Week 4 Half Training MRW

It was a week of a variety of activity for me: running, cycling, soccer and a little more running and cycling. I’m enjoying adding in cycling to my training as it’s a great leg workout yet low impact on your body.

On Wednesday I surprised myself with an awesome run after a long day and coaching U6 soccer on one of the hottest and most humid night of the week. Those poor kids were feeling the heat just as much as all the coaches.

What was Planned vs What Really Happened

Monday: Stretch & Strengthen | Stretch & Strengthen. I was really stiff after my soccer game on Sunday, so during my lunch break I transformed our office boardroom. After moving tables and chairs around, I did a 20 minute Melissa Bender stretch & strengthen workout. It was just what my body needed.

Tuesday: 6k | 10k Cycling. I wasn’t feeling the best as a stomach bug was going around our house so sitting on my indoor trainer was the best option for any activity.

Wednesday: 35 tempo run | 37 minute (6k) negative split run! This was the best run I’ve had in ages. I started out with no intentions of trying to run negative splits but it just sort of happened. As I was knocking off the km’s, I noticed I was getting faster but didn’t know if I could hold that pace for the last 2km and going up a steep hill. Somehow I managed to really push my pace and even saw 5:45/km! The breakdown of my run per km: 6:47, 6:33, 6:21, 6:04, 6:02, 5:45.


Thursday: 5k + Strengthen | 20k Cycling. I rode my bike to work 9.92 km and then home for 10.42 km. This was my first time bike commuting to work and I loved it. Though I can’t do it all the time, I sure enjoyed it and can’t wait to do it again.


Friday: Rest Day | Rest Day. Nailed it!  I was pooped from my week and my legs/boy were just ready for this rest day. I ended up hanging out with my running buddy that night without kids and without running! We may have enjoyed a nice summer beverage 🙂

Saturday: 3k | Leisurely swimming. I had wanted to try and get in my long run Saturday as I had soccer Sunday night but it didn’t happen. Instead, my girls and I swam for 4-5 hours in my parents pool!

Sunday: 11 km Long Run | 10 k Long Run + Soccer Game. WHAM! I decided to get in a 10k run before my husband went to work Sunday morning. My legs felt heavy for the first 5k but I seemed to get into a better rhythm for the last 5k. After a busy afternoon (mowing the lawn, playing outdoors with the girls and walked Carmacks), I somehow manage to play soccer. The girls came with me and had a blast on the playground while we battled it out on the field. We lost 5-2 but I got a goal….from half field! It was kinda weird as it just bounced passed everyone and we all weren’t sure it was a goal or not. Anyway….I did a lot of sprinting that game so my legs are toast! I’m sure looking forward to some stretching tomorrow.


Weekly mileage: 16k running, 30k cycling.

Though I wish I didn’t miss my run on Tuesday and Thursday, I’m still happy I got in some good leg activity on my bike. I really enjoyed riding my bike to work and hope to do that again this summer at least once more. My week ahead of running might be all over the place but I’m going to do my best to get in what I can.

Do better: I need to do better with my strength training. I missed yoga and with confess I haven’t been doing many PT exercises for my ankle. They need a little TLC, so back at those PT exercises this week.

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How was your weekend?

When was the last time you did double sports in one day?

Do you have a “do better” for this week?

Week 3 Half Training MRW

I finished week 3 of half marathon training for Maritime Race Weekend (MRW) with a smile on my face but it started off not great and wasn’t sure it was going to turn around. Luckily it did!

Last week (Mon-Fri) could go down as one of those “bad” weeks of training. It was a week of ups and downs, missed workouts, feeling rushed and exhausted and just counting the days until the weekend. It was a week of learning that I can’t win them all but when I do, it feels so good!

What was Planned vs What Really Happened:

Monday: Stretch & Strengthen Day | Nothing. To be honest, I had a horrible day. So many things went wrong and it just felt like a gong show at work/home. After a crap-shoot day, I coached Under 6 soccer. We got home from that and trying to get Hilary to bed turned into hanging out eating a bunch of snacks (watermelon, cheese, apples and blueberries) while I made lunch for the next day. I ran out of time to do any type of workout however, my day turned around when Lilly and Saï got home from her soccer. It was also my birthday so we celebrate with some cake (late night to bed for the girls #1).

