Weekend without our Little

Two weekends ago, Lilly went to spend the weekend with her Grandparents and Aunt Laura. We had it planned for over a month but for some reason I just put it out of my head until the weekend arrived. I planned nothing….we planned nothing.

My mom picked her up Friday night and they made their way back to Halifax – just over an hour’s drive. Lilly had a wonderful weekend playing outside, colouring, putting “ponies” in Aunt Laura’s, hair eating and sleeping well. And telling her Grandmother “you can’t catch me” while moving as far back in the bathtub as she could.

My husband and I decided to take it easy. The only plans we had were to go out for dinner and a movie – and that’s literally all we did. We saw “The Words” with Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana. When it was over I turned to Sai and said that it went by really fast and I wasn’t expecting it to end so soon. He replied with “Isn’t that a sign of a good movie?”

The other thing we managed to do was sleep in both days! Wow – sure forgot what that was like.

Everyone had a great weekend. Success!


When my husband was away last year (for school), I was on my own working full-time, taking care of Lilly and our dog. It was kinda crazy as I look back at it now. There was one weekend that I blogged about but never hit the publish button, until now…. about being on my own for the first time in ages. No Lilly, no husband and Maclean (our dog).

My weekend without my little: (as written back in February)

I honestly can’t remember the last time I was completely by myself. Lilly’s been in our lives for 20 months, plus 9 months in my belly and I’ve been married to Sai for 4+ years.

I wasn’t quite sure about this idea of her being an hour away but what did I have to lose? Lilly left with my mom Friday morning and didn’t look back. No tears, no asking for Mommy … nothing. She played with my sister, stuck stickers everywhere at my parents house (on furniture, Grandad’s face, the floor) and drew a picture for both Sai and I. Apparently, she had a wonderful weekend with her Grandparents and my sister.

I on the other hand couldn’t figure out what to do with a whole weekend to myself. No toddler, no husband, no doggie (she went to Halifax too). I had a few suggestions from friends:

  • Drink tea and read a book
  • Sleep
  • Friday: Bubble bath, wine, none kid friendly meal (chips and dip?), early bed – ALL to myself!
  • Saturday: sleep in, go shopping, talk to long-lost friends on the phone, exercise, scrub bathroom, fold laundry, nap / lay in bed and read, cook a delicious, time-consuming, non-kid friendly supper, another bubble bath and more of that bottle of wine, read, relax,sleep.
  • Sunday: RELAX!!!!! (run, read, knit, tidy)
  • More Sleep, laundry, housework, sleep, beer
  • Sleep
  • And go for a Long Run

Usually I like to go into a weekend with a plan, things to do, items to cross of my list, goals to accomplish. Nope, not this weekend, I just went with it.


  • Came home and closed the gate behind me – guess I was worried that I would fall down the stairs at some point!
  • Cooked up some bacon wrapped scallops. They looked great but didn’t taste so great AND I burnt the extra bacon! Dam!
  • Had a drink: Malibu Rum and OJ – yum
  • Relaxed in front of the T.V. and did nothing
[I REALLY, really wanted to sleep in this weekend]
  • Woke up at 6:35 a.m., went back to bed.
  • Woke up at 7:47 a.m. (I was not meant to sleep in)
  • Blogged
  • Cleaned the house
  • Ran some errands
  • Had a delicious hot chocolate and morning-glory muffin at my friend’s work (while she was working)
  • Dropped Lilly’s library books at the Library (or I would have had to paid a late fee)
  • Had lunch at home, caught up with a friend on the phone
  • Went to a movie by myself! (The Vow). One of my 12 things in 2012 done
  • Put together a shelf – should have started the wine at this point in the day
  • Worked out – felt so good…showered
  • Talked to my hubby
  • Watched Criminal Minds on my lap top while drinking wine, eating cheese, crackers and grapes.


[Again, hoping for a good sleep in – even 8:30 would be great)

  • 6:30 a.m. woke up, went back to bed
  • 7:14 a.m. woke up….Am I ever going to sleep in again? or is my body just hard-wired to be up at that hour ?!?!?!
  • Cleaned the house
  • 10:30 am left for Halifax to switch cars and pick up Lilly
  • I somehow manage to sneak in the house without Lilly or my sister, Laura hearing me (bonus)
  • Lilly see’s me and jumps up and down (BEST HUG EVER!!!!)
  • Lilly and I travel back home (she didn’t nap as per usual)
  • 3 pm – Lilly goes for a nap, I unpacked the car and starting writing my blog post (never published until now).

Looking back, it was a great weekend completely by myself. Now, I don’t think this is going to happen very often, in fact it will probably not happen again for a long time. Apparently, it was just what I needed.

As much as it sucked being away from Lilly for a whole weekend, I think I am a better mom for taking a break for myself. selfish, sure. Necessary, yes. Being a single parent is hard….hard work. I still don’t know how people do this and work, and manage a house and have a dog …. etc

When was the first time your little one(s) stay away from home for the weekend?

What did you do?

Is it really winter in the Maritimes?

We got a little storm on Monday (Jan 30th)  – maybe 10 cm or so. It was light and fluffy – easy snow to shovel.

If you’ve been following my blog, you would know that I am a single mother at the moment. My husband went back to school in September in PEI. Anyway, you may be wondering, how does one manage to get the driveway done with a toddler?.  That’s a great question because I thought that too when our first storm hit back in November (which was way more snow then this past one).

Really, shoveling snow should not be an issue for me. I like being outside, in winter and I don’t mind shoveling snow. I managed to work at an Outdoor Centre for 5 winters, where we had to shovel almost every day on multiple outdoor rinks. So it’s like second nature for me.

Meet Jerry.

Yes, I name things. My car is Murphy.

BUT, when you own a snow blower things just go quicker and it’s a little less work (out). Very appealing when you have a little one.

