Work, Run, Shop, Repeat

With Christmas fast approaching, I’m feeling like I’m not ready for it yet but don’t worry I’m still getting in my running! Priorities….priorities.

Just kidding….well, I’m kinda not. With two birthdays at the beginning of December in our house, it’s hard to think past those and to Christmas sometimes. Weekends are packed with basketball games times two and soon to be ski trips to the hill. We have Christmas parties (hosting) and basketball jamborees this coming weekend – at least we got our tree up last weekend. I’m ready for Christmas break just to do nothing, ha!

As for gifts, I’m mostly done shopping but feeling like I don’t have “enough”. Not that my kids/husband need all kinds of stuff but I just don’t feel ready. Baking hasn’t even been planned though I’m pinning a tone of vegan cookie recipes lately. 

Work is still in full speed which isn’t normal this time of year for us. The good news is that I’m still running, playing soccer and hitting up yoga class when my work schedule permits. I’m really loving yoga after running early in the morning. It’s a nice change mid day!

I seem to be getting into a pattern of early morning runs on Tuesday’s. I’m not sure why. It could be the fact that my husband works that day and if he’s getting up at 5:30….I’m awake too (just can’t sleep thorough it). It’s also the best time for me to get up and walk our dog before he leaves for work. And well, since we have a retired sled dog…..he kinda loves to run! 

Carmacks and I have been running 1-2 times a week and sometimes my husband takes him on his runs. Carmacks is racking up the mileage right now. Clearly, the picture below is not in the early morning hours but after one of our muddy runs a few weeks back.

I’ve even managed one run recently with my running buddy Krystol!!!!! We can just never seem to get our schedules to align but last weekend we did. It was bitterly cold…like -11c but felt like -18c. The plan was 7-8k and I called it at 5k. You win some you lose some but at least we got out together!

Anyone else feeling not “ready” for Christmas?

COLD weather runner or not?

Any early morning runners here? Raise your hand!

T’was the Day After Christmas…..Time to Get Moving Again

T’was the day after Christmas (okay, four days after Christmas)

And no one had moved.

They sat on their butts eating chocolate and food.

In hopes that something would change their attitude.

The motivation to move just wasn’t there.

Laziness had taken over the desire to care.

The opportunity to get active was under the tree; new snowshoes, new mitts and new workout gear!

Outside there was no snow but cooler temps were here, so it’s now time to use your workout gear.

Time to get active and visit the Gym, GoodLife Fitness is a great place to begin.

You’ve got cardio, weights and classes galore.


Don’t waste your time sitting or in front of the screens.

Post workout you feel the sensation of a high, your endorphins are running and reaching the sky.

Don’t lose sight of that feeling, that feeling of oh so great.

Tomorrow’s another day, so let’s get things straight,

2015 is a New Year so let’s make it the best.

It’s time to get off your butt and get rid of the stress.

Let’s have fun with being active and the rest is the test!

Running, Cross fit, Cycling or Walking,

It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you move.

Now that the holidays are quieting down,

Let’s commit to a healthy New Year ahead.

Pack up the decorations and start hitting the gym

You never know what mood it will put you in!


Hope you all had a great holiday, enjoying time with family, good food and drinks! I’m trying to take advantage of my GoodLife Gym membership over the holidays while balance the hamstring injury! Fun times!

Anyone run over the holidays? 

Or did you take a break from working out?

OR – are you injured like me and thinking about running/working out?

Please note: This post was written as part of the GoodLife Fitness Blogger Ambassador Program.

When Things Go Down Hill Fast

Well my plan to run last week went south pretty fast. I had no specific plan for the week other than to run a few times, celebrate two special birthdays and travel for work. That all changed rapidly!

Hilary decided to party the night before her 2nd birthday and go sick everywhere!!! We went through 5 pairs of her pj’s and a few of mine as she got sick over me 😦 Better on me then the carpet! Thank goodness Sai was home because he did 2 loads of laundry that night as I held puky-puky girl for a few hours. Not much sleep happened that night.

Then it hit the rest of the family – HARD! Lilly, me and then Sai. The unlucky part was that I was driving my car when I got stick everywhere….I can’t even express how gross this was. However, I was SO thankful that at lunch time I had bought a massive box of baby wipes for Hilary and used almost one full package on me and the car.

Sorry – No Photo of my car.


Olaf Cheese Strings

We managed to pull it together and everyone was feeling better so we went ahead with a birthday party Saturday for Hilary and had a lot of fun. Then after indulging in a dinner out with the whole family, Lilly got sick again while she slept (yes parent panic was high) and I wasn’t feeling 100% but managed the night fine. Must remember to stick to Bread, Applesauce, Rice and Toast (BRAT) for more than 1 day post sickness.


Santa’s Hats (bugles dipped in dark chocolate) – Big hit at the party!

Another six loads of laundry done and I think we are heading in the right direction. So no running, no yoga, no drawing challenge this past week. I couldn’t even manage a birthday dinner for Sai who turned 3X….I’ll just leave that last number blank but it’s really close to 40!

The girls did manage to decorate one of our doors with Grammy!



How’s your holiday shopping going?

Anyone run a Santa Shuffle/Elf Run/Ugly Sweater Run? 

Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas today, I hope you day is filled with love, laughter, good food, family, friends and memories for years to come.


Lillian and Hilary

Enjoy the day!

Piper 🙂