Tuesday: 5k | Walking. I was on the road for work and wasn’t able to get in a run before we left at 7:30. I did managed to get in a 40 minute walk later that evening as part of our meeting/walking to dinner on a trail – which was nice!

Wednesday: 5K | 5k. After an extremely late night, I woke up early and got out for a run. The first kilometre I’m pretty sure I wasn’t awake but the being about to look out into the ocean while you run kinda wakes you up. It was great to get it in. I also coached U 6 soccer that evening – late night to bed for the girls #2.


Thursday: 5k + strengthen | Nothing. Okay, I didn’t do nothing. I walked my dog for 20 minutes first thing in the morning which was actually really peaceful. I worked all day then picked up the girls in different locations. We had a picnic dinner at my work and then went to Lilly’s soccer game! Not done yet….when we got home, I cleaned up the girls, gave them a snack and tried to get them to bed – this took us until 8:30/9pm – late night #3.

During this painful extended bedtime, I did a load of laundry, folded two loads, made half a lunch for Lilly, got all the garbage ready for garbage day, took the dog out in the yard twice. Oh yeah, we got a dog two weeks ago. It was 9pm and I’m pretty sure the girls just feel asleep. I was beyond exhausted but wanted to work out. Instead, I crashed on the couch where my dog just wanted me to pet him (Doggy blog post to come).

Friday: Rest Day | Rest Day. I brought all my gear to run at lunch but ended up not running. At least I was prepared, right!!!

Saturday: 5k Race | 11k Long Run. Oh this run was just what I needed! It was so great! I got up at 5:30 and was out the door just after 6am by myself. It was an out and back kinda of run.


As the sun started to rise and hit my face on a very cool morning (12C or 53F), I trekked along, one km, two km, three km, four. Sidewalks, cross walks, pavement and crusher dust/gravel. I started off around 6:40/km and then 6:30/km and managed to work my way down to 6:24/km and 6:20/km, I even managed 6:18/km. IT. WAS. GREAT!  I haven’t felt that good after a long run in probably a year.

We then spent the day at Lilly’s soccer tournament where they lost two games and tied one! She had a blast and Hilary did too playing on the playground.


Sunday: Run | Soccer Game (aka speed work). Sunday night I had a soccer game after a busy day with the girls. We won 3-1. Though the girls didn’t come to my soccer game, it was late night #4 of going to bed!

Weekly mileage: 16k + a soccer game.

Though my week started off rough and I missed some workouts, I’m happy with what I could accomplish with my training. You can’t win the all but you can at least try, right?!?!

We are skipping our girls soccer tonight as they are so exhausted. Between late nights at soccer, long days outside and extremely hot weather both girls are done! Poor Hilary isn’t handling the heat well so we’ve got to get her back on track. Sometimes you just have to miss out on a night of soccer practices (both girls) to regroup for the rest of the week.

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Though I’m not posting on here much these days, you can always find me over on Instagram.  Also, check out TIUX compression socks (as seen above) and use this discount code for 20% off your next order: ANNASTIUX .

What’s your number 1 summer tip for staying healthy?

Anyone else have a roller coaster week?

Anyone race/train this weekend?

Started Training for Another Half

I’m two weeks into another round training for my next half marathon. This will be my 2nd planned race this year and 2nd half marathon this year. It’s actually a double race: 5k Friday night and half Saturday morning at Maritime Race Weekend in Cow Bay, Nova Scotia. Rrrrrrrrrrrrrr, right! It’s a pirate themed event.

I’ve been following a plan that I used last year and another race a few years ago but I haven’t sat down to modify it. By modify, I mean move things around, include my soccer games and changing my long run days around to meet my families’ needs. Last week started off a little rough due to a long weekend road trip to Ontario (I’ll tell you more about that soon). Little sleep for a family of four is hard on everyone!

What was Planned VS What Really Happened

Monday: Stretch & Strengthen | Nothing. Late night of little sleep – no workouts.

