Life This Week in Photos

Life in photo’s this week…or at least the last few days 🙂 And none of them are running related. I’m actually JUST recovered from doing soccer, barre and yoga earlier in the week and hoping to get out for a few runs this weekend.

I love the way my girls dress themselves sometimes, specifically Hilary. She has a green shirt underneath with hearts all over it. Gloves are on backwards too!


Nine years ago…


Celebrating nine years with this guy last night….


Proud of these men in my life….


The happiest littlest one in our lives….

picture_20161111_1556383271How has your week been?

Did you attend a Remembrance Day / Veterans Day ceremony?

Any fun plans for the weekend?


Happy Blogiversary!

(Yesterday, my blog turned 3!)

Happy Blogiversary

Happy Blogiversary!


Happy Blogiversary! 

(I bet you totally sang that when you read it) 😉

Yeah, I’m three years old today! 

It’s been a fun three years telling you all about my running life, mommy hood, my attempts at vegan cooking and other random posts!

Me and my friend: Green Garmin!

Me and my friend: Green Garmin!

Piper’s Run sure has evolved over the last three years! My very first post went a little something like this….Well HelloThere! Yikes!

Out little family Dec 2014

Out little family Dec 2014

Photo credit – Krystol (my running buddy is also an amazing photographer for fun!)

Anyway, thanks for reading, following, liking and leaving comments on the blog. I’ve learned a lot from other bloggers with running, parenting and random pinterest stuff that I fail at….kidding 😉

Ran 6k for my 3rd Blogiversary!

Ran 6k for my 3rd Blogiversary!

Thanks again folks for making this a fun thing to do in my spare time (ha ha ha). Don’t worried I’ll be around for at least another year 😉

What’s your favourite thing about blogging?

What’s your favourite thing about reading other blogs?

How was your weekend?

Piper’s a.k.a. Anna.

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Seven Years, Seven Things

Seven years ago……..we said, “I do”.

Happy Anniversary Sai. 

You can ready our funny story of how we met here.


 Seven Things (I love) About My Husband:

1. His name is Simon. NO ONE but his mother call’s him that. When I hear the name Simon, it doesn’t even register that it belongs to him. I met him as Sai, he will always be Sai to me.

2. He lives the way he wants to not how people want him to live and is passionate about what is important to him (being a vegan, being a good dad, being a good Paramedic etc.).

3. He is a fantastic Dad to our girls.

Sherwoods Oct 11th 2014

4. He can make me laugh when all I want to do is cry 😉

5. He makes the best hot chocolate in the world. Yes, the world!

hot chocolate

Triple chocolate hot chocolate!

6.  He is still fun and adventureous:


Our first trail run together (yesterday)

7. He puts up with me: my running, my blogging, my randomness that you don’t all see on the blog (too often).


Happy Anniversary, Sai xoxo

How was your weekend?

Anyone run/race?

We’ve had a kid free weekend; slept in until 9 am, did a trail run, ate meals when we wanted to and just did nothing!