet craving.  Usually, we celebrate “we’re halfway there” with a small sugary snack to stave off any big craving.  This is a great way to avoid the candy machine at a rest stop or airport store.  If you have to grab something fast, you should know what some of your healthiest fast choices are!

4. Keeping Those Hands Clean

Germs are everywhere.  Anytime you visit a public space and touch something like a doorknob, ATM, or that cute little Minnie Mouse purse in the gift shop, you are picking up germs.  I always carry a small container of an alcohol based sanitizer in my purse or carry on to make sure that we do not spread any of these germs to our mouth, if a bathroom to wash our hands is not readily available.  Can you guess the worst place for germs?  A bathroom on an airplane is the worst.

5. Time

I have found the best thing I can take on our family vacation is time.  My children love to explore, stop and stare, talk to other children, and use every bathroom they pass.  They do not enjoy being told they have to hurry to make a flight or be somewhere on time.  I have noticed when I factor in plenty of time; the little things do not stress me out.

As I start to plan my family’s vacation, I want everything to be perfect.  There are always unexpected things that come up, but with a little preplanning they do not seem so insurmountable.

Thanks Kendra for sharing your tips on traveling with a family!

You can find Kendra on Twitter and her website: http://www.thorntonpr.com/

Kendra Thornton

Kendra Thornton: Travel advocate, TV spokesperson, PR businesswoman, proud wife and mama of 3. I am a long time travel expert who has been packing my bags and traveling the world since I was 3 months old! I’ve found my utmost desire in life is right here in my own home. I have mixed my excitement for travel by bringing the taste of authentic cuisine to my own home with some of my unique recipes and sharing some of my personal traveling tips. Enjoy!

{guest post} Fallen Off the Workout Wagon?

Today’s Sweat Pink Ambassador guest post is from Lindsay at Sweet N Sweat.

Have you fallen off the fitness wagon? Ready to get back on, but you need that extra little push and some guidance? Look no further! Here are some tips to get you moving!

o   Address why you went ‘astray’: Do you know why you stopped? Make a list of things that you feel were holding you back. Don’t feel bad about them. Just be honest with yourself and write them down. No biggie.

o   Dig into the problem: Look at your list. Start at number one. Let’s say your number one excuse was “I don’t have the time.” Think about it. Is that true? Everyone is busy. You just need to make the time. Do you need to get up a bit earlier to fit something in? Are you worried about being tired? Well, to put it bluntly (I do that a lot), if you want something bad enough you will find and make the time to it. Simple as that. Go through your list and write down a possible solution to each one.

o   Make it exciting again: When I start to feel dumpy I like to rearrange my workout room. Now I know, not everyone is a spoiled brat like I am and has their own workout room. But if you dig change and it makes you feel refreshed like it does for me then go ahead! Maybe you could rearrange your living room if you workout in there or your bedroom. Whatever!

o   New clothes: Go shopping and buy a new outfit or a piece of clothing that you will feel confident, comfortable, and strong in. Maybe some new shoes? Or socks? I love new socks. I’m strange.

o   New goals: Have your goals changed or stayed the same? Regardless, make a new goal sheet. Still have weight to lose or are you trying to build muscle? Make short-term and long-term goals. Don’t set yourself up for failure and write down you want to lose 25 pounds in two weeks. Be healthy and realistic.

o   New plan: Are you tired of your workout program in general? Maybe you just need to find a new plan of action. With your new goals in front of you, think about what you could do to help get you there. Do you have the right program and tools to lose weight (or whatever your goal may be). I like to switch up my programs every three months or so. That way I won’t get bored or plateau.

o   Support: Make sure the people in your life are supportive of your new lifestyle. Talk to them and share your goals. Not only will sharing your goals make you feel more accountable, but saying them out loud will set them in stone. If your family and/or friends are not supportive, well then that’s their problem. Not yours.

Don’t every feel guilty or silly for putting yourself first. Last time I checked, we only get one body. Do you want to go through life complaining about how you look or feel? Nope. So, now is your chance to do something about it. It’s all you! I can’t say this enough; you are worth every minute and every bead of sweat. Every sacrifice you make will only make you a stronger person inside and out. I guarantee it.

Don’t wait until the New Year to work on you (think how far ahead of the game you could be by then!). Start now. You are worth it. Forget about the excuses and just do it!  If you need help with any of these feel free to contact me at sweetsnsweat@gmail.com . You can also visit my blog for more tips and motivation. Don’t forget to look me up on Facebook!

Take care, Lindsay


Thank you Lindsay for being a guest blogger on Piper’s Run today.

Don’t forget to check out SweetnSweat Blog or her Facebook page.