Tuesday: Yoga | Rest Day. Literally, I booked it as a vacation day as I knew I’d need it from the long Canada Day weekend we had.

Wednesday: 30 minute tempo run | Ran 5k. It was a pretty basic 5k but I enjoyed it.

Thursday: 5k + strengthen | Soccer game. We had no subs, so it was 60 minutes to running, sprinting and recovery. Needless to say, I’m taking this as my speed work/fartlek training week. And we won 1-0.

Friday: Rest day| Rest day. Nailed it.

Saturday:  5k Race | 10k Long Run. I went out mid morning Saturday in the rain and just ran along our main road/highway. It was muddy and I ended up with lots of sand on my legs by the end. It warmed up throughout my run and I thought the heat was going to get me but I managed to finish strong (which felt good).


Sunday: 9k Long Run | Cycling 10km on my trainer. I had a rather long day at home with the girls (challenging day) and needed something to do Sunday evening. I jumped on my bike which is still on it’s trainer and got in 10k in 30 minutes. I also planked, did some abs exercises and PT exercises for my ankles – gotta keep them happy.


Though I didn’t follow my training plan to a T, I still managed a pretty good week of workouts. I’d love to know how many km’s I ran during my soccer game!

Weekly mileage: 15k (1 soccer game and 10k cycling)

How was your week?

Anyone else run in the rain this weekend?

What’s your favourite cross training workout?

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Happy Monday!


Half Marathon Training Week 10 Recap

Sometimes training seems to take forever when training over 12 weeks (or more) and then sometimes race week creeps up all of a sudden! I’m feeling a little shocked that I’m in 10 weeks out of 12 already but also happy to be wear I am.

10 weeks ago, I wasn’t even running as I had just got in a car accident. 10 weeks ago, I was in a lot of back pain because of that accident. 10 weeks ago, I hadn’t even decided what spring race I wanted to do! And here I am running 19k this past weekend.

What was Planned vs What Really Happened:

Monday: Cycling | Rest Day. I slept for 4 hours Monday afternoon because of my head cold. Then slept 6.5 hours that night. (Listen to your body!)

Tuesday: Yoga | Yoga + Osteopath – which required 2 days of absolutely no activity.

Wednesday: 8k | Rest Day. Had great results on my back from the Osteo appointment.

Thursday: 5k | Rest Day. I was eager to be active but had to rest – that was hard.

Friday: Rest day | Rest Day – nailed it!

Saturday: 18k | 19k. A hard run.

Sunday: Soccer Game | Rest Day. Just not feeling well.


What I learned from my run:

One – Mosquitoes can bite through compression socks.

Two – I stopped 20 times on that run….TWENTY! Thank you Garmin connect for letting me see that on my profile and Thank you to my running buddy for putting up with me.

Three – Running with a friend is way better then running alone.

Four – Running your hills at the beginning is a great way to get them over and done with.

Five – Ending your run with 1 more hill that you’ve come to love over time makes you feel accomplished. (Even despite the 20 stops you had to take).

Six – I can’t run and talk, especially when I still have a head cold. Results in stopping lots.

Seven – My pace sucks for me and that’s okay. Training for my 5th half marathon isn’t about a PB. Remember, I wasn’t running 10 weeks ago.

Eight – Being reminded by a running friend that speed work during training will make your pace improve was just what I needed to hear (thank you).

Nine – Coming home to my daughters and husband is still one of my favourite parts of my long run.

Ten – Though running is REALLY hard for me right now, I still love to run.

How was your weekend?

Anyone race or have a long run?

What have you learned lately on your most recent run? 

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Happy Monday!

Half Marathon Training Week 8 Wrap Up

Last week’s training plan had me running lots and not just on my own. It was a week of sunshine runs, cool breezes (enjoyable) and some family time.