So, Monday I decided that once Lilly went to bed at 7pm, I would go out to snow blow the driveway. Well, she didn’t go down well and it took  an extra 40 minutes. I did some knitting while she “tried” to fall asleep and managed to get a bit done before we had success in the crib. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz…………..off she went.

At 7:45 I geared up; put on my Helly Hansen long underoo’s, another wicking layer on top, my fleece and down vest and snow pants. Oh, and my Sorel winter boots – probably my favourite piece of winter gear – they keep my feet happy and warm.

I went out to get the “Jerry” a.k.a. snow blower, ready and was going to do an electric start – but the snow blower wouldn’t move. It was literally stuck in an ice puddle under the deck 😦   This was from a snow/freezing rain storm last Friday (Jan 27th).

Crap. No. Snow. Blowing. For. Me. That’s okay, it’s light and fluffy snow.

I managed to get it done with the scoop shovel but on the way in the house, I also managed to hit the handle of the scoop shovel on my lip. I now have a fat lip 😦

Monday was supposed to be my “rest” day; as in rest from working out. Looks like I can put down “upper body” workout for today.

Later on this week I put a copious amount of salt (environmentally friendly salt) around the wheels and blade of the snow blower and let it sit for a day. ,On Monday when I tried to move “Jerry”, I thought I broke it. The handle was a little loose. My father came down for a visit and managed to move the snow blower and find out that it was just a loose bolt that needed a fixing 🙂


I thought that winter has finally coming to the Maritimes to stay. Yes, it’s cold, only -7 c but feels like -12 c with the wind shield factor. Mother nature – please keep this snow on the grown and let more fall. I want to snowshoe and cross country ski on the trails by my house and work THIS winter. Please and Thank you!

According to legend, if a groundhog emerges from its burrow on Groundhog Day and sees its shadow, there will be six more weeks of winter. If he fails to see his shadow, an early spring is in the works.  Shubeacadie Sam in Nova Scotia did not find his shadow on February 1st – looks like an early spring for us!!!

End result of our long driveway (such a perfect night to be outside)

Do you have any signs of winter sicking around?

Have you been out playing in the snow yet?

Two days at home WITHOUT toddler!

Wow, I’ve been waiting for a while to have even just 1 day at home without a toddler running around. Not that I don’t love my daughter – I DO. But everything is so much easier to do when she is either asleep or at the sitters (Mon -Fri).

I started my Christmas vacation today at 3:30 with getting my hair cut. Nothing like making a girl feel good about herself then getting a hair cut …. well maybe  a really good run or workout 🙂 (Which I am hoping to get in over the next two days).

Last night when I went to bed my mind was racing with things I had to do at work, and things I had to do before Christmas, during Christmas and then I stopped thinking about the “to do” and tried to fall asleep. Eventually I did but Lilly woke us up a few times as she’s getting a cold….so not the best sleep.

On my “TO DO LIST” while Lilly is at the sitters 8:30 to 4:30ish over the next two days:

1. Get groceries.

2. Fill up car with gas – almost empty (plus it’s getting cold outside and I really don’t love pumping gas in my car on those COLD windy days – who does?

3. Put groceries away (without eating anything first)

This is when things start to get blurry and order goes out the door:

4. Workout (probably a 20 minute Jillian Michaels video and a 20 – 25 minute run outside in the cold) I do love to run in the winter.

5. Yeah, then I will need to shower and dry my new hairstyle (which you can never do just like the hair dresser).

6. Make 36 cookies for cookie exchange on Friday. Find creative way to package them.

7. Finish buying Christmas stuff (stocking stuffers and hopefully that’s it).

8. Clean our spare room…this will take a full day – crap. Maybe I’ll  just clean up 1/2 of the room so a guess could actually sleep IN the bed. I am sure my parents will be happy to sleep in a bed and not the futon in the basement someday.

9. House cleaning; bathrooms (we have 3 which is not cool), vacuum – our relationship has not been great lately, dust – frig I don’t like dusting….OK, i’ll stop there.

10. Finish wrapping my secret santa present for Friday’s baby Christmas party (okay, they are not babies anymore but it’s our baby group that is getting together).

And that’s just day 1.

Day 2

I will repeat #4 and #5 – as they go hand and hand. Might change up the workout slightly but the thought of having TWO days in a row of good workouts is rather motivating to me.

11. I’d really like to go shop…not buy stuff but just “shop” during the hustle and bustle of the Christmas holiday. I worked in retail many years ago and loved this time of year.

12. Also, I’d love to take a nap….and not at the same time Lilly would go down as I would do during those early days (as someone once said to me “sleep when they sleep”. Very wise but I’m not going to nap at her scheduled time this go around.

13. Make Vegan Oreo Truffles for my husband (cause I love him).

14. Melt chocolate and dip the short bread cookies in chocolate. (Not vegan sorry Saï).

15. Laundry – how could I forget that. ( I can multi-task during this one).

16. Walk my dog – Maclean. She’s a retired sled dog who used to run and run and run. Now we walk and sometimes run. Her running is my sprinting and my only hope is that my neighbours have not witnessed this. (I remember finishing our “run” one day and realized I had just sprinted down our road and thought if only someone saw that, they would have thought I was nuts).

17. Maybe blog, a girl needs to escape, right?

18. Clean out wood stove – the ashes are getting a little out of hand.

19. Move wood inside (if I want to have a cozy nap….guess this has to happen before number 12.

20. Clean up “my side” of the room – it’s just terrible (Sorry Saï).

Well, I believe that is a big enough list for two days without a toddler. I’m sure I will be exhausted but will  feel pretty happy to cross off a number of these items.

Wish me luck!!!

Do you make “to do lists”? I couldn’t survive without them (especially after having a child).