A Lazy Runner and a Wimpy Attitude

I feels like I haven’t run in over a week, not because I don’t want to, I do. BUT I let all the excuses get in my way. Excuses – what are those? Those are the silly little things WE MAKE UP because we really, secretly deep down don’t want to do the planned activity. We want the easy way out!

When training for my 10k’s and half marathon this past year I really didn’t let many excuses get in the way. Mainly, my excuses then were: I’m sick, I’m injured, I’m physical and completely mentally exhausted from working full-time, taking care of the girls with my husband away, running/training and managing our house. Pretty legit, right? I thought so!

Fast forward to a month post half marathon and I feel like I have every excuse in the book that keeps me from running. No, wait, those excuses are why I am avoiding running.


Bring on the excuses (a.k.a. low lazy I am being):

Excuse #1: I injured my leg in soccer last week, got a cleat to my shin and my shin pad failed me. It even hurt to have my pants brush up against my skin for days. And it is still bruised a week later.  It’s hard to tell in the picture but the bruise is actually the size of my entire hand (or the bottle of someone’s soccer cleat). My shin still hurts today if lightly rub it.

Yellow Bruised Shin

Yellow Bruised Shin

Excuse #2: Ha! You’ll laugh at this one. My husband came home!!!! Yes, it was an excuse. I left work early last Friday to get a quick run in before I had to pick up the girls. Well, Sai was home and at that point it had been 3 weeks since he was home. He was off to get his winter tires put on and I to run…..but instead we chatted for 25 minutes about everything. Why, cause it’s so much easier to have a conversation with your husband when you kids aren’t asking for a million things.

My run didn’t happen 😦

Excuse #3: It was Halloween night. Okay, it was the same night as excuse #2 but I wasn’t running in the dark while trick or treaters were outside. After getting our sugar filled girls to bed the treadmill wasn’t calling my name anymore. Meh, I wasn’t going to lose any sleep over it.

Excuse #4: We had a family day planned. I was kinda thinking about running during nap time for Hilary but Sai had to go run some errands and I didn’t want to run on the treadmill. It’s like we are in a fight…the treadmill and I, not my husband. That evening I could have run  but let’s be honest, I wanted to hang out with my husband. We ended up watching the stupidest movie ever…so stupid, I can’t remember the name of it.

No run.

running excuses

Excuse #5: I had my lazy pants on! Seriously! That’s what I told my running buddy. We talked about going for a long run as I was really missing doing that. I wrote her and said that I have my lazy pants on and was going to pass. Thank GOD she is cool like that because I was lazy. She kindly said I deserved some down time but I thought it was a lame excuse.

Okay, so that brings me to Monday, when I did this workout: A& B + Run 4k in between.

I started off with “A”; Jumping rope for THREE minutes, sit ups, squat/press and push up for one minute each. Then ran 4k and it was terrible – just terrible! After that I did “B”: jumping jacks for THREE minutes, walk out planks, bicep dips and windshield wipers for 1 minute each. OMG – jump rope for three minutes killed me at 2:06 I was almost in tears!

Jodi Higgis Nov 2014 Challenge

I don’t even want to call that 4k a run as it was that bad. *shrugs shoulders*  The day after this workout was Tuesday and my calve muscles hated me.

Excuse #6: My calve muscles hated me therefore I must rest. I did rest but I also started to de-clutter my side of the bedroom. Another excuse not to run…looks like I am on a roll.

Yes, because I’m Canadian I included this:

no excuses

Excuse #7: Wednesday night soccer game. I was kinda dreading playing as my shin still hurts and the though of colliding with another foot, ball or body wasn’t appealing. I went anyway. It was great!

Excuse #8 – Lilly is sick with a head cold today and I am not far behind her which means Hilary will be close to follow. How many days can I use that excuse?

I kinda miss running 😦

Thanks for reading my lazy and wimpy post.

Are you a lazy runner, crossfitter, gym-goer right now ?

What’s the worst excuse you’ve used to get out of a workout?

What’s one thing you are looking forward to this month?

Cheers, Piper!

Yoga Me

It’s not often that I can get out to a yoga class or zumba class, so when a “Yoga for Runner’s” workshop happen to pop up on my Facebook feed a few weeks ago I thought it would be fun to go. One class. One and a half hours long. Why not?