Technically, last week was week #8 of Johnny Miles Half Marathon training. I missed placed my training plan and was just kind of going with what I normally did in the past. Usually I have my training plan on my fridge in the kitchen so I see it every day and can check off each day I complete. Having that visual is an easy reminder of what’s to come in the coming days. This time around, my training plan was completed but I never checked off each day or each week. It was kinda lost and I was aloof with it and care-less about it. You can’t training half ass for a half marathon. Okay maybe you can, but I sure can’t! If I don’t put in the time, I suffer late in the training or on race day/recovery.

What was Planned vs What Really Happened:

Monday: Rest Day | Cycling. 17k on the indoor trainer.

Tuesday: Yoga | Yoga. Nailed it, loved it.

Wednesday: 8k | 6k. I got my days mixed up and thought I was supposed to run 7k but I knew I could only fit in 6k during my lunch break.


Thursday: 5k | 8k. I wanted to make up for not getting in the 8k so I did so during my lunch again. This was a HOT ONE! I hydrated all morning, brought water and Nuun with me on my run, ran in the shade (trail) for a bit and finished super sweaty! Thank goodness I was the only one in the office 😉


Friday: Rest Day | Rest Day. Nailed this one too!

Hilary had her Primary orientation day in the morning which was really exciting and then we headed to Halifax to pick up their race kits for the Bluenose Marathon Youth Run (2k). We had a great evening with my family and even got to spend some time with my niece.

Saturday: 16k | 2k + 15k. This was a loaded day of being on our feet!

Bluenose 2k youth run: My husband Saï ran with Lilly and I ran with Hilary and her friend Braegha. There were thousands of kids and parents and it was a tone of fun! They did awesome, I’ll recap this tomorrow.


15 Long Run: My husband and I planned on running the Bluff Trail which is a 9.5k loop near my parents place. Forest, open areas, rocks, lakes – heaven really. I’ve hiked it before a few times but Saï had never been. I thought it would be fun to run and then finish off my distance on the BLT section. However, my ankles had other plans.

We started out and earlier in the day I had tweaked my good ankle running with the girls, yes my good ankle 😦 It apparently didn’t like the uneven terrain and I broke down crying because it hurt. We walked back out of the Bluff trail and walked for a bit before we decided to run on the BLT trail. {BLT = Beechville – Lakeside – Timberlea}My husband didn’t care where we ran but that I wasn’t injured badly. I wasn’t, however I was determined to get in a long run.

We ran along the BLT trail together for an hour and forty-six minutes. We took our time, chatted and just enjoyed being outside together. We ran out from our car 7k and back 7k, then added on 1 more kilometre.


When we got back to our car, we stretched and checked our Garmin’s, then I did something to mine and it froze!!! I lost all my steps for the day (30,000+) and thought I lost my runs too 😦 However, my husband reset my watch later on and I only lost my steps. We then had another family dinner and had awesome entertainment from our 21 month old niece. She had everyone around the table clapping and laughing hysterically. After dinner, we drove home (an hour away) and got the girls to bed, then enjoyed some wine 🙂

I have to admit, this was my favourite weekend so far this year! So much family time, being outside together with our kids, having some time as a couple and then relaxing a bit more on Sunday.

Sunday: Cross Train | Rest Day. I thought about doing a short run or a little cycling, I didn’t do anything. The girls had swimming and I got busy with house chores. In the evening I wrote this blog post I enjoyed more wine with my husband and relaxed.

Total Mileage This week: 37 km running, 17 k cycling, 1 yoga class!

Definitely my highest weekly mileage in about a year! My body was super achy Saturday night but after you take 30,000+ steps between walking and running, you should be achy. Though I’m achy, I’m happy 🙂

Oh, and I think I managed to avoid FOMO running the Bluenose for myself. I think between all my kids running, family time and enjoyed 15k with my husband, I didn’t feel like I missed out on anything! Now to enjoy Victoria day (Monday) off with my girls (Saï is working).

Where do you keep your training plans?

How was your week/weekend?

Have you ever run a race with your kids before? 

Anyone run Bluenose Marathon weekend ?

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Rest & Run Weekly Wrap Up

Happy (late) Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s out there! Hope you all were spoiled yesterday!

Last weeks workout’s were all over the place but I feel good about getting in what I could. It was a bit of running and a bit more resting last week. The beginning of the week took me to Halifax for three days for a course that was non stop. I brought all my workout clothing with the expectation of going for a morning run, hitting up the gym or maybe even a yoga class. However, I did none of that.

Also, I’ll be honest….I’m kinda behind in my training plan and not really following it so well. I really need to get refocused on where I am and what week I should be at. I know, sounds kinda silly to be so aloof about a training plan but that’s kinda how I’ve been feeling about running these last few months.

What was Planned VS What Really Happened.

Monday: Rest Day | Rest Day. I don’t even want to say I nailed this as I sat WAY to much during the first day of my course. Blah!

Tuesday: Yoga | Hotel workout. I went out for dinner, enjoyed some wine and then decided that I just wanted to relax on my King size bed (with no kids) and watch the hockey game. During the game I felt guilty for not getting in a workout (other then walking a lot in the day), so I did a short hotel workout. Everything from squats, triceps dips, plank and a series of all my PT exercises for my back, hamstrings and ankles.

Wednesday: 7k Run | 5k Run.  On the last day of my course, I was tempted to hit up the gym on my way home. I took a quick trip to Costco and then picked up dinner at Mezza for my husband and just kept driving home. I just wanted to see my girls before bed time. However, I also really wanted to run. Once they went to bed, I went for a quick 5k (30:46) and enjoyed a late night dinner with my husband.

This run was great. I finally felt like I was gliding up some hills with little effort and not feeling “out of shape”. Bit of a confidence booster run!


Thursday: 5k | Rest Day. Too exhausted to do anything.

Friday: Rest Day | 13k Cycling. I got on my indoor trainer and peddled out 13k in just under 40 minutes. My legs just wanted to move but I wasn’t wanting to run on the treadmill (husband working), so I cycled.

Saturday: 10k Race | 10k Treadmill Run. Since I got a new Forerunner 230 Garmin for Mother’s Day, I decided to test it out! I’ve been eyeing it for months now but my husband beat me to the purchase line and the girls surprised me mid week with it.



With my husband working all weekend, the girls and I had a busy weekend ahead of us. Saturday was a mix of a play date in the morning for Lilly and me running errands with Hilary. The afternoon was another play date for all of us which is always fun to hang out with my friend and her daughter, who is friends with both my girls.

Saturday night (whoop whoop), I jumped on the treadmill at 8pm and pounded out 10k. It was an interesting run watching my Garmin do it’s thing and the treadmill do it’s thing – they never matched up but I ran 10k in the end. It felt like the quickest 10k treadmill run ever!!! I almost couldn’t believe I was done!

I did make a rookie mistake and forgot to stop my Garmin at the end!

Sunday: Cross Train | Rest Day. Exhaustion hit me hard.

The girls had swimming lessons first thing and then I took them out to Brigadoon Village (a Camp for kids with chronicle illnesses) for their Mother’s Day brunch. My parents, brother, SIL, her parents and brother and my Aunt and Uncle joined us. We ate some amazing food and got to try archery, hiked around and climbed on a bunch of massive rocks.


By the time we got home, I was so exhausted I fell asleep on a chair while the girls played near by. Lilly covered me over in a blanket so I would be warm – she’s such a sweet girl. I wanted to get on my indoor trainer Sunday night but decided I needed a super early to bed night. My body is craving sleep.


I wish I had half their energy!

Total mileage this week: 15k running, 13k cycling.

How I’m feeling about my training? Well, I feel pretty good. I’m feeling more confident with my running and able to push myself a little more with my pace. I’m also feeling good about pushing forward up long hills which sometimes kills me. I feel like I need to get my training plan focused a little more and plan out my training to balance with my work life and home life. Fun times being a mother runner!

I haven’t been writing very often here but you can always find me over on Instagram.

How was your week or weekend?

Did you do anything for mother’s day?

Do you always feel focused on a training plan or aloof like me lately?

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High Mileage Weekly Recap

I’m pretty sure this is my “I’m-back-in-the-game” weekly recap of half marathon training. Up until now, I’ve been following a training plan that I used last year but really just using it as a bench marker.