Knowing that my husband wouldn’t be around that evening {before he surprised us} I secured Grammy and Grandad to take care of the girls. Win-win for everyone. My running buddy, Krystol signed up for the workshop too so that made it even better.

Last night we met up and left my house with Hilary screaming in the background. They were in good hands and I had to keep telling myself “this is good for her and good for me”. It can be hard leaving your screaming children even if it’s with your parents. Lilly was more concerned about playing with Grammy and Grandad then me leaving.

PR Yoga Me

Suzi taught the Yoga for Runner’s workshop and spent a lot of time going through each move, explaining what muscles it was stretching, why and the benefits. She gave us a handout to follow and later emailed it to us along with a video of the sequence – double bonus!

Each pose I felt my muscles stretch and lots of “ohhhhh’s” and “ahhhh’s” and “man that felt good” going on in my head. I normally stretch after every run or soccer game but not always in great length. I think that’s about to change!

I loved that we took the time on each pose and it wasn’t rushed like a yoga class. We practiced the flow of the moves and that was it. One hour and 55 minutes later we were done! Krystol and I went for an ice cream {no photo’s taken} and I’m pretty sure ice cream does not count as a “post workout protein” snack but we couldn’t resist…after all it was Mama’s x 2 night out!

I got home just before 10pm! My body felt great and I’m pretty confident that my stretching after running will be forever changed. The video/sequence is about 14 minutes long and my goal is to this after every run!

Next steps are getting the girls more into yoga 🙂

Do you go to regular scheduled fitness classes each week?

Ever go to a workshop for runners?

What’s the worst post-workout snack you’ve had recently?

What’s a Workout?

Really, I am asking you this question. What’s a workout to you? Is it a sport, running, hitting the gym, working out at home, yoga, playing hide and go seek with your kids, swimming, raking leaves, gardening, Tai Chi or kayaking?

A workout to me is an activity that get’s me moving, increases my heart rate, may or may not break a sweat, push my lungs to their limits, my body to exhaustion or leave me feeling relaxed.  It’s endorphins spinning around, blood pumping, inhaling oxygen and massive joy ! (ha ha).

I just ran

I’ve always been a fast paced active person. As a child/youth I played soccer, volleyball, badminton, downhill skied, road my bike and ran (mainly training for soccer). As I got older I’ve managed to keep playing soccer, run a lot more and get into new activities like Zumba, Yoga and oh, having children 😉

I still love the faced pace of soccer, when I’m on the soccer field I can lose myself in the game. It’s the only thing on my mind that is until I get subbed off and rest on the bench for a few minutes. Then I’m brought back to reality of “I wondering if the girls are sleeping/behaving”, “crap, I forgot to put the laundry in the dryer” and “oh man, I love this game”.

I love running because I can do it by myself or bring my little side kick with me, that is, until she get’s too big and heavy for me to push in the jogger. When I run, I solve problems, I plan meals, I watch my neighbours, I kill two birds with one stone (walk the dog/run/fresh air for us) and write a blog post in my head (ha ha).

What I do all day 5

Zumba and yoga are similar experiences for me. When I Zumba, I am in the moment…mainly because I am a few steps behind since I don’t go often. During yoga I’m focused on what am doing, how my body feels and my breathing. All of that is a workout in its self.

Then there is yard work; mowing the lawn, raking the leaves, gardening (which I’m terrible at) and chopping wood (I kinda suck at this too). Yard work is HARD work. I raked the leaves the other day for 40 minutes, even managed to work up a sweat….oh and a blister 😦 The next day my shoulders, arms, back and abs sure felt it.

Last night I managed to go to Zumba class last-minute thanks to my Mom (xo), I found myself lost in the workout and looked at my watch to realise it was more than half over! Nothing like getting lost in a workout, a run, gardening or raking leaves 🙂

What’s a workout to you?

Does it change through the year/seasons?

Do you like moderate or vigorous activities as a workout?

Motivation Monday #7

Motivation Monday #7

February 27th 2012

“No one is going to push you to work out – you must push yourself if you want a healthy lifestyle by pushing yourself to be active”.

-Anna (Piper’s Run).

(photo found on Pinterest).