Last week I managed to increase my mileage a whole latta without planning to. Though it lacked good strength training, I still went to yoga, did my PT exercises and been foam rolling daily.

What was Planned vs What Really Happened.

Week 6 of Johnny Miles Half Marathon Training.

Monday: Rest Day | Rest Day. Nailed it!

Tuesday: Yoga | Yoga. Had another great yoga class at lunch.

Wednesday: 7k Run | 7k Treadmill Run. Oh this was a sweet run! I wasn’t expecting anything out of it other then getting it done but it was magical! Okay, maybe not magical….but my legs finally felt like I was flying. I just wanted to keep going but it was getting close to 9pm and I still needed to stretch, shower, foam roll before bed. I love runs like these…..can we say “runner’s high”.


Thursday: 5k Run | 5k Runch. I packed my bags the night before in hopes that I could get in my run but when lunch time approached I really didn’t want to run. I got dressed anyway and headed out. I ran on our local trail but went in a different direction then normal and just took it easy.

There were so many people on the trail which is always great – bikers, walkers, even birders – is that a thing? There was a group photographing birds in the trees. I’m pretty sure I thought they were going to hate me running by as I thought the bird would fly away, but that didn’t happen.


Friday: Rest Day | 20 minute walk. Friday was a planned rest day but I had to take my car to the local garage and decided to walk home so I could work from home all morning. It was just over 20 minutes to walk back home, not a bad way to start the day!


Saturday: 13k Long Run | 13k Long Run. I could probably write a long blog post about this run but I’ll try to keep it short. Friday night I messaged my running buddy Krystol to see if she was up for running together. It’s been months…months since we’ve run together so it was so great when she said yup!


We met at my house at 7am and left promptly after that. We ran out of my subdivision and down to our local rails to trails (railway beds turned into trails) and ran out just under 6k and found another trial head called “Seven Bridges”. She’s been back there before so we decided to explore the trails a bit.


What a cool place. It was single track running which didn’t bother us at all. Eventually, we came to a junction and decided we’d turn around and head back. I was fine up until 9k and then my legs just felt tired. It was a bit of a struggle bus to finish the 13k but we also did a lot of talking – not something you are used to when you run on your own. We finished the run, stretched and drank some Nuun while we chatted with my girls and Saï.

Sunday: Rest or cross train | 5k Shake out run. I didn’t plan on running on Sunday but mid morning my husband politely said to me “so, are you going to do a shake out run today?”. {Apparently, I was a little grumpy and he thought a run would help} I hadn’t planned on it but figured it couldn’t hurt so I got dressed and asked our girls if they wanted to join me on my last kilometre. Of course, they said yes.

They changed into running clothing as it was warming up outside. I told them and Saï that I’d be about 25 minutes (4k) and then we’d run 1k together. As I left on my run, I was running way too fast for a shake out run but I didn’t care until I hit the long incline and then a big hill – I felt like I hit a wall. I slowed down my pace and made it home in 25 minutes and just over 4k traveled. The girls joined me and we ran around the block for 1km.


This is probably when I love running the most – when the girls run with me. It’s fun trying to teach them about pacing themselves and it’s not easy for them to do but we’re getting there. The 1 km took us 8 minutes flat!

Total km this week: 30k!!!!! No cycling 😦

I’ve been doing my PT exercises daily for my back and it’s getting stronger which is good. However, my lower back isn’t too happy on days when I run. The lower back muscles are pulling on my glutes a lot – at least that’s how it feels to me. Foam rolling helps so I’ve been doing that daily as well! Last week’s training can be found here –> week 5.

I’ll be taking it easy today (Monday) as I’m on the road to the city for three days. Unfortunately, there is a lot of sitting during the next few days during a course that I’m taking. However, it’s about physical activity so at least there will be some “activity breaks” and walking involved. I’m hoping to sneak in a work out at the gym or head out for a run but the schedule is rather intense! We’ll see – maybe some hotel yoga or HITT workout will be on the agenda.

How was your week / weekend?

How do you fit in workouts when traveling?

Do you run with your kids, niece/nephews, friends kids? 

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